Cable Top 25: 'Duck Dynasty' Tops Cable Viewership for the Week Ending April 14, 2013

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April 16th, 2013

Duck Dynasty Cast

Duck Dynasty topped cable viewership for the week with 7.820 million viewers. Game of Thrones was the highest rated scripted program with 4.724 million viewers.

Rank Shows Net Day Time Viewers Live +SD (000)
1 DUCK DYNASTY A&E Wed 10:00P-10:30P 7820
2 WWE ENTERTAINMENT USA Mon 09:00P-10:00P 4783
3 GAME OF THRONES HBOM Sun 09:03P-09:54P 4724
4 WWE ENTERTAINMENT USA Mon 10:00P-11:07P 4564
5 DUCK DYNASTY A&E Wed 10:30P-11:01P 4561
6 WWE ENTERTAINMENT USA Mon 08:00P-09:00P 4492
8 SWAMP PEOPLE HIST Thu 09:00P-10:00P 4114
9 TOY STORY 3 DSNY Sun 08:00P-09:50P 3994
10 TOY STORY DSNY Sat 09:00A-10:30A 3792
11 2013 MTV MOVIE AWARDS MTV Sun 09:00P-11:17P 3771
12 TOY STORY 2 DSNY Sun 09:00A-10:40A 3755
13 TOY STORY DSNY Fri 08:00P-09:30P 3638
14 SPONGEBOB NICK Sat 10:30A-11:00A 3622
16 BIG BANG THEORY, THE TBSC Sat 10:30P-11:00P 3444
17 VIKINGS HIST Sun 10:00P-11:01P 3422
18 NCIS USA Wed 08:00P-09:00P 3401
19 DUCK DYNASTY A&E Wed 11:01P-11:31P 3392
20 SPONGEBOB NICK Tue 07:00P-07:30P 3365
21 BIG BANG THEORY, THE TBSC Sat 10:00P-10:30P 3350
22 SPONGEBOB NICK Thu 06:30P-07:00P 3270
23 SPONGEBOB NICK Sat 10:00A-10:30A 3253
24 BIG BANG THEORY, THE TBSC Sat 09:30P-10:00P 3247
25 DUCK DYNASTY A&E Wed 09:30P-10:00P 3226


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  • AJ

    Go Disney and Game of Thrones!!!

  • Taylor Lautner

    I’m so happy because Taylor Lautner winns MTV Movie Awards!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nathan

    Poor Disney. They know the only thing that can beat that beast Sponge is Toy Story repeats…

  • Binaldi

    Well if repeating spongbob does well what’s wrong with repeating toy story and plus disney didnt show anything new, and poor nickelodeon for not getting 2 million views on new shows on a saturday

  • Nathan

    Actually Wendell & Vinnie has gotten over 2 million views on some of its recent episodes. So, with that said, please check your facts.

    Second, the recent premiere of MvA got over 2 million views.

    Third, new Spongebob episodes premiere over 2 million (and repeats)

    TMNT repeats on Saturday morning get over 2 million, and at teams peak at 3 million, and sometimes, even a little higher.

    Fourth, The Legend of Korra, which is new, slays everything on Saturday.

    It’s going to be funny when this network rolls out a bunch of new shows this Fall, and come on, we already know Sam & Cat will destroy every Disney show in the ratings. Plus, with new management, and a strategic plan for the future, I see Nick climbing its way back up starting this Summer.

  • jamie

    @Nathan, you don’t know what’s going to happen in the future. With Disney’s current lineup of hit shows and Sickelodeon cancelling all their shows and airing new content that has yet to make an impact, we don’t know what will happen. Plus Disney has even bigger events planned in the Summer as well.

    Oh and congrats to “Duck Dynasty” for topping the top 25 this week.

  • Nathan

    “Disney has even bigger events planned in the summer as well”

    Oh really? Name these big events Jamie? As I said before, Nickelodeon has made a strategic plan for the rest of the year, that will further provide the post-millennials with great content, across all their platforms.

    Also, “Sickelodeon” beat the mouse, in its core key demo, K2-11, and had a dramatic increase in total viewers, in 1Q13.

    I was in the wrong, for responding to Binaldi about “total viewers”, because those numbers barely matter to advertisers. What matters is demos, something Nickelodeon is increasing in, especially in the K2-11 category.

    Also, an FYI: In a press release from Disney in either February or March 2013, Disney said they were projected//pacing to beat Nickelodeon in the K2-11 category for the first quarter. News flash, they didn’t. Nickelodeon fought back, and fought back hard.

  • jamie

    “Also, “Sickelodeon” beat the mouse, in its core key demo, K2-11, and had a dramatic increase in total viewers, in 1Q13.”

    When? Cause it certainly wasn’t last week:tvbythenumbers.zap2it.com/2013/04/09/disney-channel-sweeps-total-day/177245/

  • nickrocks

    gosh aren’t you stupid. Last week doesn’t reflect the whole quarter. Get your head screwed on right. Nickelodeon still won the quarter.

  • jamie

    @nickrocks I don’t need to respond to your nonsense. Disney is currently beating Sickelodeon.

  • bluegrassbetty

    If Duck Dynasty is #1 in ratings it just shows how pathetic and crude the TV viewers are. A very sad commentary of our nation’s intellect.

  • Kaylie

    @Nathan For one, Disney has the Phineas and Ferb: Team Marvel movie where they will team up with the Marvel superheroes and save the town. Disney usually saves their best things for the Summer and even with Sam & Cat, Disney still has the dominant GLC, Austin & Ally & plenty other shows.

  • Nathan

    You idiot. We are currently in 2Q13. 1Q13 ended at the end of March. Why are you on this site if you clearly do not know the science behind ratings, & quarters? Like nickrocks said, Nickelodeon won 1Q13, in a key core demo, that Disney wants. Read my full comment next time, because I CLEARLY STATED all the info YOU needed to know, before you start yippering about how Disney is #1.

    I have facts to back up my argument. You & others are using lame excuses. such as how GLC, and A&A are so dominant, when I’m clearly not talking about that anymore.

  • i luv nickelodeon

    Phinese and ferb has been going down lately even repeats don’t do that good. The marvel special mught do good but not as big as they did before. GLC and SIUP are ending soon so basically the best shows will leave. A&A is doing good and i think that will be the only show left for disney that will give good ratings for a short period of time. Ant farm, dog witg blog, and other shows are dying.

    Now nickeldeon needs to get rid of Marvin marvin and bring back How to rock. They also need better work on their scheduling. THEY ALSO SHOULD PROMOTE EVERYTHING OR ANYTHING THAT’S NEW.

    Anynody know what FOP got?

  • Rebecca

    I think it’s awesome that reruns of TBBT rank so high on cable. Too bad Cougar Town isn’t on the list, though, with their season finale last week.

  • AJ

    @ Nathan,

    The point is, Disney is kicking Nickelodeon’s ass.

  • nickrocks

    really, AJ. I will completely disagree with you on that. Was there a single Disney SHOW on this list. NOPE! Instead they had to rely on Toy Stories to get their high ratings–just goes to show Disney Channel sucks without their Disney movies. Their only good show-GLC is ending soon and their other good shows, Phineas and Ferb and Gravity Falls, have been slipping in the ratings. This leaves the other suckish Disney shows left. So I am sorry, but Disney is far from beating Nickelodeon, which will be premiering Legend of Korra soon, which will slay all ratings everywhere.

  • nickrocks

    You’re a real piece of work.

  • AJ


    WRONG!!! Nick’s live action shows can’t even pass the 2 million mark unlike Disney; its live action shows reach high 3 millions to mid 4 millions, Nick hasn’t been able to pull that off for MONTHS. Not even Victorious passed the 3 million on its last episode. Poor Sickelodeon has to air crappy Spongebob episodes in order to get decent ratings. Monster Vs. Aliens WAS A HUGE FLOP. Don’t give me that crap. DISNEY IS BETTER.

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