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April 4th, 2013


Tonight, Hannibal premieres in what has become NBC's death slot, Thursday at 10PM.  The timeslot's numerous casualties include Do No Harm, Awake and The Firm. Hannibal  has the benefit of being based on a popular character as well as the audience's seemingly insatiable hunger for shows about serial killers. But it still faces tough odds. How do you think it will do? Make your predictions then post your favorite fava bean recipes in the comments.



  • Jo

    Really not that great, gone after 4.

  • Richard Steven Hack

    I think we have out first (and probably not the last) hater in BigBrotherFan… :-)

    Did Hugh Dancy steal your kids?

  • k:Alex

    Everyone who like The Walking Dead must at least try watch a episode.
    Wonderful first episode.

  • Red Jane

    +2 for sure …. What can i say, i am cautiously optimist for Hannibal… Do not harm was awful and the firm was a complete bore. Awake was arty, high concept & subdued so not for the masses… it should have been on cable with more patient programmers… Hannibal is a bit like Awake and I do wish it was on cable … but it has the advantage of the very successful movies & books which give it general appeal at least for the premiere… let’s see…

  • SJ

    It got a paltry 3.1 in the overnights. No way to know the skew, but my guess is, older than the comedies preceding it. I’m sticking with my prediction of 1.2.

  • try harder

    BigBrotherFan = illiterate moronic little troll. Try harder.

  • a p garcia

    It wasn’t that good, but it wasn’t that bad. It looks like all the actors execpt Laurence Fishborn are unknown actors and it makes me wonder where this series is filmed and I doubt it is the US. I predict a 2.3 but if had a better lead in, then its numbers would ber greater.

  • Seth


  • Lisa

    I wasn’t too impressed. The writing was only okay, and I much prefer The Following for a show that’s in kind of a similar vein. I really don’t see any reason to keep tuning in to Hannibal week after week.

  • lukas


  • CrimTV

    It got a 1.6 and 4.30 million viewers

  • Samunto

    That 3.1 in the households will probably translate to a 1.4ish.

  • Samunto

    Ah! So same as SVU and Chicago Fire on Wednesday. Not bad. Now those week 2 drops….

  • senor chang

    Really? That’s actually not too bad. Is there a source?

  • KarenM

    I’ll check it out again mainly due to Hugh. I liked Mads but he was hard to understand. Laurence’s always good. I guess with those ratings it’ll be gone soon. Unless it gets great word of mouth the ratings can only go down.

  • SP


  • Toni

    Just in: it did only 1,6 … :-(

  • BigBrotherFan

    try harder

    Sorry, Hugh Dancy. Didn’t know you frequent this website.

    Richard Steven Hack

    No. lol. He just has no star power, whatsoever!

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Robert Seidman

    A18-49 = 1.6, half hour = 1.6/1.5. full ratings up soon

  • Richard Steven Hack

    People talking about “unknown actors” need to understand that what matters is if they’re DECENT actors – which Dancy clearly is, Fishbourne needs no introduction, Dhavernas is Canadian and has been working since 1993, Mikkelsen is known from his James Bond movie appearance as well as Clash of the Titans and King Arthur (along with Dancy), and of course Gillian Anderson, a recurring character, is well known.

    Also, most of the actors I’ve seen in recent TV shows were unknown to me before their starring roles. What matters is whether they can act. This cast is good.

    I’ll admit that Mikkelsen needs to speak up a bit more. :-)

    The premiere was good enough that I suspect the ratings may actually go up from the premiere. However, as I said, the show is intense, grim and cerebral and may not be for everyone, so the ratings may not improve.

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