'Cult' Canceled by CW and Replaced by 'Oh Sit' and 'The Carrie Diaries' Reruns

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April 10th, 2013


The CW has officially pulled the plug on Cult and has yanked the struggling drama from its Friday lineup after 7 episodes. There are no immediate plans to air the show's 6 remaining episodes. Filling its slot will be re-runs of The Carrie Diaries and Oh Sit. This news has been confirmed via series creator Rockne S. O'Bannon on Twitter:


  • were123

    Hope the episodes become available online! My sister watches the show; she knew it was going to get canned, but she hoped to at least watch the full season. Was it that hard? Its not like TCD is going to improve the rating or anything

  • were123

    No need to call them idiots! Of course TCD won’t be renewed, but you don’t have to insult those who believe it will!

  • Richard Steven Hack

    Were123: Yes, I do, actually. Morons should be insulted.

  • were123

    Richard Steven Hack everybody! Disrespectful and troll! You shouldn’t be allowed to comment if you are going to insult, but well… this is the internet anyway

  • Alan

    Wow I thought they would air the whole show no matter how bad the ratings were. Seems like The CW is finally growing some b*lls

  • thesnowleopard

    Wow, so they really decided not to run it all the way through.

    Not that I expect TCD or OS reruns to do any better.

  • Bizarro

    Wow they are airing one rerun of TCD and people think it will be renewed?! Not unless the CW wants to give the show webisodes or throw it in the summer next season! They should of aired reruns of their top 5 series instead or better yet put ANTM reruns their instead of on Tuesday!

  • PurpleDrazi

    You know you are doing bad when someone thinks reruns of TCD is a better choice than you.

  • WillyWonka

    I can’t see TCD being renewed, it was supposed to be the successor to Gossip Girl, and although GG ended with awful ratings it was actually a ‘hit’ by CW standards during the first seasons.

    TCD bombed right out of the gate and that’s not going to fly. BATB has a small chance given that they can’t cancel everything and it’s doing better than TCD and HOD as far as I know, but I’m sceptical.

    Arrow is this season’s hit for CW and I think they were hoping BATB would do very well in that genre (dark handsome brooding super-hero) but with a more female slant story-wise but the ratings aren’t quite there.

  • Diego Cabral

    i remember when CW pulled THE BEAUTIFUL LIFE from schedule back in 2009.. and it was getting 0.6s.. well, they had to do this again.. 4 years is way too long.

  • Mark3

    Best show on cw. We will miss u cult

  • Patrick Ausgewahlt

    Has the CW ever considered doing an hour of comedy on their schedule? The only ones they ever had were WB leftovers, which they promptly forced onto the Friday Night Death Slot. Please try comedy again

  • Jason

    Ugh! I was loving Cult. I didn’t expect a second season, but I did expect we’d get to see all the produced episodes.

    I hope we get either the episodes online or a “Complete Series” DVD release, magically. Then again, I’m still waiting for a Ringer DVD set, too. Man, I know how to pick my shows…

  • Alan

    They should bring back EOMD and The L.A. Complex for summers at least. Cult proves that having a star from the best rated show it’s not enough or being a genre show makes you automatically safe. I only saw Cult’s pilot and I found it too weird.

  • Oliver

    @Patrick Ausgewahlt

    The CW has done some comedy in the past, but it’s been a while. The Game premeired on The CW in 2006-07, but it was a spin-off of Girlfriends. They also tried Aliens in America in 2007-08, which bombed despite a warm critical reception.

    Whose Line Is It Anyway? premieres in July, which is an unscripted half-hour comedy. I imagine it’s The CW’s attempt at cheaply reintroducing comedy into their lineup. CW head Mark Pedowitz has said in the past he wants to reintroduce comedy to their lineup.

  • Bob Jones

    D— It!, I wanted to be ‘Next’ :)

  • JQ

    @ Richard Steven Hack

    Yes, all these people, including this very site, are the morons. It’s certainly not the random person who disagrees and resorts to childish insults about them. No way that person is actually the moron.

  • Ekras

    Well all that’s left for them to cancel is TCD and HoD and we can call this season a wrap…..

  • Fam

    Cult was a great show with an original concept, The CW has had some shows years ahead of its time and this was one of them that it seems like nobody was ready for or even knew exist.

    The CW could’ve easily put this behind Arrow to get sampled it was more of their fault why this show struggled than Cult itself.

    The CW really needs to give up on The Carrie Diaries already, are their overseas numbers good or something?

  • Fam

    Richard Steven Hack is a know it all, there’s been some people on here who have out debated him on here and he gets real trolly about it after he gets owned.

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