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April 16th, 2013

the voice season 4 premiere

The Voice seems unstoppable this season, growing in adults 18-49 ratings from week-to-week. Mondays tend to be far stronger for the show than Tuesdays , but tonight the show benefits from weaker than usual competition because CBS is airing a rerun of NCIS: Los Angeles at 8PM. Last week, The Voice earned a 4.4 adults 18-49 rating while facing off against a new NCIS. Yesterday, the first night of the Battle Rounds scored a 5.1 adults 18-49 rating. How do you think it will do tonight? Make your prediction!

  • Michael

    4.5 18-49!

  • matt


  • Riii

    Definately not as high as the two hour show. But it should get something around 4.6-4.7. And it will probably be adjusted up two tenths as it has happend in last few weeks on Tuesdays.

  • Oliver

    …more interestingly, how low will Ready for Love go?

  • PW

    why NBC dont put it on 5 nights a week so they can rude it like who wants to be a millionare………..

  • American

    Up some, doubt it’ll beat last night, but I’m ashamed to say I didn’t watch last night but I will tonight, so there’s that!

  • Bob

    4.1 because the fun is over with the turning chairs. The rest is BORING!!!

  • maplab98


  • Ricardo

    The real question is: why isn’t NBC using this monster ratings to launch something new like… I don’t know… a certain serial killer show that was unceremoniously dumped on Thursdays.

    What a joke.

  • Justin121

    4.8 final rating.

  • Hubert R. Wentland

    Im sure if they aired it at 9 PM, that Parents-something-consul-or-whatever would have its attention caught on it. NBC would be ‘warned’ to better not air it before 10 PM. (of course they could ignore them like CBS did with S#!t My Dad Says, but I think such a drama belongs to 10 PM),

  • Sammas

    but it’s not like they can’t air The Voice at 9, then Hannibal at 10

  • rgxx

    Hmmm – taking out Cee-Lo may be good. These 4 have great chemistry…

  • rgxx

    @PW – they already repeat The Voice on Sat & Sun – so it’s on 4 days already.

  • Melissa

    Splash – 1.4
    Dancing With the Stars – 2.1
    Body of Proof – 1.5

    NCIS: Los Angeles (R) – 1.6
    NCIS (R) – 1.8
    Golden Boy – 1.5

    The Voice – 4.7
    Ready for Love – 1.5

    Hell’s Kitchen – 2.0
    New Girl (R) – 1.2
    The Mindy Project (R) – 1.0

    Hart of Dixie – 0.6
    America’s Next Top Model (R) – 0.3

  • Joseph


  • todd35

    Since nothing else is on tonight I think the voice will be above 5.

    @Melissa “Golden Boy 1.5″ LOL very optimistic… Same with “Ready for Love”

  • Nick

    Splash – 1.3
    Dancing With the Stars – 2.1
    Body of Proof – 1.5

    NCIS: Los Angeles (R) – 1.5
    NCIS (R) – 1.7
    Golden Boy – 1.4

    The Voice – 4.8
    Ready for Love – 1.2

    Hell’s Kitchen – 2.0
    New Girl (R) – 1.1
    The Mindy Project (R) – 0.9

    Hart of Dixie – 0.6
    America’s Next Top Model (R) – 0.3

  • Phill

    This is the best Voice season by far! it only gonna get better.

  • Melissa


    “Golden Boy 1.5? LOL very optimistic… Same with “Ready for Love”

    Considering Golden Boy has notched a 1.5 with an encore lead-in before, and it got that same rating last week, I don’t think that’s “very optimistic” at all actually. As for Ready for Love, my reasoning is that since I expect The Voice to be noticeably higher tonight, I’m guessing that Ready for Love will at least stay flat.

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