TBS Wins Week With Cable Primetime Adults 18-49, Disney on Top With Primetime Total Viewers, Disney & Nickelodeon Tie For Number 1 Total Day Viewership For Week Ending April 14, 2013

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April 16th, 2013


TBS won the week among adults 18-49 during primetime,  beating A&E and USA.

Disney was the top network among total viewers during primetime, beating USA and HISTORY.

Disney and Nickelodeon tied for number one in total day viewing, beating Adult Swim.

Prime-time Average Viewers (Live+SD) Week  Ending April 14, 2013:

Network (000s)
DSNY 2596
USA 2155
HIST 1888
A&E 1857
TBSC 1794
FOXN 1652
TNT 1521
ESPN 1380
ADSM 1309
HGTV 1238
MTV 1146
LIFE 1068
NAN 1022
FX 1018
FOOD 995
DISC 981
BRAV 962
SYFY 950
AMC 918
FAM 911
TRU 851
TLC 836
CMDY 826
APL 734
TVLD 723


Prime-time Adults 18-49 (Live+SD)

Network (000s)
TBSC 995
A&E 922
USA 842
MTV 757
HIST 749
TNT 688
DSNY 621
ADSM 621
BRAV 562
ESPN 560
FX 559
CMDY 536
DISC 465
FAM 456
LIFE 432
HGTV 429
FOOD 423
TRU 407
TLC 399
SYFY 389
AMC 338
BET 325
VH1 324
SPK 317
APL 303


Total Day Average Viewers (Live+SD)

Network (000s)
DSNY 1694
NICK 1694
ADSM 1301
NAN 1084
USA 1049
FOXN 1001
TNT 968
TOON 956
A&E 946
HIST 915
ESPN 809
HGTV 717
TBSC 704
FX 590
FOOD 579
ID 559
MTV 549
TVLD 536
DISC 513
AMC 510
FAM 507
CMDY 466
LIFE 461
TRU 458
TLC 437

-Nielsen TV Ratings: ©2013 The Nielsen Company. All Rights Reserved.Cable Channel Abbreviations: NICK = Nickelodeon, NAN = Nick At Nite, TOON = Cartoon Network, ADSM = Adult Swim, TRU = truTV, LIFE = Lifetime, NKJR - Nick Jr., FAM = ABC Family, TVLD = TV Land, FOXN = Fox News, TBSC = TBS, DISC = Discovery

  • Binaldi

    Well done disney

  • Alex S.

    Lol a tie?!

    Historic!!! Great to see Disney at number One!!!

  • Nathan

    Oh my! The disney fans are coming out of their dens! Where were you guys when Nick was beating the mouse, week after week.

  • Twist Of Fate

    So now were all gonna pretend like Disney was the only #1. Hm Typical. If Nick didn’t rely so heavily on SpongeBob for EVERYTHING this wouldn’t ever even of happened. SpongeBob’s ratings are going down again. The highest it scored on Sunday was 2.5 million viewers

  • Nathan

    @Twist Of Fate
    I’m laughing at the fact how you forgot to mention that it scored 3.6 million viewers on Saturday, @ 10:30 AM.

  • jamie

    @Nathan, it’s so sad that Sickelodeon has to air Spongebob so many times throughout the day at all. Meanwhile, Disney has a stable of hit shows.

    Good to see Disney also winning Primetime total viewers this week!

  • Nathan


    If Disney has a “stable hit of shows”, why did they lose to Nickelodeon in K2-11 this past quarter?

    ..and don’t say it’s because of Spongebob, because last year, Nick was spamming Spongebob, and Disney beat them in that core demo.

    Also, an FYI: In a press release from Disney in either February or March 2013, Disney said they were projected//pacing to beat Nickelodeon in the K2-11 category for the first quarter. News flash, they didn’t. Nickelodeon fought back, and fought back hard.

    Also, “Sickelodeon” beat the mouse, in its core key demo, K2-11, and had a dramatic increase in total viewers, in 1Q13.

  • Twist Of Fate

    @Nathan I hadn’t seen that yet, but either way SpongeBob usually is around or above 4 million viewers at 10:30. Not to mention its weekday ratings have taken a huge hit. But Nick Studio 10 is to blame for that. That show is so annoying.

  • Twist Of Fate

    In my opinion, TMNT is the reason for Nick’s recent recovery. It to is up there is the 3 million viewers rerun range along with SpongeBob. But the difference is, Nick treats TMNT far worse. It doesn’t have a daily timeslot, Total Turtle Takeover Friday is barely promoted, & it’s even being overshadowed by FOP whose ratings are inferior

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