Is 'Ready for Love' Ready for Broadcast? (Poll)

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April 9th, 2013


Tonight is  the premiere of Ready for Love, another reality dating show. Though some  may be tired of the format, The Voice lead-in could really give this show a boost tonight.  We've seen The Voice work miracles for Go On and The New Normal...could Ready for Love keep the trend going? Or will viewers tune out?  Make your predictions below and tell us why in the comments!

  • David Howell

    2.7, but the half hours tell a story of bleeding that’ll get the show into horrible territory very quickly.

    Meanwhile Hannibal gets a worse situation than Do No Harm!

  • k:Alex

    Could the whole ‘The Bachelor’ audience watch this show + voice lead in audience?

  • MichaelChickless

    Bombsville! A 1.5.

  • MichaelChickless

    Or I hope, at least.

  • HV

    The Voice 3.8
    Ready for Love 2.5

  • hudson2647

    I would say a 3.2…

  • snoot

    1.8. It’s an NBC show so a 1.8 will make it a hit

  • rob60990

    There’s actually some hype for this plus after The Voice, I’ll say 2.4 but falls each half hour.

  • SJ

    Wow, some of you are very optimistic! I say it gets a 1.7 if it’s lucky. The first half-hour will likely get a 2.0 but it will keep dropping and likely be at around 1.4 for its last half-hour.

  • AlanJ

    High 2 Low 3 maybe even high 3’s considering premiere.
    Anything with Eva longoria will do Good

  • Samunto

    2.0 I hope even 1.9
    I want NBC to promote scripted drama here so I’m hoping it bombs or underwhelms like Fashion Star. The Voice audience will snub this just like they did dud Fashion Star- Flopshion Star! LOL

    Ready to Flop!!

  • andri

    People watch Dancing w/ the stars & the voice. This Eva Longoria, scientologist on a first person basis w/fella
    scientologists garner and affleck. Americans shallot live vised viewership of the voice.

  • Petar Ivanov

    note that the same show on abc has 2.5+ demo 8 years i think. With the voice and NBC what is best now are reality shows ill be even bigger. Also reality after reality is gold mine.

  • zth


    The last half hour of The Voice will be nearly a 5.0, so I expect the first half hour of this to be around a 4.0, because people would be curious to sample it. If it’s good, it will end with a rating in the 3’s. If it’s not, the last half hour might go in the 1s.

  • Jonny C…. formerly Jon

    i wish for a 1.5 so NBC execs can b-slap each other…but it’ll most likely be a 2.5-2.7

  • NBC Fan

    Body of Proof-1.4

    Golden Boy-1.3

    Hell’s Kitchen-1.9
    New Girl-2.0
    The Mindy Project-1.4

    The Voice-4.6
    Ready for Love-3.1

    Hart of Dixie-0.5

    Ready for Love Hours:

  • Marlene

    The Guys on this show are pretty cute and they will probably have a pretty good following NBC has been promoting like crazy so maybe they will actually get the show to be the next hit.

  • I Hate New Flop

    I don’t like these reality love shows but I hate Go On and The New Normal so I hope it does way better than both of those programs to expose them for the failures they are and not get them renewed.

  • Rebecca

    It’s just one more reality show I won’t watch, so if it has fans and does well, good (like The Voice…I won’t watch but I see that many do and they enjoy it, no problem) – but otherwise I’d rather watch original scripted comedies like Parks, Community, GWK, and 1600 Penn – all very entertaining.

  • CrimTV


    If The New Normal (which had ratings sub 1.0) could be boosted to a 1.7 with The Voice lead-in, I doubt this series will premiere lower than that.

    Also it annoys me when people moan about reality series, they do realise that shows like The Voice and American Idol (not recently) help shows launch to good ratings.

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