Will 'Hannibal' Take a Bite Out of the Ratings? - Poll

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April 4th, 2013


Tonight, Hannibal premieres in what has become NBC's death slot, Thursday at 10PM.  The timeslot's numerous casualties include Do No Harm, Awake and The Firm. Hannibal  has the benefit of being based on a popular character as well as the audience's seemingly insatiable hunger for shows about serial killers. But it still faces tough odds. How do you think it will do? Make your predictions then post your favorite fava bean recipes in the comments.



  • Richard Steven Hack

    Robert: Thanks for the early results. I assume a 1.6 – for NBC this season – isn’t that awful?

  • Richard Steven Hack

    BigBrotherFan: Stop with the “star power” BS. No one cares. Christ, what a loser.

  • Alex

    Flop is harsh.

    A 1.6 is exactly what both SVU and Chicago Fire did on Wednesday night. All things considered I think we probably have to look at this as a solid but unspectacular debut (for NBC). We’ll see where it goes over the next couple of weeks.

  • Alex

    Also worth remembering that I think this might be NBC’s best performance in this slot for more than a year. Awake (which debuted against repeats) started with a 2 but was down to a 1.2 by the end of March if I remember rightly and I can’t remember anything else they’ve put here doing better than a low 1 since then.

  • senor chang

    You’d be correct. If I remember correctly, Awake’s trajectory was 2.0 -> 1.6 – 1.5 -> 1.2 with a lot of bleeding following until it was sub-1.

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