'Revolution' Preempted Tonight for News Coverage of Boston Marathon Bombing

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April 15th, 2013


NBC will preempt tonight's scheduled episode of Revolution for a news special about the explosions during today's Boston marathon, TV Line reports. ABC and FOX may pre-empt some programming as well, while CBS plans to air its regular schedule. More details when they become available.

  • David

    Here in Boston the CBS affiliate WBZ TV moved CBS Network programming to their sister station WSBK TV 38.

    The ABC Affiliate WCVB TV moved it to their subchannel 5.2 which is my tv Boston and available on many cable systems

    The NBC affiliate WHDH TV only stated that they would be informing everyone as to when they would air the Voice

    The local Fox affiliate stuck with news coverage and has given no information on if/when they will air tonights episodes of Bones and The Following.

  • Chris

    Thanks David, I was wondering where to find my shows!

  • Billiam

    Thanks, David. Prayers go out to those in your town.

  • Colin

    That’s dumb… Air the news at 11…

  • NCJeff

    Yes, let’s go wall to wall with coverage when we don’t really know anything yet. Fill the broadcast with speculation. How about they wait for some actual facts to come in first?

  • Dahne

    Pre-empting Revolution makes a lot of sense especially when the whole episode is about finding a bomb.

  • Billiam


    Yes, not even the FBI news conference actually revealed anything. They should have just said “Comment.’ instead of wasting 15 minutes.

  • Billiam

    I meant… ‘No comment…’

  • Billiam


    OK. Yes, that makes a lot of sense. Sorry. I was not aware the ep was about a bomb. I never saw the previews.

  • Just Now

    RVL will air 4/22/2013.

    @Riduculous show guy.
    Yep it may be ridiculous show, but tell me what tv show is not. RVL is a show that some find entertaining. I don;t get it, if you don’t watch a show why do you care if it gets renewed or not . I don’t watch Castle or H50 but I don’t say negative things about them. Renew the shows not going to effect me. I DVR all the shows I watch. I will start watching Dallas at 830pm CT

  • David

    Thanks Billiam it has been a rough day. Had a few cousins that were in town. One who was right near where one of the explosions happened. Thankfully all got home safely.

    I am surprised the Fox affiliate has said nothing about regular programming. All the other networks have addressed with the exception of WFXT Fox Boston. I know its really not important at this point but some people I am sure would at least like to know when the programming will air

  • Chris

    Is Boston’s FOX affiliate going to re air the following? Does FOX.com air them?

  • David

    @Chris there has been no news out of Fox in regard to The Following. I know they put it on Fox On Demand which is on Comcast not sure about other cable providers. My issue with that is I am a couple episodes behind looks like I will have to get caught up and catch this episode on demand. Just strange they are the only ones who have not said anything about preemptions. Just doesnt feel right to contact them asking about it considering what is going on

  • Billiam

    David, maybe they were waiting to see if anything new came out of the press conference, which nothing did. Everyone is being very tight-lipped, I’m sure at the President’s insistence. And, that was not meant as a negative. If I were him, I’d want to be careful before talking too, after the way the country treated George W after 9/11.

    These things take time and when we are in these situations, we are so used to having fast information when/where we want it, it is almost unbareable when we can’t get any info. It started when CNN broadcast the first Gulf War. We got used to it and now we demand it as a nation.

    I am watching Dallas on TV but flipping to news channels during commercial breaks… so, even I am starved for new information.

    Also, we can’t expect them to give out information before all families involved are notified and found. If I were a family member, I’d expect them to notify me before anyone else. It is terrible to hear about your loved one on TV.

    I make snide remarks here a lot but I am human too.

  • Ultima


    FOX will repeat The Following Saturday at 11:00pm; if DVRing, make sure to account from overrun from the UFC event.

  • Chris


    Thanks, found it in my guide. Thanks for the tip on the overrun!

  • Petar Ivanov


    Of cource i forgot about that. Sneak peak name of this episode was:
    Chasing a Nuke to Atlanta and they shout find that bomb.

  • David

    @Ultima thanks for that info. I knew they had been repeating it at 9pm EST on Saturdays but saw UFC listed this week so assumed it wasn’t on. Didn’t even think about checking for later. Just set my DVR. Not saying we don’tneed to know or this shouldn’t be reported on its just the constant coverage can be too much after hours of it. Again not unsympathetic just saying it sometimes is just too much especially when there is nothing new to say

  • Billiam


    Well, with the title and content of the ep, I owe you an apology.

    Sometimes, my dry humor gets the best of me. It was the only thing that kept me going when I was deathly ill…

    I respect you for wanting to watch the news but not all of us want to watch the same thing over and over again all night. Nothing new has been revealed in the past three hours and yes, I keep checking. So, what does NBC think they can contribute?? I may be surprised tomorrow morning if NBC is who discovers who is behind the attack and announced it during Revolutions time-slot. This time, I’m not joking. Anything is possible. After all, I got a kidney transplant so if someone like me can beat death, anything can happen!!!

  • Eugene

    Idiotic move, NBC is still lost in the pre-internet days, when we all had to wait for the networks. If NBC News thinks everyone already hasn’t had their fill of this tragedy by 10pm tonight, they’re dreaming. Way to piss off your few remaining viewers for literally no good reason.

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