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April 5th, 2013

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Tonight, Smash moves to the dreaded Saturday burnoff timeslot. It's most recent episode earned a 0.9 adults 18-49 rating, and that was with the assistance of an episode of  The Voice. It has gone as low as 0.7. It will face unusually strong Saturday competition from the NCAA Basketball Tournament. So how do you think Smash is going to do tonight? Make your predictions.


  • tesicat

    I think its sad they aren’t giving this show a chance.. its FAR better than ANY of the so called reality shows which I LOATHE. This is in the ONLY primetime network show I even bother to watch. Guess I’ll go back to watching DVDs when the series comes to an untimely end. Networks had better wake up.. reality shows STINK.

  • Ali

    I cant believe how pessimistic people are in here. I think it will maitain its 0.8/0.9 ratings. What does it matter anyway…the show was sadly cancelled. I just hope we get a proper ending.

  • ABC hater


  • Alan

    0.4. 0.6 at its best.

  • HV

    The Voice R 1.0
    Smash 0.4
    Saturday Night Live R 0.8

  • Ravenrei

    Wow, people are really betting low. I was thinking more like 0.5~0.6, but who knows? Smash and the basketball might not be crossover audiences, but usually big sporting events take live viewing priority over other things in a household, so it’s likely the sports fan will have the remote and the Smash viewer will either DVR it or watch online later.

  • RandyL

    No freaking way is it gonna get above a .5. I could see it getting around the same as the Chicago Fire repeat 3 weeks ago. That is, a .3.

  • Amy

    @ Ali People are being realistic. It’s a Saturday night. Most people in the 18-49 demo will be out. I’m guessing a 0.5

  • Mark


    And it’s a shame because this season really is better.

  • Kayla

    I really like this show, but I am guessing a .4

  • Mark Wood


    I like Smash (certainly last year, this year I think its just slightly better then average), but I would take the Amazing Race over it in terms of quality time and time again. Just because a lot of reality shows are garbage doesn’t mean all of them are.

    After all in 45 years of watching tv, I have seen a ton of garbage scripted shows.

  • Kavyn

    inb4 Smash fans begin asking The CW to pick it up next season ;)

  • Rebecca

    I voted the same as the majority thus far, between .4 and .5, and even that might be too optimistic. Many won’t watch it live – like me, they’ll stream it tomorrow or later. I like Smash but it most likely won’t air past May. Saturdays for me are dvd nights, when we’re home (which is most Saturdays, like Fridays).

  • a p garcia

    Is it too late for an April’s fool joke and I would say a 2.5.

  • andri

    As low as you can go & sink dunken to the level Jennifer Hudson, oprah scientologist.Angelica Houston & Debra Messing, Caroline Kennedy scientologists.

  • Steve


  • BigBrotherFan


  • Pepper


  • Saul Goodman


    Smash is not my kind of show, but the consolidated fact that it is canceled and a crap like Glee will definitely be renewed shows the decadence of open television.

  • Ocelot2000

    You know, whatever it gets it’s sad. With incredible talent and a fantastic premiss, what happened? Marc Shaiman’s songs are great, not to mention you have Megan Hilty belting half of them out. i’ll be watching till the end and truly, for me, it’s sad to see this go out.

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