'Revolution' Preempted Tonight for News Coverage of Boston Marathon Bombing

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April 15th, 2013


NBC will preempt tonight's scheduled episode of Revolution for a news special about the explosions during today's Boston marathon, TV Line reports. ABC and FOX may pre-empt some programming as well, while CBS plans to air its regular schedule. More details when they become available.

  • rgxx

    Last nite NBC promoted REVOLUTION all-new NEXT MONDAY….sooo – now how will they play this out?

    Short us an episode this season and play it next season?

    Set up a 2 -hour episode on Memeorial Day or between now & Memorial Day? – (which is unlikely with the Voice!)

    Have 2 episodes in one week?

    Run series into June?

    Other options?…can’t think of any others!

  • rgxx

    Probably good REVOLUTION was pre-empted – it is a violent show at times….sooo, yea.

  • todd35

    I was disapointed that they showed even more coverage of the bombing… It was on pretty much all the networks for most of the day, and I was looking fowared to some entertainment to get my mind off of it. Oh well, at least I had Hawaii Five 0 to fall on.

  • cimmer

    Considering the lack of facts they have so far I don’t think I would have preempted a show for news coverage. I might have run info along the bottom of the screen if anything new came in and maybe done a news break in the middle but maybe people appreciated it.

  • lj hamilton

    Yes, let’s exploit a tragedy so the people that caused it get EXACTLY 2hat they want. If something good happens there’s a one -two minute interview if something bad happens you hear about it for months.

  • Wallaby1012

    That’s what cable networks are for – Entertainment – did anyone really stay on NBC to watch Brian Williams spew his progressive slanted crap?

  • Sandy

    Stupid!! There is 24 hour news today!! What about this episode of Revolution?

  • Lou

    The networks make millions off of airing specials on terrible things happening in this world and it just feeds the fire of the terrorists and wackos out there. Whoever did this is sitting back watching all of this and throwing a party, they are trying to spread fear, and more fear gets spread, the more coverage it gets by the media. We shouldn’t even know the name of the phycho that shot up people in Denver or a Sandy Hook. It’s a shame, the media is a pawn to these evil people but they can’t help themselves because there is so much money to be made off of it and careers to embellish.

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