Will 'The Following' Beat 'Revolution'? - Poll

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April 15th, 2013

Revolution April 1

It's the battle of the formerly red hot Monday night dramas whose ratings have fallen to earth. At the beginning of their respective seasons, both Revolution and The Following scored above 3.0 in adults 18-49. For the past two weeks both shows have tied with a 2.2 adults 18-49 rating. Will this trend continue or will one show battle its way to victory? Make your predictions then discuss what Joe Carroll would do if he found himself in a dystopian future without electrical power.

  • lukas

    tonight, “The Following – 2.5, Revolution – 1.8

  • Maximillian

    The Following is wrapping up the season so I bet they will have more viewers the next few weeks. Revolution has been ‘meh’ at best since coming back, and they are fresh into the second half of the season. I could see them dropping more this week.

  • BigBrotherFan


  • lukas

    Rewolutniej exists only through ‘the voice’

  • Ryan

    The Following sux such a stupid show Revolution is a much better show

  • lukas

    Rewolution* exists only through ‘the voice’

  • DKD

    I think Syfy’s Defiance premiere may cut into both. They won’t tie at the hundredths of a point level, but you don’t look at that. They could tie, both with lower levels, at the tenth of a point.

  • s0303

    revolution is awful and would be in danger of being cancelled if it wasn’t for the voice…now that the auditions are over on the voice, the ratings will probably fall a little, which means revolution will probably fall also…the following will win tonight…

  • John A

    Both shows arent great but i hope the following beats that crap Revolution.

  • Sergio

    Those two shows dont even paly at the same timeslot.. why are you comparing?

  • Colin

    More interesting is Revolution vs. Defiance

  • BigFlop

    more interesting is Revolution vs. H50

  • Dan S

    I’m leaning the other way & thinking Revolution will edge out The Following. True TF is nearing the end of the season but the competition is lighter for RVN IMO & of course it has a much stronger lead in. I watch both shows & always hope they’ll do well in their respective timeslots.

  • Justin121

    ‘The Following’ Will Beat ‘Revolution’

    By like a 0.1.

  • Pepper

    The Following will win over Revolution, but Revolution will probably still beat H50

  • Jack Bauer

    Revolution should definitely beat the crap out of The Following.

  • Fourat

    i like both of them but revolution is way better

  • Lisa

    Two of my favorite shows, so I hope they both go up and tie again.

  • Seth

    2.3 vs 2.3….a tie!

  • AppleStinx

    Without electrical power, Joe Carroll would have to find a grass-roots following a la Robin Hood. He could get a good start by killing every character remotely connected with ‘Revolution’. ‘The Following’ wins.

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