Is 'Ready for Love' Ready for Broadcast? (Poll)

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April 9th, 2013


Tonight is  the premiere of Ready for Love, another reality dating show. Though some  may be tired of the format, The Voice lead-in could really give this show a boost tonight.  We've seen The Voice work miracles for Go On and The New Normal...could Ready for Love keep the trend going? Or will viewers tune out?  Make your predictions below and tell us why in the comments!

  • Dan S

    I’d love to say it’ll get 1.0 but realistically I voted for 2.4-2.8. It’ll get a good sampling but hopefully tank quickly like Fashion Star. It’s really too bad Hannibal didn’t get a Tues slot instead of this drivel. I really don’t think this show will have the legs to bring back after its initial run is over.

  • charmedcraft

    Unfortunately, I think the premier will be good. I have a feeling all the people that watch those dumb Bachelor/ette shows are going to watch, plus it has The Voice as a lead in. I hope I’m wrong and no one watches (fingers crossed).

  • forg


  • ABC hater

    Over a 3.

  • Hugh

    This will work well out of The Voice. Revolution has a different target audience. 3.1

  • brian


  • Alan

    I voted for 1.9-2.3 but I think it will get a 2.0 or 2.1

  • Brit

    I love how almost everyone was off in their predictions. I can’t believe anyone thought this was going to be a hit.

  • Ben

    1.9 as predicted by 23.88% in the poll.
    It looks as though having The Voice for a lead-in did not help.

  • Ben

    Actually 1.6 as predicted by 24.89% (before the final numbers are posted).

  • Ben

    Final ratings for Ready For Love: 1.5 which is within the range of the 1.4 – 1.8 predicted by 24.89%. Not the big hit NBC was looking for, but, it is probably inexpensive to produce. Maybe they got their money’s worth.

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