Weekly Ratings Notes for Adult Swim, Cartoon Network, TBS, TNT & TruTV: NCAA Basketball, 'Adventure Time' 'Southland', 'Dallas' & More

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April 9th, 2013

Southland S5

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The 2013 NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball National Championship across TBS, CBS, TNT and truTV is the most-watched NCAA Tournament in 19 years, according to Nielsen. The 2013 NCAA Tournament averaged 10.7 million total viewers, up 11% from last year’s 9.6 million total viewers. It is the highest average for the NCAA Tournament since 1994 (11.2 million viewers). Coverage for the entire 2013 NCAA Tournament across Turner Sports and CBS Sports averaged a HH rating/share of 6.7/14, up 10% from last year’s 6.1/13. That's the highest average NCAA Tournament rating in eight years (6.9/15; 2005).

Adult Swim
Across April’s first week in Prime Time, Adult Swim ranked as the #1 basic cable network for the week’s delivery of adults 18-34. Compared to the same week in 2012, Prime delivery increased by strong double digits across the board of targeted demos – adults 18-24 by 33%, adults 18-34 by 29%, adults 18-49 by 16%, men 18-24 by 54%, men 18-34 by 46% and men 18-49 by 22%.

Adult Swim’s weekly Total Day performance ranked #1 among adults 18-24, 18-34 & 18-49 and men 18-24, 18-34, & 18-49 on basic cable the first week of April. Compared to the same week in 2012, Total day delivery grew across all target demos – adults 18-24 by 14%, adults 18-34 by 10%, adults 18-49 by 8%, men 18-24 by 19%, men 18-34 by 18% and men 18-49 by 14%.

The new episode premiere of Loiter Squad (Sunday, 12 a.m.) ranked #1 in its time period among adults 18-24/18-34 and all key men, growing by double and triple-digits across the board vs. the same time period last year.

All new episodes that premiered during the action-adventure Toonami block – including Naruto and Bleach ranked #1 in their respective time slots with men 18-24/18-34, earning double-digit growth across the board vs. the same time period year ago.

Adult Swim episode premieres of American Dad (Monday, 10:30 p.m.) and Family Guy (11 p.m.) were up by double-digits across key adults and men vs. the same time period year ago.

Adult Swim programming – including Family Guy, American Dad, and Robot Chicken – accounted for 23 of the top 50 telecasts on basic cable for the week with adults 18-34, and for 29 of the top 50 telecasts with men 18-34, both more than any other network.

Cartoon Network
Across the first week of April 2013, Cartoon Network ranked as basic cable’s #1 network for Total Day and Early Prime (7-9 p.m.) delivery of boys 6-11 & 9-14.

Cartoon Network was the #1 television destination for kids 2-11 & 9-14 and all boy demos on Saturday Night, the #1 network for all boy demos 2-11, 6-11 & 9-14 on Thursday Night (7-9 p.m.), the #1 network among boys 6-11 & 9-14 on Monday Night and the #1 network among boys 2-11 & 6-11 on Sunday Night.

Monday’s new episode of Cartoon Network’s original animated series, Regular Show (8 p.m.) was the #1 telecast of the week among boys 6-11, the #1 telecast of the day among boys 6-11 & 9-14, and #1 in its timeslot with all boy demos. Additionally, the new episode premieres of Adventure Time (Monday, 7:30 p.m.) and MAD (Monday, 8:30 p.m.) also ranked #1 in their respective time periods among all boys 2-11, 6-11 & 9-14.

Thursday night’s new episode of the live-action sketch comedy, Incredible Crew (8 p.m.) ranked #1 in its time period among boys 2-11 & 6-11 on all TV and boys 9-14 on basic cable.

Saturday night’s premiere of the movie Madagascar (7 p.m.) scored as the #1 telecast of the day among boys 6-11 & 9-14 on all TV.

After winning the first quarter as basic cable's top network in primetime delivery of key adult demos, TBS has continued its success with another weekly primetime win as basic cable's #1 network among adults 18-49.

With one more night to go in its fourth season, the TBS original comedy series Cougar Town garnered 2.4 million viewers in Live + 3 delivery for last week's episode. That's a +6% increase over the prior week. The show was also up among key demos, garnering 1.5 million adults 18-49 (+9%) and 676,000 adults 18-34 (+3%).

Cougar Town combined with telecasts of The Big Bang Theory to give TBS 19 of basic cable's Top 20 sitcom telecasts for the week with total viewers and adults 18-49, as well as 16 of the Top 20 with adults 18-34.

TBS's hit original sitcom Men at Work returned for its second season last Thursday, garnering 2 million viewers in Live+3 viewing. Among key demos, the show scored 1.2 million adults 18-49 and 620,000 adults 18-34.

TBS's late-night hit CONAN scored strong growth with a week of shows in Atlanta leading up to the NCAA Final Four. Last week, the show drew 1.0 million viewers (+19% over the prior week); 623,000 adults 18-49 (+29%); and 318,000 adults 18-34 (+27%).

Last Monday's episode of the hit TNT drama Dallas drew 3.6 million viewers in Live + 3 delivery, a +9% boost over the prior week's episode. The show also grew among targeted demos, attracting 1.5 million adults 25-54 (+9% vs. the previous week) and 1.3 million adults 18-49 (+16%). The two-hour season finale of Dallas airs next Monday night, beginning at 9 p.m. (ET/PT).

TNT’s award-winning drama Southland delivered 2.1 million viewers in Live + 3 for last Wednesday night's episode, a jump of +7% over the previous week. It also averaged 1.0 million adults 25-54 (+4%) and 894,000 adults 18-49 (+8%). Leading into Southland, TNT’s new unscripted police drama Boston’s Finest drew 1 million viewers in Live + 3 delivery, including 462,000 adults 25-54 and 459,000 adults 18-49.

After landing its youngest first quarter ever in primetime median age, truTV has opened the second quarter with a growth story. Last week, truTV's delivery of adults 18-49 grew by +4% compared to the same week a year ago, while its delivery of total viewers increased by +8%.

The hit series Hardcore Pawn (Tuesday at 9 p.m.) led the truTV pack, ranking as the #1 unscripted program in its timeslot with its audience of 3 million viewers and 1.4 million adults 18-49. The show's strong performance helped truTV rank among basic cable's Top 10 networks for the night with key adult and male demos, as well as with total viewers.

Also performing strongly last week was the hit series Lizard Lick Towing  (Monday at 10 p.m.), which scored more than 2.1 million viewers and 1.2 million adults 18-49, as well as 640,000 men 18-49. The show ranked among ad-supported cable's Top 5 programs in the timeslot in all three categories and fueled truTV to a Top 10 primetime ranking for the night with total viewers and men 18-49.

NBA TV's 19 NBA Fan Night presented by Sprint telecasts are averaging 468,000 total viewers, up 3% compared to last season (455,000 total viewers for 22 telecasts). NBA TV’s Miami Heat/San Antonio Spurs game (3/31/13) was the most watched regular-season game among adults 18-34 this season. The game also was the third most-watched regular-season game among total viewers this season (731,000) and the network’s fourth most-watched regular-season game ever.



  • Mark

    please TNT, renew DALLAS for 3rd season! it’s so amazing! the show is getting better and better!! renew, that we can enjoy the final 2 episodes of season 2 next monday!!

  • joe

    Way to do, “Dallas!” Doing amazing. So excited for the season finale next week! Come on, TNT — renew it!!

  • John

    Way to Go SOUTHLAND
    Only two episodes left for the short season….

  • diane

    Renewing Dallas should be a no- brainer for tnt. It’s the only tnt show i watch.I wish they had not done two weeks of two hours.So we would have 3 weeks of Dallas to look forward to instead of one week. So sad the season is ending already.Please tnt give us something to look forward.Renew!!!

  • Kelly Thomasy

    Please renew Southland and give it more episodes and money to bring back some of the characters that have stopped appearing.

  • Mary

    Dallas is the best show on TV. It was exciting in the 80s and the writers have done an excellent job connecting the two shows with Christopher and John Ross with the original cast. The show gets better every week! Linda Gray and Patrick Duffy keep it together along with the mentions of J R (RIP). Come on TNT and renew this drama! Awesome show!

  • MIKE36

    i was a bit skeptical about Dallas and whether or not it would continue w/out JR, but i was wrong.Unfortunately,Victoria Principal WON’T be returning, according to what i read. So I guess if Pam does return it’ll be another actress who looks like her.

  • Tim

    I really like Dallas and hope they renew!! There are so many different directions it could go. I love the new characters integrated with older ones. Keep adding previous characters…it makes it so interesting to see how they are looking now (i.e. – Mandy Winger, Afton Cooper, etc.). How about Jenna Wade??

  • ReuReu

    TNT will renew Dallas and Southland should, absolutely, be renewed also. I don’t watch either shows at their scheduled times, but I do watch these both through my Comcast link on the TNT site (religiously). I’m not into any other cable channels other than TNT, CNN and Comedy Central now and Southland is what put TNT on the map for me. I can’t believe NBC ever let go of that show? Dallas was great for nostaligia reasons only at first (to see the reunited characters and Larry Hagman one liners were always golden). Yet the writers are really getting into a zone now, and unless they screw it up with the finale (especially with the Pam situation), I’m in it for the long haul. Keep-up the drama TNT (and buy the rights to “V” from ABC while you’re at it).

  • Edward M

    ReuReu, I agree in that TNT needs to pick up “V” and continue where ABC left off. It should be easy to do also. Warner owns the rights, not ABC, and TNT is a division of Warner Brothers Television. The online petition for “V”s return has been consistent since it went off the air in 2011 so there seems to be a built-in audience ready for it’s return.

  • Si71

    Dallas deserves to be renewed for being true to the original but dynamic and totally addictive. Intertwining past, present & future is no simple task, but the writers and actors are doing a stellar job!!!

  • Gale

    My husband & I really love Monday Mornings. It has humor, witt & heart.
    We hope it will be renewed for another season.
    Thank you.

  • Bonnie

    Dallas has really picked up in its story lines and is very exciting. I can’t wait for Monday’s episode. My whole family watches. Please TNT renew this show for another year.

  • Bonnie

    Hey Gale, I agree about Monday Mornings. It is a great medical show and I hope it is renewed!!

  • Nanci

    Southland is the show to watch! Every episode the writing just keeps getting better and better!

  • Jeni

    TNT please renew Dallas!! This show is amazing!!!

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