Monday Final Ratings: 'The Voice', 'Rules of Engagement', 'How I Met Your Mother' & '2 Broke Girls' Adjusted Up; 'Castle' & 'Terror in Boston' Adjusted Down

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April 16th, 2013

The Voice April 2 usher Shakira

The Voice , How I Met Your Mother, Rules of Engagement,  and 2 Broke Girls were each adjusted up a tenth  while Castle and Terror In Boston were each adjusted down a tenth among adults 18-49 versus Monday's preliminary ratings.

Want to know why adjustments occur to the preliminary ratings? Read this.

Final Monday broadcast primetime ratings for Monday, April 15, 2013

Time Net Show 18-49 Rtg/Shr Viewers (millions)
8:00 NBC The Voice (8-10PM) 5.2/14 14.45
CBS How I Met Your Mother 2.7/8 6.58
ABC Dancing With the Stars (8-10:01PM) 2.2/6 13.40
FOX Bones 1.9/5 6.56
CW Oh Sit! - Season Premiere 0.4/1 0.94
8:30 CBS Rules of Engagement 2.1/6 6.11
9:00 CBS 2 Broke Girls 2.4/6 7.54
FOX The Following 2.1/5 6.36
CW 90210 0.2/1 0.55
9:30 CBS Mike & Molly 2.2/5 7.76
10:00 NBC Terror In Boston 3.0/8 8.83
ABC Castle (10:01-11Pm) 2.0/5 10.18
CBS Hawaii Five-0 1.8/5 7.65

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  • grey

    “Five is good considering the news coverage at 10pm. Expect it to go up at end of season.”

    ??? This is the “end of the season.” Most shows only have 3 or 4 episodes left.

  • Marsinvestigations1@gmail.com

    TGW snagged a syndication deal. That’s a major reason CBS stuck with it. Also despite hitting lows it rebounded a bit and seems stable again.

  • topacio

    HIMYM > 2BG > M&M > RoE

    How I met your mother RULES!!!

  • Ash

    You have to applaud NBC for gambling and changing the coaches for The Voice. If your Christina or Cee-Lo you have to be worried about the possibility of not getting a paycheck this fall.


    Also NBC did rest the show for three months before they put it on late march. I thought this spring edition would be lower but u think the rise has to do with idol having an off season.

  • bjssp

    I know some were skeptical of my recommendation to air a sitcom starting at 9:30 behind TV in the fall, but would two sitcoms work? Right now, only two other networks, CBS and Fox, air scripted programming there, and only one airs a comedy there. And more importantly, it would have a powerhouse leading into whatever it put there.

    As I’ve said before, its biggest issue is that it doesn’t have a scripted anchor around which it can build a night. It tried to get that on Tuesdays this year with TV. It should do the same next year, but it could also do that on Mondays.

    It might temporarily lose something, but it would be a good move for the long-term.

  • Maya

    Lousy numbers for Hawaii 50.
    TNT got themselves a real winner.

  • ragincajun

    Yes, I am sure things occurred last night that had a negative impact on CBS’ numbers, but the fact of the matter remains the net needs to do something drastic on this night next season and plugging a new comedy into the 8:30 timeslot will not solve their problems. They need to program something that will take the buzz away from the reality shows, and to me, launching a couple of high profile single-cam comedies at 9:00 is their best bet along with Beverly Hills Cop’s going to 10:00.

    As for 2BG, they really need to turn it into more of an ensemble show rather than focusing strictly on the misadventures of the two titular characters. The first thing that I would do is get rid of Sophie and Oleg. Then, I would hire a big name actress (ahem, Marisa Tomei) to play Max’s mother and use her arrival to introduce Max’s brother (I would cast Justin Chatwin – Steve from Shameless) who could be a love interest for Caroline. I would also cast another Shameless vet, Zach McGowan (Jody), as the new cook for the diner, and he could be a love interest for Max.

  • Anna Bones Clarkwood

    Just a question for all of you comparing Idol vs Voice vs TBBT etc.

    I’m told advertisers pay per demo point, so if they pay for 4.0 & get 3.0 they get a make good demo point somewhere else. Not sure about if they get a 5.0 instead.

    Also, all demo points aren’t alike. Even shows that both get a 2.5 on the same timeslot & night can get a different ad price per slot.

    Also, taking syndication out of the equation, otherwise TBBT is the clear winner of the 3, I would think, doesn’t the total hours (technically commercial minutes) actually matter more?

    Meaning, for the Spring season (Jan-May), Idol is going to air ~60hrs, TBBT 6.5hrs (13episodes), & The Voice (I think under 30hrs).

    So, in the end, it’s more like AI’s ~60 times season avg (current 4.2&3.9) vs TV’s <30 times season avg (current 4.9&4.3) vs TBBT 6.5 times spring season avg (current not sure high 4s?).

    That is if ad rate per demo point is the same. But if AI is $300,000 & The Voice is $350,000, AI still might remain on top due to number of ad slots.

    Yes, it is easy to just look at demo esp when it's 3hr a week vs 3hr a week or 1hr vs 1hr but since Voice is going to air well past May sweeps & the ad rate isn't the same per 30sec slot, not to mention TBBT has very few hours to compare, it isn't apples to apples.

    AI is still bringing in LOTS of money, true $40mil for the judges is probably way higher than Voice's & def way higher than Sheldon & Co. So, the money going out is a factor into the actual revenue the show itself brings in. I.e. not career revenue from the artists they produce & still make money off of, which makes Idol the clear winner in that regards.

    In the end, all 3 channels love these shows. AI is def nowhere near the lone king on the totem pole & is now among the top tier instead (next year they will probably fall lower). The Voice is not a king, but def Top Tier & next year may become King or at least among non Sports. All 3 are King for their networks as well & even though a PR spin could say the same in that regards for TVD & CW, these are Kings that ANY channel would love to have atm. That said, I doubt any network is going to buy Idol, once FOX gives up on it. NBC & CBS won't sell TV/TBBT for "any" money now.

    Then again, most advertisers advertise on all shows all the time, anyways, so this who beats who is quite silly when they are all def going to remain favorites of their networks as far as making sure they keep it running with $ and ideas thrown at it.

    Ratings are mostly for bubble shows & safe but not top tier. Bubble shows, that's obvious. Safe but not top tier, it's mostly, "We know we aren't your #1 priority, but we still should get our share of the ad revenue in order to keep our talent plus gain talent & higher tier guest talent."

    TV/AI/TBBT don't have to have that conversation. Not only are they #1 on their networks, & top tier of all networks, they also get talent that wants to work with them. Like Psych on USA & all their guest actors.

    Bottomline, AI vs TV vs TBBT or OUAT vs Revenge or POI vs Grey's etc aren't apples to apples. 18-49 demo alone is apples to apples, but it isn't that equal once you get past that. Some are apples to oranges but some are apples & potatoes. # of ad slots & what more specific demo's (race/gender/income) is what really determines who wins out in the ad revenue game.

    In fact, TV's fall season probably will beat out TV's spring season based on things specific to the Holiday season & Movie Premieres etc vs the rather dormant Spring as far as wanting ads to be aired goes. Even though, TV's Spring looks like demo will be higher than the fall.

  • Leoben Conoy

    At this point, I think The Voice would be well served by swapping out judges between installments.

    Imagine in the fall, they swap out Shelton with Carrie Underwood? or Adam with Jon Bon Jovi?

  • LUKE

    Queen Shakira!!!

  • Luke Lambright

    Holy crap the Voice is above a 5.0 rating?! Wow that’s incredible! Good job NBC!!!

  • 728huey

    @Leoben Conoy

    I think it’s a good idea to swap judges out because it’s good for the judges’ careers to focus back on their own music. At least Adam Levine can go out and tour with Maroon 5 and Blake Shelton can do likewise. I could see someone like Trace Adkins or Jason Aldean filling in for Blake while Jon Bon Jovi or Dave Grohl could fill in for Adam. They could keep Shakira and Usher for the fall installment, but get someone else for the spring.


    I believe Cee-Lo left the show permanently so he could create a sitcom loosely based on his life, but Christina Aguliera took a break to focus on promoting her new album. So far that hasn’t been going well, though. But if Shakira keeps being a draw, she may never come back to The Voice.

  • CookyMonzta

    ‘Voice’ hanging VERY tough; 14.5 million with a 5.2 demo. How many more weeks left for this season? If this keeps up (mid-4s and low-5s), it will surely devour ‘Idol’.

  • PurpleDrazi

    I bet you 20 bucks that Idol is courting popular Latin singers to judge next season.

  • theCroup


    Idol is probably courting, heck they’re probably courting Shakira behind the Voice producers’ backs. It kind of doesn’t matter because the way Idol operates, they’ll probably blow a fortune on judge payroll again and end up with yet another no-chemistry panel.

    Idol can’t out-Voice The Voice the same way other shows couldn’t out-Idol Idol.

  • Ricardo

    I think The Voice should keep Christina and Cee Lo in the Fall and Shakira and Usher in the Spring. It gives a different tone to the cycles.

  • NBC Fan

    The Bachelorette was actually the first show to beat American Idol. It was on February 19, 2003.

  • beached

    Does anyone know anyone who watches the garbage called “Mike & Molly”?

  • bjssp

    I do kind of like the idea of swapping out judges every so often, regardless of who they pick. I don’t watch TV, but it seems like both Christina and Shakira want to be on the show, no matter who else they are on with, as do the other judges. This makes everything seen positive and fun. As long as the producers are able to pick people who want to be on the show, all should be well.

    As for Idol, a really bold selection of judges would be, say, Dolly Parton and/or Reba McEntire, Justin Bieber, Enrique Iglesias, and someone like Flo-Rida. Dolly Parton in particular would be a real hoot, provided she’s physically up for it.

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