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April 4th, 2013


Tonight, Hannibal premieres in what has become NBC's death slot, Thursday at 10PM.  The timeslot's numerous casualties include Do No Harm, Awake and The Firm. Hannibal  has the benefit of being based on a popular character as well as the audience's seemingly insatiable hunger for shows about serial killers. But it still faces tough odds. How do you think it will do? Make your predictions then post your favorite fava bean recipes in the comments.



  • Patrick Ausgewahlt

    Tonight’s episode of the Office is when commercials for their documentary start airing. I’m hoping that will result in a ratings increase for the Office and effectively Go On and Hannibal

  • Nick

    Hannibal has pretty much a pedigree and a “pre-sold” title. The main characters and concept is well-recognized by the public. Plus, NBC actually spent some money (Surprised? ) promoting this show. I’ve seen a lot of promos of the show during The Voice actually. And a lot of critics have been raving about the show, plus Bryan Fuller has some “cult” followers (no, not the FOX show) from fans of WonderFalls and Pushing Daisies and I heard it was well-received at WonderCon too. So the show can depend om the word-of-mouth buzz.

    The only odds for this show is well it’s on NBC and a “deadslot”. Go On isn’t exactly a hit and a terrible lead-in. Last year, I remember when Awake had literally 3 weeks of promotion (not even a good promotion) and premiered with a respectable 2.0 – building up from it’s weak lead-in Up All Night and garnered a1.5 that night. Maybe Hannibal can (and hopefully) can do the same thing. So I say I’m expecting a 1.9 to 2.0 and maybe it can even reach a 2.5 ? HAHAHAHA well.. maybe.

  • ethan


  • Craig H

    Surely they could have given this a hand by giving at least the premiere a Monday or Tuesday slot after “the voice”?

  • Jared

    I wanted to check out Hannibal but ill be watching Scandal live instead and catch up with Hannibal tomorrow On Demand.

  • Mark3

    Could b a good show. To bad its on NBC. Why Thursday is beyond me. I say a 2.0

  • Potato

    The fact that NBC didn’t seem to care if this even aired in-season or not plus how they’ve sold it overseas (I’m not just making that up, it was mentioned in the AV Club review of it) makes me think they don’t really care how well it does. Fuller has a 3 year, 39 episode plan for the show and something’s telling me they might just bite the bullet and keep it going. I think it would have to get Do No Harm ratings for it to not get picked up for at least a season 2. TO REITERATE– I think this because of overseas sales, a limited scope plan for the series, and when they are airing it. I QUITE UNDERSTAND how ratings usually work, but I think this show might be a bit of a special case.

  • Potato

    I also think people are being way pessimistic if they think it’s going to get Do No Harm ratings. It’s an iconic character and getting great reviews. Do No Harm was one of the worst reviewed shows of the year and seemed to hinge on people wanting to watch a modern day jeckyl and hyde hybrided with a doctor show. They aren’t exactly in the same league.

    Plus, a lot of the logic we’re using to guess doesn’t make any sense. Can you imagine a person who doesn’t look at this website going “Oh, I don’t know. It’s on NBC. AND it’s in a bad timeslot”? Nah, if people want to watch it, they’ll watch it.

  • John A

    Ill check this out but paticularly for Gillian Anderson even though she isnt in the pilot i think.

  • StevenD

    I’ll go with a 1.7-1.9 but it could drastically go either way. Reviews have been extremely positive, and its a serial killer show. I personally hope it just breaks a 2.0 I know I’ll be watching this

  • rob60990

    Better than Do No Harm but still DOA. 1.4.

  • David

    1.6 or possibly a 1.7?

  • Jim

    Community 1.0
    Parks 1.5
    The Office 1.9-2.0
    Go On 1.0
    Hannibal 0.9-1.2

  • andri

    Would like to watch criminal minds being taken off the air brimsilessly by Hannibal.-SVU Victim’s Unit is running low on mileage and gas nondispelling the cancellation bear on the hunt boxing revivals as possible.

  • awsumpossum

    I suspect it’ll get a 1.9 or 2.0, but I voted my hopes at 2.0-2.2.

    It’s got a lot going for it and a lot going against it, so I don’t really have a good feel for how it’s going to do, but I wouldn’t be surprised if a good buzz got it renewed for at least another season.

    All I want is a show as good as Awake or Kings.

  • HV

    I think NBC should have aired this show Mondays at 10:00 June 3-August 26. It would air its first few episodes after The Voice, and I think this show would be a good summer show because each season will be 13 episodes, fitting perfectly in June-August (or until the first week of September if it fell on the day of the week that July 4 is on)

  • CBSviewer

    Tonight ratings:

    The Big Bang Theory: 4.6 (too long absence)
    Two and a Half Men: 3.3
    Person of Interest: 2.8
    Elementary: 2.2

    Wife Swap: 1.2
    Grey’s Anatomy: 3.0
    Scandal: 2.7

    Community: 1.3
    Parks & Recreation: 1.7
    The Office: 2.1
    Go On: 1.5
    Hannibal: 2.1

    American Idol: 2.5
    New Girl: 1.8
    The Mindy Project: 1.3

    The Vampire Diaries (R): 0.4
    Beauty and the Beast (R): 0.3

  • MichaelChickless

    @John A

    Gillian Anderson?

  • Anna

    I went over 2.0. This isn’t like the relative silence on Do No Harm as far as Facebook and Twitter and press stuff go. People have been talking about it a lot.

    I’m guessing it won’t get much of Scandal’s audience because the show’s a political drama, but it may take a bite of Elementary’s crime audience.

  • John A

    @MichaelChickliss Gillian Anderson is a guest actress on this for a couple of episodes. Im not sure when she is in it though.

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