Is 'Ready for Love' Ready for Broadcast? (Poll)

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April 9th, 2013


Tonight is  the premiere of Ready for Love, another reality dating show. Though some  may be tired of the format, The Voice lead-in could really give this show a boost tonight.  We've seen The Voice work miracles for Go On and The New Normal...could Ready for Love keep the trend going? Or will viewers tune out?  Make your predictions below and tell us why in the comments!

  • CrimTV

    I would say a strong premiere, defiantly because unlike Revolution (I do love it) and Go On and New Normal it is not a ‘niche’ show and will probably appeal to many and it probably fits with The Voice audience, I would say high 2’s.

  • Jenna

    I think it will have a strong premiere (2.4-2.8) due to The Voice lead in and possibly a compatible audience curious about the show. It will then fall next week, how much depends on how terrible it is…

  • LNJFan


  • John A


  • Joseph


  • Hillbilly

    >2.9 Only because that lady in the picture is yummy. :)

  • Patrick Ausgewahlt

    I hope this show crashes and burns. I usually am rooting for NBC (the underdogs you know), but I hate this. I only liked the Voice because it helped fine shows such as Revolution and Go On. The Fall scheduling of an hour of reality (The Voice), hour of comedy (Go On and the New Normal),and an hour of drama (Parenthood). Three hours of reality is just horrible. NBC should try a one off Parks and Rec – Community post Voice hour. Next year they should do the Voice, and hour of comedy of two veteran shows that aren’t 100% lead in dependent (I’d say Parks and Rec and Community), followed by season of Parenthood airng September-December and March-Day

  • Beckstle

    I actually don’t think it’s such a great match audience-wise. Maybe if The Voice were more like American Idol. The tweets from Voice watchers last night were not happy with the RFL ads at all.


    3.5 PREMIER – Great advertising but geeez, these guys look nearly identical to one another
    2.5 Average

  • CrimTV


    Yeah I guess, but not all Voice watchers Tweet and there is over 13 million of them

  • Alex

    Mid-high 2 seems reasonable.

  • Oliver

    I hope this bombs.

  • TimsDale4ever

    These dating shows with gorgeous girls and guys kill me. How could any of them struggle to find a date?????????????? And then after 5 minutes of meeting each other they are suddenly soul mates. It’s all so made up and scripted I won’t be bothered with it. If you haven’t watched BURNING LOVE on E(which is a parody of THE BATCHELOR) you need to. It perfectly shows you just how stupid these types of shows are. Hilarious!

  • Anthony

    I wish it was 0.0, tired fo seeing the commercials, they’re annoying.

  • Spencer

    Whata wastr of a lead in Bc nbc could have used this lead in for…oh I don’t know…Hannibal instead of putting that at 10 on Thursdays. Instead they will try to launch a dating Reality show that well crash And burn in the next week….

  • zth

    Wow, NBC has been pushing this like crazy, every commercial break had at least two spots with Ready for Love every time The Voice was on.

    It will probably premiere to a huge number – like a 3.4, as it is pretty compatible with The voice too, but it’ll drop like a rock next week if the quality is not there.


    The Voice 4.5
    Ready for Love 3.4

  • EatMorePez

    This is not a dating show, so much as it is a beefcake show. Every promo shows guys taking their shirts off. Hate to say this, but that will drive a lot a viewers.


  • Jacob

    I think it will do good, probably cause they have 2 promos about it every commercial. NBC advertised Hannibal like crazy and that did decent.

  • SS

    I predict the best ratings ever for Golden Boy :) BOP will also rise against this show (I hope so anyway, but then people still watch that horrible Bachelor show).

  • Ian

    I hope it does well. It seems very interesting and is compatible with The Voice. I think at least a 3.0. Also if it catches people it might not drop so far next week. But if it is bad I don’t think even having The Voice lead in will help it.

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