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April 4th, 2013


Tonight, Hannibal premieres in what has become NBC's death slot, Thursday at 10PM.  The timeslot's numerous casualties include Do No Harm, Awake and The Firm. Hannibal  has the benefit of being based on a popular character as well as the audience's seemingly insatiable hunger for shows about serial killers. But it still faces tough odds. How do you think it will do? Make your predictions then post your favorite fava bean recipes in the comments.



  • tom


  • Katie

    I hope it does well. I’ve read some really great reviews from regular people, not critics and most of them loved it. It looks like a great thriller was known actors.

  • cimmer

    It’s on NBC and that’s the first thing that will hurt it. It’s lead ins are a bunch of comedies, that also could hurt it and finally it’s up against Elementary and I think that also will hurt it so 1.5-1.7.

  • Tony JJ

    Tonight ratings:

    The Big Bang Theory: 4.8
    Two and a Half Men: 3.5
    Person of Interest: 2.7
    Elementary: 2.1

    Wife Swap: 1.4
    Grey’s Anatomy: 3.1
    Scandal: 2.9

    Community: 1.1
    Parks & Recreation: 1.6
    The Office: 2.1
    Go On: 1.5
    Hannibal: 2.2

    American Idol: 2.4
    New Girl: 1.7
    The Mindy Project: 1.3

    The Vampire Diaries (R): 0.4
    Beauty and the Beast (R): 0.2

    I hope Hannibal is a good show and that it rates well. It looks okay, but if it’s executed well it could be a fun show. We’ll see if it’s another “Do No Harm” or “Awake”.

    Scandal should rise tonight. The promos really showed that something huge is gonna happen, so I think people will tune in live.

  • Igwell Predicts…

    … “Your predictions were too optimistic.”

  • Josh

    I watched the first episode. One word AMAZING!!! I really think this show may break the “death slot” curse and even draw people away from Scandal and Elementary.

  • LisaNeedsBraces

    I don’t think it’ll beat Scandal, but it’s been the best reviewed new show of the new season and the advertising has been everywhere, so I went with a conservative 2.0. I’m surprised actually at how many I know have mentioned wanting to see it, but we’ll see if that translates into actual viewers.

  • Pinoy TV Critic

    Posted April 4, 2013 at 1:18 PM
    I think it might get good ratings for the first 3 episodes and then it’s gonna drop, it’s nbc after all, nobody watches it.

    If you mean nobody watches NBC and the voice gets 4.5 and 4.2 then I don’t know what it is.

  • Jazz

    It was really good. I watched it over Scandal and Elementary tonight. Really high production value. Feels like a cable show with commercials. I hope it did well.

  • Marcus

    Just watched the show and it was great! I was really curious how they were going to handle and present this story to us, and so far I like the direction that they are going with the show. I’ll certainly watch again next week.

  • Richard Steven Hack

    Just watched it. It’s a keeper for my hard drive. Really, really well done.

    Only question is whether it might be too intense for the general audience. Or too cerebral. Because it’s definitely both. As well as requiring “viewer discretion” warnings.

    The acting was excellent. The pace was what I’d call “stately” – not rushed, but not quite slow. The dialog was excellent. Graham is portrayed a bit wilder than the movies and it might be a bit over the top. Mikkelsen seems to be drawing a bit on Brian Cox’s performance rather than Hopkins but his portrayal is his own. The various camera tricks and imagery may or may not help the general audience appreciate the show.

    So bottom line: A good premiere, a promising quality show, but it remains to be seen what the ratings will do.

  • Samunto

    Absolutely riveting. At some point i wasn’t even sure what i was watching. Really well done.

    @Richard Steven Hack I too wondered if it’s abit intense for a mass audience.

    Pacewise…the first few episodes of The Following felt faster but we know those plots are now feeling diluted and not as riveting.

    I really hope it’s ratings are good.

  • mando

    Why is NBC paring up with Comedy line up?? Tuesday night would do better after the Voice

  • Marcus

    I know this is a TV Ratings site, for what it is worth the Twitterverse was gushing with positive comments about this show overnight. I’d say about 97 positive comments to the 3 negative ones out of 100. #hannibal if you want to read them for yourself and it was even trending on Twitter. I’m hoping for some good rating for this show on Friday.

  • try harder

    I hope for the best. It trully exceeded my expectations and it’s the best show network tv has seen in ages.

  • Bob

    Thursday at 10 o’clock is all about Scandal and it was new and good. I doubt it will get above a 1.3…if they are lucky.

  • BigBrotherFan

    Buzz? “Known actors”? Are you kidding?

    There show HAD buzz in it’s pilot filming stages but now it’s pretty much like NBC is dropping it with a halff a$$ed promo effort, better than Deception, yes, but nowhere near the likes of REVOLUTION. I saw the show featured on a few entertainment magazine shows yesterday but nothing really grabbing my attention or even making want to record this, and I didn’t.

    Known actors? KEVIN BACON IS A “WELL KNOWN ACTOR..I’m sorry but FISHBOURNE has not be relavent in YEARS and he’s about the only BIG thing going for it. HUGH DANCY has NEVER and let me repeat NEVER been a leading man, ever! any movie he was given some kind of top billing for, and by that I mean in the top five cast memembers, has bombed at the box office. The closest he EVER came to “leading man” material is CONFESSIONS OF A SHOPAHOLIC in 2009 and that movie performed WAY below expectations, some may say bombed for Disney. He just has ZERO pull with North American viewers. The rest of the cast is not very relavent, either!

    They should of casted an actor who is able to generate SOME buzz. Dancy has never really made a dent in HOLLYWOOD and I don’t see that translating into TV. He’s stuck in that realm of “Wasn’t that guy in…..?” as opposed to people actually KNOWING who he is.

    It will bomb. It’s up against SCANDAL DO YOU HONESTLY THINK People who watch Scandal are going to watch this over their precious THURSDAY night “cliffhangers”? I also hate to say this, but Elementry has been quite consistant over a 2.0, so….

  • KarenM

    I watched it and liked it also but it might’ve the same problem The Following has…how to sustain itself week in and week out.

  • Patrick

    The first episode is good. I hope the response will be the same also

  • psychic

    I have to say the title made me cringe.
    It won’t be a big hit, but not a flop either, IMO.

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