Monday Final Ratings: 'The Voice' & 'Dancing With the Stars' Adjusted Up; 'Revolution' Adjusted Down + Basketball Finals

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April 9th, 2013


The Voice and Dancing With the Stars were each adjusted up a tenth  while Revolution was adjusted down a tenth among adults 18-49 versus Monday's preliminary ratings.

Want to know why adjustments occur to the preliminary ratings? Read this.

Final Monday broadcast primetime ratings for Monday, April 7, 2013

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating 18-49 Share Viewers Live+SD (million)
8:00PM NBC The Voice (8-10PM) 5.0 14 14.03
ABC Dancing With the Stars (8-10PM) 2.1 6 13.15
CBS 2 Broke Girls -R 1.5 5 5.29
FOX Bones -R 1.1 3 4.28
CW The Carrie Diaries 0.4 1 1.00
8:30 PM CBS The Big Bang Theory -R 2.0 6 6.60
9:00PM CBS 2013 NCAA Basketball Championship Pre-Show 3.6 10 11.78
FOX The Following 2.2 5 6.30
CW Hart of Dixie -R 0.2 0 0.51
9:30PM CBS NCAA Basketball championship Game 8.4 22 23.43
10:00PM NBC Revolution 2.2 6 6.07
ABC Castle -R 1.2 3 7.18

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  • omabin

    Shakira really is putting the voice on fire. It is shocking how well it is doing!

  • harry

    Dont forget castle had dancing as lead in and dancing had 13 million viewers as well.

  • Petar Ivanov

    @Brittany Reid

    if if if if…..if you were smarter will be better but i guess you are not.

    highest rated new show and highest rated 10 pm show(with insane DVR numbers and very young audionce) since when is not good for nbc? They will made from show like CF with average demo 1.5 spin off. I guess that is better for you. 10-13 ep per season and revolution will be 4-5 seasons at least like heroes for nbc. And already is with netflix deal. Even old CBS is making high concept show for the summer(with netflix or hulu deal) so they can advertise their fall shows to younger audience. That type of shows are the best to add young people teens to the networks.

  • Sam

    NBC definitely needs to pair The Voice with new shows next season. Otherwise, they will end up like ABC, which wasted the huge DH and GA lead-ins on propping up mediocre-rated shows for years.

  • thesnowleopard

    Yes, I understand that, but the previous poster was talking about the good move would do for the show, not for the network.

  • CrimTV


    No, look how much Scandal has risen since Grey’s Anatomy has been it’s lead-in. NBC will be causing more problems for itself if it moves Revolution. It needs to keep Revolution behind The Voice, whether Mondays or Tuesdays to keep it’s audience and hopefully even gain more until it’s ready to go out on it’s own. It’s stupid when (unless a show has been proven to perform well alone) a network moves a sophmore show away from it’s lead-in and it crashes.

  • CrimTV


    How is Revolution a weak player when it constantly outperforms the other shows in it’s timeslot and it is the #1 new show of the season in 18-49? It’s also on NBC!

    Also all of you saying that Revolution is a failure because Castle had more ‘viewers’, it means nothing, networks and advertisers look for 18-49 ratings, not total viewers.

  • Mon

    I did not say Revolution is not doing good on NBC. I said, again, that Revolution doesn’t deserve another year of The Voice lead-in. I believe NBC can do better than low 2s with the right show following The Voice. I think that NBC would like higher ratings there. They moved Smash because maybe they’re not happy with its performance and believed they could do better with a new show.

  • Mickey 1.0

    Why all the Revolution vs The Following crap? They’re not competing for viewers in the same timeslot, and they’re not competing for renewal on the same network. Both of them are on top of the totem pole on their respective networks, and getting pretty much the same ratings. And both of them stood up very well against the NCAA.

  • Dan S

    I’m not worried about Revolution tanking in season 2. I do expect the show to move most likely to Tues but it won’t be another Smash. I think a good show to pair it with would be 6th Gun which I now think should be anchored at 9p & Revolution at 10p. Believe would be a good show to air on Mon after the Voice IMO. As for The Following I would follow the same schedule & start it in Jan on Mon @9p.

  • Mon

    Sorry. I wasn’t clear enough. What I meant by weak player is that it can’t hold on too much of The Voice lead-in. I’m not expecting it to get 3+ but at least, it should get high 2s or stop falling. It hasn’t stabilize since its return.

  • BigFlop

    Revolution is a flop, horrible numbers, disappointing. I never thought that Rev. was going to be so low.
    DWTS is dead.
    The Following, worrying.

  • omabin


    I generally agree with you. I think that sophomore shows cannot be left like that if they are not strong enough – if a network renews them, they need to be aware of their strengths and weaknesses and not just throw to the wolves like that, or else they are better not renewing them in the first place.

    As for Revolution, I would go with tuesdays at 10 with believe (also from jj abras, allegedly very well tested) with tuesdays at 9. This would free up monday to something new that could perform better and would give tuesdays at 10 a solid player that would still have a very compatible lead-in, not to mention the indirect support of the voice. I would premiere it out of a special 2 hour the voice and then have believe launch at 9 the next week.

  • Richard Steven Hack

    John A: We AGREE about something! Sound the horns! :-)

    Hannibal is watchable, Revolution ain’t (even though I watch it – mostly for Elizabeth Mitchell.)

    I wasn’t aware of the loss of lead-in Revolution suffers. That is bad. Perhaps my prediction that it would crash in the spring is right, just not noticeable because of The Voice.

    So I would agree that Revolution won’t survive a second season. Thank heaven because the show has been awful, although it has improved slightly in the last few episodes thanks to Elizabeth Mitchell entirely and a bit of tightening focus.

    I was amused to see Esposito cite in dialogue what I had been thinking: “All that effort to save Ben and the kid dies anyway.” At least one writer figured out that was ridiculous to spend half a season on chasing the kid only to kill him off. :-) Another clue that the writers have no idea where the show is supposed to go. Bodes really ill for a second season.

  • Michael

    Call me crazy, but I don’t think the success of Scandal has anything to do with Grey’s as a lead-in. I’m not saying, it didn’t help launch the show, but the show was struggling to reach a 2.0 in its first season. The writing, story-lines, and great characters is what elevated the show, IMO!

  • forg

    The Following did fine considering it has a repeat lead in, was up against the voice, DWTS and NCAA

  • Grey

    “Revolution” didn’t beat “Castle” on 4/1/13. I’m just saying.

  • Brandy


  • CrimTV


    Well it’s been 2.2 for two weeks now, this week it was against major basketball, maybe it is stabilising?

  • CrimTV


    Yeah that would be good

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