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April 5th, 2013


Tonight, Vegas makes its Friday debut on CBS. The low-rated by CBS standards show has been off the air since February. Now it faces competition from Friday's two strongest shows, Shark Tank  (1.8 adults 18-49 last week) and Grimm (1.4 adults 18-49 last week), as well as its two weakest Touch (0.5 adults 18-49 last week) and Cult (0.1 adults 18-49 last week -- no, that is not a typo.)  In its most recent episode on Tuesday, February 21, Vegas earned a 1.5 adults 18-49 rating. In its sole Friday at 9PM telecast, Golden Boy scored a 1.0 adults 18-49 rating. How do you think Vegas will do tonight? Make your prediction below.


  • CBSviewer

    Vegas is a good Show but it is not strong enought for Friday. Considering Goden Boy (which has a higher demo on Tuesday) got a 1.0 on Friday I bet on a 1.0-1.1 for Vegas. Sad for the fans but Vegas will not survive on Friday.

  • Greg


    Yeah, this one’s dead.

  • Dan

    1.2 probably, while CBS might think that the older skewing Vegas will pair well with Blue Bloods, its more likely to still flop in the ratings. Still while both Vegas and Golden Boy will both be cancelled in May, it was nonetheless a very smart scheudling move to keep Golden Boy on tuesday where it has many new episodes and move Vegas to fridays to avoid repeats.

    This way both series will finish their runs before the upfronts

    R.I.P. CSI NY, Vegas, Golden Boy & Rules of Engagement

  • CP

    I’m rooting for it, but don’t expect better than 1.2.

  • Reache

    Fringe friday was bad,
    Golden boy friday was bad,
    and EVEN low-rated Cult was bad….(0.1 last week?? Come On!!) and so on and on…

    1.2 I bet.

  • Ben

    Not high enough for CBS to renew it. Not even for a Friday night. Low ratings (18 – 48 demo and total viewers), the cost of filming an hour long program in 1960’s style locations, and high salaries will probably lead to it’s cancellation.

    Plus the fact that CBS already renewed 18 shows and, (as soon as the contracts are written up and signed), will almost certainly renew Criminal Minds and Two and a Half Men. Some shows have to be let go in order to make room for new programs in September. Programs such as Vegas and Golden Boy.
    It’s not looking good for Rules of Engagement either.

  • JacobYates

    I’m hoping that being surrounded by Undercover Boss and Blue Bloods can give the show a boost. I want it to get a 1.3-1.4 but 1.1-1.2 is probably more likely. Still, I’ll never give up! NEVER!!!

  • Jazz

    I hope it does well but I will watch Grimm first.

  • Ben

    CSI: NY will probably be cancelled as well. The “season final” had the look and feel of a Series Finale. I think everyone associated with the program expects the news to be bad in May.

  • JacobYates

    If it can pull 1.3-1.4 consistently in the coming weeks, there’s a chance they could keep it. Keep a drama in that spot that’s stable instead of airing a new one that will almost certainly fail.

  • cc

    Grimm is one of few shows on NBC I look forward to.

  • sylvie

    Sorry for Vegas fans but I hope it will not , hope CSI NY for a season 10 .

  • PurpleDrazi

    Just for the sake of argument…

    Even if Vegas surprised us and did well on Friday, would CBS still want to keep it? It has already shown that it can’t get the ratings during the week. Would CBS risk cancelling another show on it’s schedule just to keep something that only does well on Friday?


  • Ravenrei

    I don’t expect much, but I’m just gonna be glad CBS is playing the whole season.

  • JacobYates

    Whether Vegas does good tonight is irrelevant to CSI NY’s chances. It’s done either way.

  • JacobYates

    @Purple Drazi
    CBS could decide not to air a new drama on Friday next year. That’s almost never worked out. They could instead premiere 2 new dramas instead of 3. If Vegas is stable in that slot, keep it. Not many other shows will do better.

  • Melanie

    I think better than Golden Boy so a 1.1 or maybe 1.2. I think it will pair better with Blue Bloods than GB or even CSI:NY – it skews as old as Blue Bloods.

  • Dan

    With CBS renewing The Mentalist and The Good Wife, they seemed to have sealed their fate for the rest of the lineup.

    Look at the parallels to last season’s cancellations

    CSI NY is the CSI Miami of this year. The veteran drama that CBS needs to cancel because it’s run its course, CSI NY escaped cancellation the past 2 years, but this year it wont be so lucky.

    Vegas is the Unforgettable of this year. The drama that got a full season but didnt do well enough to get a second season. While Unforgettable ultimately got a second season reprieve, Vegas due to its lower ratings and higher production costs, wont be so lucky.

    Golden Boy is the NYC 22 of this year. The midseason drama that didn’t do well enough to warrant a second season but unlike NYC 22 which was burned off in the summer, GB is lucky enough to end its run in May.

    Rules of Engagement is the Rob of this year. The midseason replacement comedy that was cancelled to make room and while CBS has a lot of comedies already, they wont need the 7 year old Rules for their schedule next season.

    There wont be a slaughterhouse with CBS in terms of cancellations because CBS has had few hits this year.

  • samurai99

    Maybe CBS will sell the show rights to NBC. For them it would get decent ratings.

  • Cyrax86

    1.2 at best.

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