Monday Final Ratings: 'The Voice', 'Rules of Engagement', 'How I Met Your Mother' & '2 Broke Girls' Adjusted Up; 'Castle' & 'Terror in Boston' Adjusted Down

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April 16th, 2013

The Voice April 2 usher Shakira

The Voice , How I Met Your Mother, Rules of Engagement,  and 2 Broke Girls were each adjusted up a tenth  while Castle and Terror In Boston were each adjusted down a tenth among adults 18-49 versus Monday's preliminary ratings.

Want to know why adjustments occur to the preliminary ratings? Read this.

Final Monday broadcast primetime ratings for Monday, April 15, 2013

Time Net Show 18-49 Rtg/Shr Viewers (millions)
8:00 NBC The Voice (8-10PM) 5.2/14 14.45
CBS How I Met Your Mother 2.7/8 6.58
ABC Dancing With the Stars (8-10:01PM) 2.2/6 13.40
FOX Bones 1.9/5 6.56
CW Oh Sit! - Season Premiere 0.4/1 0.94
8:30 CBS Rules of Engagement 2.1/6 6.11
9:00 CBS 2 Broke Girls 2.4/6 7.54
FOX The Following 2.1/5 6.36
CW 90210 0.2/1 0.55
9:30 CBS Mike & Molly 2.2/5 7.76
10:00 NBC Terror In Boston 3.0/8 8.83
ABC Castle (10:01-11Pm) 2.0/5 10.18
CBS Hawaii Five-0 1.8/5 7.65

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  • Tim

    OMG, I hope they don’t move H50 to Fridays 9 pm, because it will hurt BB a lot. This dumb remake cannot be a lead in for anything,

  • Jamie

    H50 has had a syndication deal with TNT since 2011.

  • tvlog

    CW! Oh Sit! Dumb ideas! Ask Kenny Rosen making do over of his version of Game theory show which CBS sued him over copy infringement! If you changed something! Survivor sued Big Brother in Netherlands 1999 before they came to CBS 2000! ~ Why are you suing something you have no control!

  • aiden

    Shakira is much better than christina for the show…LATIN POWER BABYA

  • JR35

    But, Aguilera is Latina, too. :) (that Shakira is a more likable personality doesn’t hurt, though)

  • Steve

    Rules continues to do well…….I hope CBS gives it another season.

  • 728huey

    Those numbers for The Voice are phenomenal, but I’m not convinced the show is a monster yet. Some people were making jokes about NBC renewing Terror In Boston for next season, but NBC should put together some hastily made show about monkeys throwing poop or barfing beer drinkers and put that on after The Voice. If those kinds of shows could draw a 3.0 after The Voice, then that show is truly a monster.

  • Anna Bones Clarkwood

    @brutony & all H50/CSI:LV doomsayers,

    1. Every year CBS is going to want to debut “3” new dramas, esp for the near future.

    2. Right now, H50 is 3% lower than CSI:LV for 5/6 HIGHEST DRAMA.

    3. Of returning dramas, the cancellation battle remains big enough cushion for H50/CSI:LV.

    A. Blue Bloods is actually the lowest of the returning dramas, more than a “Friday Factor”, it’s def @ CSI:NY levels & thus almost guaranteed to leave next year, unless next year they don’t renew any NEW dramas.

    B. The Good Wife & The Mentalist both survived mostly b/c only Elementary was renewed. Otherwise they are also on the chopping block.

    C. Since there are already 3 shows b4 we get to H50/CSI:LV & of course the fact that most likely at least one or 2 NEW dramas won’t be renewed, H50 & CSI:LV basically have to really fall & the 3 above have to really rise both by a significant margin. We are talking 54/61/65% vs 82/85%.

    D. Not to mention, Elementary is only @ 87%, so if economics work out to not keep it for s3/4 vs an additional year for one of the 1st 3, or they keep Elementary is kept for s3/4 then that adds a year or 2 life for H50/CSI:LV.

    Tentative end of Season for CBS Dramas:
    May 2014: Blue Bloods if only 1 NEW drama renewed if 2 one of TGW/TM as well.
    May 2015: TGW/TM left over or both.
    May 2016: TGW/TM if either are left, plus this is Elementary’s last year
    May 2017: H50/CSI:LV probably only 1 but possibly 2 or maybe 13-14s “Elementary”.

    Obviously this is more based on 1 NEW drama renewed each year but even if I added 2, as I tried, H50/CSI:LV still have plenty of cushion, granted their ratings don’t fall much more than the network avg does.

    This also means that Criminal Minds, POI & NCIS:LA have many years available to them as well, same provisions as above, of course. NCIS is untouchable, based on ratings.

    So, in a sense, for CBS’s dramas, the top half is way more about contract negotiations than ratings. The bottom half is more about how many NEW dramas are renewed in a given year & then which of the bottom is the most expensive to keep going.

    CBS’s state as a network plus the fact that crime dramas are good for syndication, allows for a very low turnover every year. For them, mid 1s guaranteed for 3 returning dramas (TM, TGW & BB) is much better than 6 open slots & who knows if another Made In Jersey/Vegas/Golden Boy occurs. Even their 1 NEW renewal, Elementary is 87%, so unless it improves, will probably only limp along to 4 years, in favor of 1 more year of TM/TGW/BB. They can hope for POI type success. But, other than POI & NCIS:LA as far as more than just min syndication episode type success, only Criminal Minds is the most recent to get that far in recent years. Who knows for sure if POI doesn’t drop more than network avg in the next 2 years.

    Bottomline, H50/CSI:LV might move to Fri/Sun next year & probably in a year or 2, but they will probably remain on the schedule for 4 more years. Meaning s7 for H50 & s17 for CSI:LV, at least, b4 they get cancelled, due to ratings. That is, if CBS opts to keep such a small turnover year to year.

  • Rachel

    @Steve, Rules doin well? It’s at Partners levels now, time to put it down.

  • lakersupbyten

    Five is good considering the news coverage at 10pm. Expect it to go up at end of season.

  • grey

    Because of the pre-emption “Revloution’s” finale has been pushed back a week according to reports.

  • lakersupbyten

    Five O is good considering the news events yesterday. I expect it to go back up in the last part of the season.

  • rob60990

    Hey I know everyone missed me! ;)

    I thought there would be some big adjustments down so glad there weren’t any. The Voice, just wow. They need to keep Shakira & Usher. They’re obviously working.

    Remember when CBS comedies used to pull 4s the whole night? Yeah I don’t either. These ratings are a mess but CBS should have seen it coming when they moved Two & a Half Men to Thursdays which was pointless while rushing 2 Broke Girls to anchor the comedy block when it was not ready to do so.

    DWTS has stabilized. Low 2s will probably be the norm during the season minus premieres and finales.


    Damn damn the voice is killing it. That was with the big super bowl push. Remember all we said it was dumb to do two voices a year and it’s been nbcs savior. CBS btw needs a revamp I think moving two and half men back to 9 pm is good idea and 2 broke girls should go after big bang theory. CBS needs a major revamp.

  • Ultima

    Remember all we said it was dumb to do two voices a year

    I remember calling the people who thought it was a bad idea dumb! ;)


    So upset about 5-0

    It was an amazing episode last night.
    Emotional and Patriotic, and wonderfully acted.

  • cris

    Ouch CBS
    H50 1.8!!!!

  • eridapo

    @Bill or @Robert

    I’ve read reports that in the New England (Boston) area ABC and CBS programming was aired on different channels — i.e. not the main affiliates for the network. The question I have is this… Will the show get the ratings credit. For example.. In LA the CBS affiliate owns KCBS and KCAL9. If for some reason the main CBS affiliate aire some news program instead of the regular programming while KCAL aired the CBS programming, would the ratings for the show airing on KCAL count for the CBS shows. Will they show up in the finals? or will they show up on the weekly reports?

  • Alex

    Remember all we said it was dumb to do two voices a year…

    I still don’t think its a good idea.

    There was never any doubt that it was going to work over the short term the issue has always been what it does to the long term prospects for the show. It also means they become incredibly (overly) reliant on one show throughout the entire season.

    Having said that I think NBC and the shows producers have done a good job this year of refocusing the whole thing on an internal and self contained contest rather than a hunt for a musical star. In theory that extends the shows life cycle and helps limit the damage of doubling up a little. I think a strong rotation of coaches they can drop in and out of the show from cycle to cycle is a good way forward as well.

  • s0303

    i admit i thought nbc made a mistake by ordering 2 installments of the voice this season, but i’m happy to say i was wrong :) guess people aren’t going to get tired of it as quickly as i thought…i’m not yet…

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