'Cult' Canceled by CW and Replaced by 'Oh Sit' and 'The Carrie Diaries' Reruns

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April 10th, 2013


The CW has officially pulled the plug on Cult and has yanked the struggling drama from its Friday lineup after 7 episodes. There are no immediate plans to air the show's 6 remaining episodes. Filling its slot will be re-runs of The Carrie Diaries and Oh Sit. This news has been confirmed via series creator Rockne S. O'Bannon on Twitter:


  • evesix

    I know the ratings were terrible, but this show deserved more than this piece of embarassing sht called TCD…

  • Angellica .T.

    Dat would be dat soo called curs

  • Jarrod

    Wouldn’t it have been smart to air TCD after HOD and BATB after Nikita to see how these shows perform next year IF they’re possibly renewed? Just a consideration.

  • BigBrotherFan

    You know what? This show actually looked somewhat interesting. Although the two stars aren’t exactly huge names or anything, it was more like when you see Matthew Davis you be like: “Oh that’s the dude from……insert here….?” but I think he’s a great actor and I enjoyed many of the films he has been in. I do not watch the VAMPIRE DIARIES but I have DVD seasons if I want to. Poor Jessica Lucas can’t catch a BREAK!? Melrose Place, Friends With Benitits (that had something going for it much like Love Bites..more idiot NBC moves there!) and NOW CULT!!!???

    Worst luck, ever!

    If this show made it to episode 13 atleast I would of tuned in even if it was a 1 and out season….but now….? Yeah, not getting screwed over like I did with THE PLAYBOY CLUB, thanks!

  • BigBrotherFan

    I do have to say, and I hate to say this, the show had the CW’s full support from the start. Not sure what went wrong here? Was it as cheesey like the following can be at times (refering to FBI and idiot agents!),

  • SueP


    “They copied The Following.”

    The concept/script for Cult has been around since before the WB/UPN merger 7 years ago, so no, O’Bannon didn’t copy the following.

  • SueP


    “Poor Jessica Lucas can’t catch a BREAK!?”

    I know! Sad. Maybe she and Jason O’Mara could star in a pilot and cancel each others bad luck out? Two negatives make a positive? :)

  • Pavelsauce

    I’m surprised it took this long for it to be canceled. I’m guessing they had nothing to replace it with.

  • Meliwa

    @BigBrotherFan–the problem wasn’t two stars nobody had ever heard of. The problem with ‘Cult’ is that it’s a crappy show.

  • Other than THAT Mrs. Lincoln how was the play?

    Maybe Cult will become a Cult Classic? Or its remaining viewers will form a real cult and revitalize Heavens Gate?

  • Other than THAT Mrs. Lincoln how was the play?

    Im guessing a CULT movie is out of the question. LOL!

  • Richard Steven Hack

    Just to repeat: Anyone who thinks TCD has any chance of being renewed is a moron. This is a ratings site. Look at its ratings. End of story.

    Fam: “Cult was a great show with an original concept,”

    That statement establishes your level of intelligence. “Nuff said.

  • Carl

    Both WB and UPN had better shows than CW has had thus far! I thought the merger would have been a good thing!

  • BigBrotherFan


    haha! Yeah, really seems like she’s got that JASON O’MARA kiss of death thing going!

  • BigBrotherFan


    Thats too bad. I never watched it but the premise looked good!

  • wallaby2012

    I really enjoyed this show. It was intriguing. What a stupid decision – they should have aired the rest of the shows.

  • Joseph

    Once “Nikita” ends it’s season, that will be it for first-run scripted programs on Fridays over The CW.

    Next season, Fridays on the CW will be reality and/or reruns (as will Fridays on ABC, Fox, and NBC, although some of ABC’s and NBC’s Friday schedules will be newsmagazine shows).

    CBS will probably be the only English-language broadcast network showing firs6t-run scripted series in prime-time on Friday nights next season.

  • Joseph

    The Cancellation Bear has waited months for this moment!

  • pig_man

    Rats, now we’ll never know if Cult could have gotten a 0.0 rating in the 18-49 demo.

  • Wright

    Now for the love of God please cancel TCD!!!!

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