Will 'How to Live With Your Parents (For The Rest of Your Life )' Be a Hit or a Flop? - Poll

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April 3rd, 2013

How to Live With Your parents for the Rest of Your Life

Tonight comedy How To Live With Your Parents (For The Rest of Your Life) debuts on ABC. It's airing in what should be ABC's best time period, following its biggest hit Modern Family,which has admittedly been slipping in the ratings recently. But neither Happy Endings nor the seemingly very compatible Suburgatory flourished on Wednesdays at 9:30. Last week, Suburgatory earned a 1.9 adults 18-49 rating.

Premiering so late in the season rarely works out well for shows, though Scandal launched on ABC in April 2012 and grew into a hit. So how do you think the How To Live With Your Parents (For The Rest of Your Life) will fare? Make your predictions.




  • ccemerson

    Off topic, What is the longest named tv show ever ??? I*m curious

  • Nerdbot

    As @CBSviewer, I think this will be the next Apt23. It may get OK ratings this season (after all, its lead-in is Modern Family) but, if it gets renewed, next season will fail to get the same numbers, especially if it’s not after MF.

  • 1Mars

    Looks positively awful. No interest at all.

  • r0ckmypants

    @ccemerson – It’s probably the British show Why Don’t You Just Switch Off Your Television Set and Go Do Something Less Boring Instead?

    There was also a ridiculously titled Peter Kay special in the UK a few years ago that’s probably longer, but it was only two hours and not a regular series.

  • Peter


  • Gabe

    Really don’t see it doing well. I expect a 2.2 and then to start dropping significantly.

  • jude

    i hope, hope, hope it flops and ABC comes to its senses and renews Happy E

  • Potato

    @Spike– a little premature to say that after one CBS midseason show…

  • Ben

    Dud, with ratings artifically inflated because it follows Modern Family.
    In another time without the help from Modern Family, it would fade away without a trace.

  • psychic

    Do Castle and Once Upon a Time not count? Anyway, I live in Canada, and I watch both of those shows on CTV, where I admittedly have not seen a single advert for this show.

  • Spencer

    2.6. It looks decent but the title is just wayy to long and a mouthful.

  • Mark

    The Middle – 2.2
    Suburgatory – 2.0
    Modern Family – 3.5
    How to Live…Parents – 2.8

  • Chris

    I think what I hate about this show the most is the fact that from the title, you would never think the main character would be a late 30/early 40 something with a child. I’m getting tired of so many shows being centered on adults even when the synopsis would fit somebody younger. This shows sounds like maybe a college drop out living with their parents so maybe someone in their 20’s. Too many shows are old skewing when they should be slightly younger. Not too young but definitely younger. Although, really young wouldn’t be too bad either. The Girl Meets World pilot has way more buzz than this show does. Plus, whatever happened to shows like The Wonder Years that were truly gold and had young leads? Don’t give me that crap “Disney and Nick has the younger demos covered” because everyone knows their shows are garbage. Network television had the better younger skewing shows and that will never change.

  • richierich


    I’m not sure, but I think here in the U.S. it might be “8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter”. I might be able to think of another one, but that was the first one to come to mind.

  • Chris

    Oh yeah, and I’m guessing a 2.1 for How To Live

  • Greg


    It’s the premiere. Even The Neighbors had good numbers when it premiered after Modern Family.

  • SJ

    1.7, lower than last week’s Suburgatory. There is no buzz and renewing shows that start this late usually proves problematic (hello, Apartment 23!). It’s one and done. It looks cute, though, so I hope we at least get to see all 13 episodes. But it’s ABC, so I wouldn’t hold my breath.

  • Greg


    The main character is not in its early 40s. Sarah Chalke is 36 years old. We would have to see how old is her character, but I believe they made her younger and she could pass for 33-34.

  • AppleStinx

    The title and presence of Brad give this show the taste of another attempt at a “Everybody Loves Raymond” post-mortem spinoff. If this fails, Brad still has a shot: play a cop.

  • Michael1

    I remember ripping “Cougar Town” for “only” getting a 3.0 despite a “Modern Family” lead-in in the high 4’s. Now, 3.0 is the high end estimate for a show in the same time slot. Meanwhile, “Cougar Town” is setting records over at TBS. Maybe ABC needs to give some of its shows some time to develop.

    HTLWYPFTROYL was actually one of my most anticipated pilots at the start of the season, and I am still excited about it. I just feel that, in retrospect, I was a little too harsh on “Cougar Town.”

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