'Revolution' Finale Moves to Monday June 3

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April 16th, 2013

Revolution April 15

Due to last night's preemption, the Revolution episode originally scheduled to April 15 will air April 22. All subsequent episodes will be pushed forward a week, meaning that the season finale will now air June 3 instead of May 27. An NBC spokesperson told TVLine, "“The original episode of Revolution that was scheduled to air last night will air next week ( and all subsequent episodes will ripple accordingly. Viewers will not miss anything in the ongoing storylines.  The new season finale date for REVOLUTION will now be one week later on Monday, June 3 at 10/9c.”

  • AniMatsuri

    This will be a good test to see if Revolution can stand on its own without the help of The Voice.

  • Dan

    As long as the episodes air in the intended order it doesn’t matter when it’s pushed to

  • Danak

    The Voice goes into mid-June so Revolution will still be behind it to its season finale.

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Bill Gorman

    “Does this mean a Season 2 might not happen?”

    Decisions will be *announced* no later than May 13 (more likely known even earlier) and Revolution will certainly be renewed.

    This schedule change is irrelevant to a season 2 renewal.

  • Fourat

    I hope revolution gets renwed

  • Tom

    NBC is so smart

  • John

    @Dave: “The pre-emption came more from the content in Revolution’s episode … I think they thought having that on would be too soon for folks”

    Which folks would that be?

    Not me.

    Probably not 98%+ of the Revolution audience.

    I understand why NBC thinks they need to do this sort of thing. The 2% who might be offended will complain loudly. The other 98%, who wanted to watch the show they’d been waiting a week to see, will suffer in silence (or at best they’ll post rants in blog comments :-)).

    Understanding NBC’s thinking doesn’t equal forgiveness — they’re still on my sh*t list for this. I’m tired of the easily offended having any influence over what I get to watch.

  • a p garcia

    I like Revolution and I hope it reasons as to ?why? stick to science facts.

  • v

    I agree, The Love show will continue to bomb and NBC will likely pull it.
    The can double up on Tusday 9pm at The Voice.

  • Jacob

    America’s got talen is on in the summer so the ratings might not be affected too much. Regardless the show will absolutely be renewed

  • Bob

    Revolution without The Voice will get what The New Normal and Go On receives. Most likely won’t even get a 2.0 especially in June. It must be nice to have artificial ratings being on after The Voice.

  • Dan S

    I certainly didn’t think they’d push Revolution into June. All the same it shouldn’t hurt it too much & as rightly pointed out The Voice runs into June also. This could be a good way for the networks to gauge if there is a sizeable audience to air original programming after Labor Day. If the ratings tank it simply won’t be done again. I personally think the networks have to start thinking outside the box & not be constrained by the sweeps periods.

  • Dan S

    Ugh I meant Memorial Day not Labor Day

  • Rebecca

    Better than ending on Memorial Day. The Charlie actress is growing on me – I don’t hate her and I don’t like her, but I don’t know what she could be doing differently to improve. I watch more for Miles anyway.

  • Jim

    I feel that having the finale not on Memorial Day is a better thing because most people are not home or are outside and not inside watching Television.

  • Fred


    How is NBC killing Revolution?
    It airs after a ratings monster!

  • POIFanatic

    Definitely agree with Charlie getting so much better since the hiatus. She’s become my favorite character.

  • Marius

    @a p garcia


    Science-fiction is called science-fiction because one or more of the science elements (mutation, time-travel, alternate dimensions) are made up. A limitless amount of inert nano-machines floating in the air that neutralize electricity isn’t enough for you?

  • Marius


    Agreed. Billy Burke can lead an action show fairly well on his own, Tracy’s character has got plenty of room to grow/make mistakes as long as Billy is consistently good.

  • cimmer

    @John, the ratings for the news coverage were higher than anything Revolution could have given NBC. I think that’s probably explanation enough for the preemption.

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