'General Hospital' 50th Anniversary Week Soars to Year-and-a-Half High in Women 25-54

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April 11th, 2013


via press release:

“General Hospital’s” 50th Anniversary Week Soars to Year-and-a-Half High in Women 25-54, Posting Double-Digit Year-to-Year Increases Across Key Demos


Friday’s Kick-Off of ‘Nurses’ Ball’ Sets 6-Week High in Women 18-49


Week’s #5 Most-Tweeted TV Series, Amassing 114,000 Tweets Across Activity

on ABC and SOAPnet; Page Views Spike by 77% on ABC.com with 2.1 Million



General Hospital


Kicking off its 50th anniversary celebration, “General Hospital” delivered its most-watched week in one-and-a-half years in Women 25-54 (918,000/1.5 rating – since 9/26/11), ranking a solid #2 for the week in the demo, and posting a 6-week high in Total Viewers (2.79 million – since week of 2/18/13) and 5-week high in Women 18-49 (660,000/1.0 rating – since week of 2/25/13).


“General Hospital” registered solid double-digit percent increases year to year across target demos, including by 25% in Total Viewers (2.79 million vs. 2.24 million), by 23% in Women 18-49 (660,000 vs. 538,000) and by 27% in Women 25-54 (918,000 vs. 722,000).


  • Friday’s kick-off of the ‘Nurses’ Ball’ ranked as the series’ most-watched telecast in 6 weeks in Women 18-49 (718,000/1.1 rating – since 2/18/13).


  • On ABC.com, the anniversary week amassed 2.1 million page views, up by a massive 77% over the prior two weeks.


  • On Twitter, “General Hospital” was the week’s #5 most-tweeted TV series, accumulating 114,000 tweets between social activity on ABC and SOAPnet.


Source: NTI, U.S. ratings, week of 4/1/13, Live + Same Day. ABC.com: Omniture page views. Social Media: SocialGuide, ranked among regular cable/broadcast series (excludes sports, specials).

  • Sean

    GO GH!!!!

  • moshane58

    Experted even higher but half to take what Nielsen says.Hope all the other are doing good,Go GH.We are still fighting ABC to keep you on.

  • TimsDale4ever

    Not to be a Debbie Downer, but if I were a fan of GH I would be VERY disappointed in these numbers. They averaged “almost” 3 million viewers in the last week of January this year, and you would think with all the hoopla surrounding the 50th anniversary they would have easily topped that. Oh well…..

  • Karen C

    I agree TimsDale. A 6 week high is nice, but overall disappointing with all the hoopla. ABC has to be disapponted. They must have been desperate to put a spin on it because they were touting W 25-54, and that is not their target demo.

  • James

    Yikes. Barely up[ from the week beforhand. Last week’s ratings were at 2,754,000. Now it’s only 2.79M. Very small increase. I expected 3 million or higher. Oh well.

  • JayTN

    TimsDale4Ever…I was actually thinking the same thing, but refrained from commenting, lest I be flamed as a “hater” (which has become a catch-all phrase for people whom you disagree with).

  • Jeff

    It’s also about time of year. I was hoping for more too, but statistically, more people watch TV at certain times of year, and this is not as high as December/January. Look, up 25% in ratings and demos year to year is huge, and all those visits to ABC.com, tell you a lot of people watched online. Given those have ads, which generate revenue, I think they should be looking at those ratings a lot more for all their shows, primetime, daytime, etc. Good job GH.

  • David

    You do all udnerstand that what matters is the key demos of 18-49 and 25-54. The 25-54 numbers increased to the highest in almost 2 years. But of course JayTN is here to do all his hating because god forbid he eat crow and admit GH is doing well. But keep hating Jay the numbers in the numbers that you always pointed out are what matters are huge.

    ABC bragging about those numbers is also a big thing but go for it haters because GH is here for a long time despite what you all say or think/

  • robert

    Not surprised. The 50th was a big event.

  • David

    @Karen C 25-54 is one of the key demos for daytime viewing. If you look at the press release CBS sent out this week as well they are also took about numbers being up in that same demo. So you are wrong in saying it is not one of the demos that matters it is.

  • David

    What is sad also is all the haters trying to make double digit gains out to be a bad thing.

    They had double-digit percent increases year-to-year across all key demos, including +25 percent in total viewers (2.79 million vs. 2.24 million), +23 percent in W18-49 and +27 percent in W25-54.

    That means from one year ago they are up in all those demos from a year ago. But you got to love the haters who want to try and make it out like this isn’t good news for GH.

  • JayTN

    I see Dumb David is back to his regular routine…get some new material, loser.

    Everyone is wrong except Dumb David, who is always right. In the same universe where up is down and water is dry.

    TimsDale4Ever, James, KarenC, and Jeff all make comments expressing disappointment about GH’s numbers and Dumb David decides to single my post – where I merely agreed with their sentiment – out.

    Of course, this is par for the course for Dumb David…you have to attack people when you have nothing left to say. Like predicting that GH would easily eclipse the 3 million viewer mark (wrong). Or that GH is imminently poised to overtake Y&R for #1 – in any category (wrong, again). Of course, Dumb David doesn’t want to dwell on these (wrong) predictions, instead grasping at straws like year-to-year improvement in order to spin his already arrived at conclusion that GH in “on fire”.

    I guess that the entire CBS Daytime line-up is “on fire” since it too is up from a year ago, in some cases by margins larger than that for GH. “Let’s Make a Deal” must be burning the place down since its two half-hours are up 23% and 20% in total viewers, up 29% and 25% in W25-54, and up 40% and 33% in W18-49. Heck, “Deal” even beats GH in total viewers.

    What is sad is how Dumb David is trying desperately to make it seem like he is right all the time. The only thing that Dumb David is always right about is how wrong he always is.

  • lizzie

    Loved the ball but very sad Robert was not there he belong’s with Anna.Also sad that nobody seems to care he is in a coma very strange not to see Anna or Mac sect not be sad or mention him at the ball or at least visit him.

  • lizzie

    Robert Scorpio we need you now, would be nice if he was ever mentioned by his family very sad Anna and Mac act like he did’nt exsist .she loves him more then duke weird.

  • GHnomore

    Let’s see how long the ratings will stay up. NB was boring as hell and what they did with Britt was disrespecful to Robin. Shame on them!

  • Sophie

    I’ve been loving GH alot the last few months. They are doing a great job on the show! They treat there vets so well, unlike Days who treat them aweful! I’m so proud of GH… WAY TO GO!!!!

  • Troy Turner

    @Jay-you can stop your complaining anytime now-what part of 18 month highs don’t you understand?

  • Matt

    Does ANYONE understand how much 2.8 million is compared to last year? Yeah, I kind of expected more for the anniversary, but, guess what, these ratings are THRU THE ROOF compared to last year. GH is up 500,000+ viewers compared to last year and these 25-54 and 18-49 ratings/demos are way up too. Remember Friday was the START of the Nurses Ball, and there is still Monday and Tuesday to go. Plus, with ALL of the surprises and twists and returns that have occurred in the past couple of days, with more to come, GH will be up more…

  • Wow

    I agree with you, Matt, and like other people have mentioned, this does not inside online viewership and soapnet! Since I work, I watch online…and wonder if I actually get counted….probably not!

  • Wow

    Opps….should be “this does not include online viewership…”

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