'Revolution' Preempted Tonight for News Coverage of Boston Marathon Bombing

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April 15th, 2013


NBC will preempt tonight's scheduled episode of Revolution for a news special about the explosions during today's Boston marathon, TV Line reports. ABC and FOX may pre-empt some programming as well, while CBS plans to air its regular schedule. More details when they become available.

  • Blu

    Ummm put revolution back on?? With today’s tech we know more than yall before yall post it. Don’t mess up my show…

  • zth

    @Eugene, @Blu:

    The episode of Revolution would have been about finding a bomb.

    There was NO WAY NBC could have aired it tonight.

  • Edward

    Tonight’s episode of Revolution was about a nuclear bomb being set in a city. No wonder they pre-empted it.

  • TVGeek

    We have seen news coverage all day…all they are doing are exploiting the whole situation and not going over any new information. Why gratify the bombers sadist desire by giving him so much attention. Its a horrible thing that happened, but I think the victims need their privacy and unless you can tell me something NEW like who the bomber was I DO NOT CARE!!!! The postponement is pointless…more coverage so the bomber can watch and see how much his work has affected everyone…he must love the news coverage. Great job NBC…you’re right idoits

  • Petar Ivanov


    No problem my friend. We are ok.

  • Petar Ivanov


    The problem is with revolution timing and storyline. As both man before me said it: Tonight’s episode of Revolution was about a nuclear bomb being set in a city. There was NO WAY NBC could have aired it tonight.

  • alffan

    NBC did the right thing for more than one reason. I like Revolution too but have no desire to watch it tonight. I think NBC has enough available hours between now and May 27 to make it up.

  • Blu

    So what yall want NBC to show that if you bomb us they get all the media attention? Seems like that would want to make people do it more

  • Hoose71

    What happened is a tragedy, but putting on a special news report that doesn’t give you any more info that you’ve probably heard all day… really? If your interested you’ll turn into CNN, Fox News, the internet or how about maybe your local news??? I think they *MIGHT* say a thing or two about it as well. Anyone directly affected by todays event aren’t going to be making sure to get home by nine to see a special report. NBC milking it for all they can… tacky.

    God bless those affected by this tragedy, and I hope they catch whomever is responsible.

  • Lisa

    Ordinarily, I would have been all for NBC airing Revolution as usual, but considering the content of the episode… no. Just, no. I don’t see this decision as NBC exploiting the situation; it’s more like plugging a sudden schedule gap with appropriate programming. Anyone who doesn’t want to watch it can simply tune in to a different channel or not watch TV at that time.

  • Hoose71

    If that were the case, they could have plugged that gap with a repeat of something else. Not a rehash of uninformative news coverage, I know since I sat through that mess hoping they had something new to report.

    Defiance had a bomb in their episode as well, shame on Syfy. I bet no other shows tonight had anyone getting killed.

  • bjssp


    Uh, NO! The episode of Revolution that was going to air tonight was about a bomb. Seems like it would have been slightly inappropriate to put it on, no?

  • Johnny

    All of the networks pre-empted their shows in the Boston area market tonight.

  • bjssp

    NBC’s decision to preempt Revolution was because the episode involved characters trying to find a bomb. That’s it. There was no special motive, other than trying to respect the victims and not invite a huge amount of criticism that it could have easily avoided.

  • I Rebel

    Why are you preempting Revolution? If I want to watch your boring version of the bomb I’ll turn to CNN News. There is not much to talk about anyways. All they do is surmise everything could of would of. Leave the News channels for the News and regular channels for my shows please.

  • I Rebel

    Why do they think that it would be insensitive to go with the show?? Somewhere on earth there is a bombing or people dieing…. Maybe your channel shouldn’t have any show with that kind of content in them. You might offend someone heaven forbid… Maybe a more adult channel should be picking up these shows and let fox and NBC stick with their reality shows it is more their speed.

  • Anna Bones Clarkwood

    First off my heart goes out to all the victims & their families.

    Secondly my heart goes out to all the nameless/faceless victims & their families all over the world who don’t get regular programming preempted just b/c it didn’t happen in the U.S. or was a big enough deal.

    Thirdly, NBC was right that they had to preempt this episode, just like a few shows had to do for Sandy Hook. So, even though we probably won’t get any updates, it’s better than this particular episode or even a repeat.

    Now, to elaborate on point 2. All over the world, mostly in “third world/developing countries but also, tragedies like this are happening daily. For many, this type of events are not news but everyday life. True, in the 1st world Nation’s this isn’t common at all and yeah, bombs aren’t the everyday occurrence. But, there are wars going on everyday, for a long time now. It’s not just Iraq/Afghanistan/Israel. Where is the news coverage of all of that? Certainly not front page/preempt regular programming hours after the event, when all immediate info has been transmitted. Since, these people are at war daily it seems as if news coverage just keeps it way at the back burner in small blurbs, if that. Not only is it the war but it is also things like famine & diseases. Instead, only if it happens to the local/nation does the news coverage occur & even then, eventually it also gets backburnered. The U.S. has high rates of hunger & other tragedies that 3rd world countries deal with. Take this Boston tragedy out of the picture & we are most worried about things directly related to $ such as security for when we retire & our unemployment & our houses. Those are 1st world problems. The 3rd world is more concerned about their next meal & how are they going to die (famine, disease, war, land mine etc). I wish the regular news would cover more World News esp from those 3rd World Countries instead of local small crimes or fluff pieces. They can even mix in good news like featuring charities & innovators that esp help 3rd world nations.

    So, IMO, programming should only be preempted if the actual storyline is tragic or it is breaking news. Otherwise, there are dedicated news channels, not to mention lots of online sources & regular news hours. And, these news hours shouldn’t be half assing their job. They should really be covering what’s really going on in the world, as it really is. Yes, lots of it is sad everyday for billions but it is also happy b/c of all that is being innovated that is also being mostly ignored by the regular news media.

  • MacBros

    YEa, just so they can loop the same footage over and over all night to give the people who are responsible their rocks of on their disgusting work. News media feeds off this just as much as the terrorists do.

  • JacobYates

    This was just awful. Kudos to NBC for doing this. I’m praying for the victims and their families and I pray that the people responsible are brought to justice.

  • Patrick Ausgewahlt

    When they aired the Hurricane Sandy Special it was sustained. This had very limited commercials, which was just two Geico commercials and a lot of plugging my local affiliate’s news. I respect NBC preempting Revolution. Given the circumstances. I also respect CBS for allowing me to watch HIMYM to get away from the tragedy for a bit

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