'Hannibal' Hits a One Year Time Period High on NBC

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April 5th, 2013


via press note:

  • At 10:01 p.m. ET, the premiere of “Hannibal” (1.6/4 in 18-49, 4.3 million viewers overall) delivered NBC's top rating in the time period with entertainment programming in more than a year, since March 15, 2012 (excludes live news and sports). In total viewers, this is NBC's biggest overall audience in the slot since January 17. "Hannibal" built on its lead-in by 45 percent in 18-49 rating and 77 percent in total viewers. Among men 18-34, "Hannibal" is tied for #1 in the time period among ABC, CBS and NBC.
  • "Hannibal" is up versus NBC's season average in the slot by 60 percent in adults 18-49 (1.6 vs. 1.0, L+SD, excludes live news and sports) and by 18 percent in total viewers (4.311 million vs. 3.662 million).
  • At 8 p.m. ET, “Community” averaged a 1.0/3 in 18-49 and 2.4 million viewers overall, and is currently running within a tenth of a point of its prior original on March 21 in 18-49 rating (1.0 vs. 1.1, and is matching that prior original's 1.0 in these prelim fast-affiliate ratings), in a highly competitive time period opposite CBS's "Big Bang Theory," Fox's "American Idol" and ABC's "Wife Swap."
  • From 8:30-9 p.m. ET, “Parks and Recreation” (1.5/5 in 18-49, 2.9 million viewers overall) built significantly on its lead-in and finished within a tenth of a point of its prior original (1.6 on March 14). Note that this is the first "Parks" original in three weeks and only the second "Parks" original in the last six weeks. In the time period in men 18-34, "Parks" tied for #2 among ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox with Fox's "American Idol" (1.6 rating each) in that category.
  • From 9-9:31 p.m. ET, “The Office” averaged a 1.7/5 in 18-49 and 3.4 million viewers overall, finishing within 0.2 of a rating point of its prior first-run telecast despite this being the first "Office" original in three weeks (since March 14) and only the second "Office" original in seven weeks. In the time period, "The Office" is #1 among ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox in men 18-34. Note that last season, “The Office” added an average 50 percent to these next-day “live plus same day” ratings when Nielsen reported “live plus seven day” results.
  • From 9:31-10:01 p.m. ET, "Go On" (1.1/3 in 18-49, 2.4 million viewers overall) earned NBC's top 18-49 and total-viewer results in the slot since February 14, the night an hour-long "Office" ran in this time period.
  • Dan

    Good for you NBC, you had a drama crack a 1.5 Thursday at 10.

    My suggestion, move Parenthood for SVU to that slot, maybe even Grimm. A veteran drama would do much better in the slot next season.

    Terribly rated Community and Go On will both likely be renewed.

  • alexjones

    just goes to show how pathetic NBC is doing when a 1.6 is the highest they’ve managed in that timeslot all year.

  • Samunto

    Then Hell show it some love and air it next week after The Voice or an encore somewhere nice! It’s a procedural with serialized elements, it could work very well Tuesdays at 9! It’s scary but not that gory!

  • cimmer

    Trying to make lemonade out of lemons, big time. lol

  • Norma

    It did good with such a bad lead in.

  • Gene

    I just hope it can hold up

  • nina

    I didn’t think that Hannibal was very good. :(

  • Tom R.

    I tuned in to Hannibal mainly out of curiosity. But, honestly, I didn’t think it was all that great. The weird flashback/dream sequences just made the whole episode confusing to me. And I couldn’t really get all that interested in the characters. I didn’t think it was possible for a show to be both gruesome and boring at the same time; but this episode proves that even that is possible.

    I’ll probably tune in to next week’s episode just to see if things get any better. But if episode #2 looks pretty much the same as the pilot episode, I probably won’t be back for #3.

  • NBC is awesome

    If it can stay stable, I can definitely see it being renewed, especially because they have already said all seasons would be 13 episodes. Put it on fridays next year after Grimm, and you got a winner.

  • Marcus

    Hannibal was great! One of the best new shows I’ve seen this year. I was a little confused with the charactors in the show myself, but a bit of reading about ‘Red Dragon’ and ‘Hannibal’ in general brought me up to speed with the show, and I like it even more now because of it’s background. Great idea for a show and I’m anxious to see where they go with it from here.

  • Marcus

    (Hint: Focus on the charactor Will Graham in this show. We all know who Hannibal Lecter is by now.)

  • cimmer

    @Marcus, I can see @Tom R.’s point. I already knew about the characters but if you were new to that ‘universe’ it was a little confusing and a little dry. A viewer shouldn’t have to ‘study up’ to watch a show. Still, I’ll come back next week and see what’s up and hope that the writers have a good 13 ep story arc plotted out. I’m hoping that they always have an ‘ending’ plotted out for the finale of each arc just in case they don’t get renewed.

  • RyanCanada


  • maplab98

    Hannibal:( next week 1.3-1.4

  • elena

    Not my cup of tea, prefer the delightfull Jonny Lee Miller on Elementary.:)

  • cadburyeasteregg

    What I want to know is why NBC put off Hannibal by making Deception. Hannibal should have taken Revolution’s spot until it came back, it’s clearly a well crafted show. I don’t know what in the heck Deception was or who the audience is, obviously people with bad taste.

  • Mumbo

    That’s some serious spin there NBC.

    I guess a 1.6 for them really isn’t bad though, is it.

  • Jacob

    @ Elena
    I prefer the delightful Lucy Liu on Elementary. There is no way Hannible can compete with Sherlock. I would bet the farm

  • TastyChef42

    The time-frames of Where/Who/When are impossible to follow.. as is who is Hannibal eating now….
    Overall, the show should be re-named Twilight Zone Redux. Acting is great, though.. especially Mads M.

  • try harder

    Jacob and Elena: two morons.

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