'Revolution' Preempted Tonight for News Coverage of Boston Marathon Bombing

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April 15th, 2013


NBC will preempt tonight's scheduled episode of Revolution for a news special about the explosions during today's Boston marathon, TV Line reports. ABC and FOX may pre-empt some programming as well, while CBS plans to air its regular schedule. More details when they become available.

  • The End


    Calm dude buddy, and tell us what has made you so upset?

  • Michael


    The Voice isn’t LIVE yet. This is the battle rounds, which was filmed like 2 months ago.

  • Petar Ivanov

    @Chris who said:
    I respect NBC’s decision tonight. Hey, Revolution is great, but it’s extremely violent, especially by network television standards. Therefore, in the wake of a tragedy like what happened in Boston, airing such a show is simply too disturbing. It would be for me

    The following is more violent than revolution. As cbs criminal minds.

  • TVDude

    Is this nationwide, I literally just saw a commercial (on NBC) saying there was a new Revolution tonight. If they aren’t airing it, that’s really sloppy of our local network.

    I understand the situation, I’m just saying, why not cut the Revolution ad out?

  • Just Now

    @The End
    Suliet appears to have left the building, the news media is milking this tragedy or perhaps the Peacock network. I agree Revolution may be to violent at times and perhaps a good move by NBC not to air because of this tragedy.. However H50, the following are violent shows.

  • joel

    Good call by NBC. Reschedule Revolution away from the competition of a new H50 and a new Castle while giving viewers a distinct alternative to those two shows.

  • The End

    @Just Now

    Sometimes it’s best to just not assign logic to the actions of some networks, Fox and CBS will do what they feel is best for them, regardless of public opinion. That’s just how things are. However if people are looking for something else Scifi besides Revolution, Defiance is worth a shout on Syfy tonight.

  • Petar Ivanov

    @I understand the situation, I’m just saying, why not cut the Revolution ad out?

    NO TIME. I guess they take fast decisions at the moment that is why. I guess during the voice they will air news ads.

  • Ephram

    Looks like BONES is pre-empted (at least in CT).

  • Petar Ivanov

    @So you call CBS “barbarians” for not preempting their lineup for even more news coverage? What a load of crap. Is the other networks not enough for you? Idiot.

    NOPE. I call people who want to entertain during day like this barbarian. I guess the same people want their shows on day like 9/11 too. It has days where you should think what happen and pray for people. That is. Its ne day. Events or tragedy are once per year. May be less. People can take one they off for their favorite shows.

  • CraveRecords

    To everyone saying NBC thinks this will get higher ratings than Revolution:

    Usually, they don’t sell advertising during live news coverage. So why would ratings matter? At worst, it’s a one hour commercial for NBC News.

    NBC is usually the highest rated of the Big 4 when special news events like State of the Union airs…probably because the NBC news department covers events like this when the other stations don’t.

  • Just Now

    The End
    I like Revolution. I have listened to the news and this tragedy all afternoon. I am not interested in Defiance, not my type of SyFy. I can watch DALLAS. My heart goes out to the victims and I will pray for their families. However thank you for your consideration.

  • joel

    Who cares about NBC News ratings? What they are doing is trading tonight’s Revolution ratings for new Revolution ratings in the future against potentially lesser competition.

  • The End

    @Just Now

    Yeah, today has been really shocking. I gave my thoughts on the Sunday ratings release topic. All you can really say is Why? Why would someone/people do something so evil? It’s nothing but senseless violence that has caused catastrophic results. Some people are truly evil.

    Speaking of Dallas, pretty certain we’l be seeing a renewal announcement in the new future.

  • Billiam

    @Petar Ivanov

    Yes, it is a horrible thing to have happened but I’ve been watching ever since 10 minutes after it happened and there has been very little news. The only thing that is happening tonight is that the FBI will be speaking at 8:30, in just 15 mins. So, yes, I agree. NBC is exploiting this for ratings they would not usually get… They can just as easily break in IF new information is passed along. Are they pre-empting even on the Pacific coast? If so, that is ridiculous… I will be asleep by 1 am Boston time… and we definitely won’t learn anything new at that time.

  • rick

    do us a favor: just cancel revolution all together. thanks

  • The End

    @do us a favor: just cancel revolution all together. thanks

    You don’t speak for everyone. Nor will the show be canceled.

  • Billiam

    >>NBC is usually the highest rated of the Big 4 when special news events like State of the Union airs>>

    Yeah, NBC should be renamed Barack TV… sorry, I couldn’t resist.

    OK. to be fair, NBC would get better ratings for Revolution when an event like this isn’t happening.

    Idisagree about sponsor dollars, though. The other networks are now playing their commercials (spots) now that there is very little information and NBC will do the same. They are also worried about image. Unlike me, who doesn’t give a squat what you think of me, NBC can only survive if their sponsors consider to think of them in a positive way. So, Like Barack, they have the façade of “caring”… I couldn’t resist their either!!

  • Just Now


    Or is short for Dick.
    RVL a lock 4 renewal.

  • Nick

    ABC is preempting the first 25 minutes of Jimmy Kimmel Live in NYC.

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