'Revolution' Finale Moves to Monday June 3

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April 16th, 2013

Revolution April 15

Due to last night's preemption, the Revolution episode originally scheduled to April 15 will air April 22. All subsequent episodes will be pushed forward a week, meaning that the season finale will now air June 3 instead of May 27. An NBC spokesperson told TVLine, "“The original episode of Revolution that was scheduled to air last night will air next week ( and all subsequent episodes will ripple accordingly. Viewers will not miss anything in the ongoing storylines.  The new season finale date for REVOLUTION will now be one week later on Monday, June 3 at 10/9c.”

  • NCJeff

    Does it matter? Wouldn’t the renew/cancel decision already have been made by either the original or now delayed broadcast date? As far as the ratings are concerned it probably matters as much as the attendance report on the last day of the school year.

  • Marie

    I really have not been liking the show all that much since it came back but will stick around as long as Monroe does. He is the main reason I watch anyway. Used to love Miles but he lost me. Not Billy Burke’s fault but the writing of that character annoys me.

  • Kirk

    It’s a bit of a problem for them to be running the show on Monday’s at 9pm Defiance is likely to steal from it’s live viewership. They should have kept the 10pm slot but since the voice will wrap up they have no choice. That would have been a sweet 2 hr Monday, Syfy’s Defiance followed by Revolution, you’re talking the threshold on distopia. NBC needs to get their metrics from streaming more and kiss this old live model bye bye. Yeah sure it screws the cable providers, but they have on demand too these days. Simply put the two need to diverge yeah you’ve got adds you run for network and a whole different market for those using streaming technology. Seriously, I think the best model is the pay per episode subscription model with very limited commercial interruption. The wise thing would be to skip the commercials, and do product placement, showing the most durable products that people will even find after the end of our known world. The best would be to offer like they have with VUDU. 60 dollars and you own the series and the dates of release are locked and not changed. This would be more reliable than counting views and hoping for purchases in a down economy. Obama could kick in a entertainment subscription tax credit, which would help keep our media industry from needing a bailout before he get’s out of office.

  • Katelyn

    Loving Revolution! Hope the numbers increase as they approach the finale.

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