'Kathy' Canceled by Bravo After Two Seasons

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April 6th, 2013

Kathy Griffin

Bravo has canceled Kathy Griffin's talk show Kathy. Per TVLine, the comedienne broke the news onstage during a stand-up performance.

  • r0ckmypants

    While this show was an inarguable failure which shouldn’t even have seen a second season, her standup specials still consistently bring in Emmy nominations for Bravo, so I’m certain she’ll continue her relationship with the network.

  • VB

    Good riddance.

  • KevinY

    I liked My Life on the D-List better but this show still had some pretty funny moments (still have about 5 on my DVR I haven’t watched yet). I think she’s funniest when she interacts with people on the street.

  • rich

    her only discernable talent is that which she tried to demonstrate to America last NYE. good riddance.

  • a p garcia

    Her show on Bravo is no more, but CNN came to the rescue and paired her with Anderson Cooper. Maybe she will give him a Lewinski since she failed last new years.

  • AnthonyMule

    She is SOOOOOOOO Not Funny!!!!

  • Ryan

    She is SOOOOOOOO Funny!!!!

  • Cj morton

    Oh Hallelujah! Can’t stand her!

  • Sonny Chauvato

    looks like a majority + pretty much think she is skank-bait

  • TimsDale4ever

    …But aren’t ALL the shows on BRAVO crap? Isn’t that their trade logo? Aren’t all the HOUSEWIVES shows trash?

  • MisOne

    that show was terrible—how did it last 2 seasons? it should have been canceled after the second show.

  • rich

    @sonny chauvato

    that’s an insult to all the skanks of the world

  • gerry

    @ key
    have you ever watched bravo? like, ever?

    kathy is great. this show was not. it also aired at a bad time. she’ll be around to do specials and maybe she’ll do a reality show again of some other variety. bravo loves her.

  • bill

    Love kathy and her show. I will miss it.

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