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April 17th, 2013

How to Live With Your parents for the Rest of Your Life

The third episode of How to Live With Your Parents (For the Rest of Your Life) airs tonight. It's the first time the show has aired without a new episode of Modern Family as a lead in.  (ABC is airing two new episodes of Suburgatory, followed by a repeat of Modern Family.) We'll find out if the show is a standalone hit, or has merely been riding the coattails of ABC's top rated program. The show premiered to a strong 2.9 adults 18-49 rating. Last week it fell to a still-solid 2.5. (It should be noted that Modern Family declined week-to-week as well.) So how do you think it will do tonight? Make your prediction then explain your reasoning in the comments.

  • Dillan

    I think maybe a 2.3.

    ABC really should have just aired 2 new episodes instead of a MF repeat, because the show isn’t airing it’s full season of 13 episodes.

  • gerry

    i think it will fall again without the lead, but still maintain a 2.0

  • forg

    It will likely fall to 1.8

  • Rebecca

    I think 1.6 but it could rate higher. I don’t watch reruns and I don’t watch Suburgatory, so in my case it’s better to just watch a dvd (or stream more West Wing episodes, which I’ve been doing when there’s nothing on) tonight and then stream HTL tomorrow rather than interrupt the night to tune in for something that airs at 8:30 (mountain time).

  • Rebecca

    If it gets renewed maybe the remaining first season episodes will just air next season.

  • Brad Bernstein

    I think the ratings will drop. I believe it’s current ratings are a result of the Modern Family lead in. I noticed a drop in social media buzz from week one to week two. Personally I find the writing on the show to be lacking. The cast is talented but aside from Brad Garrett’s character, the other characters are rather miserable. A slacker daughter that sponges off her parents and is more interested in men than her daughter (she leaves her with her irresponsible parents to go on dates), a mother who’s an airhead and I find unlikable, the ex husband is unlikable. I find very few laughs in the show. Family Tools looks promising and once it airs this show will be toast. ABC will cancel it or move it to another time slot to finish burning off the episodes

  • John A


  • CBSviewer


  • Justin121

    1.6-1.7 and it’ll be considered good, given normal post-premeire drops and effectivly airing on a night of reruns.

    (no Middl no Modern Family = a night of reruns, or a burn-off night if you will).

  • David

    @Brad Bernstein

    Yet you think a show premiering a mere two weeks before up-fronts is going to be renewed based on two weeks ratings? If anything Family Tools is toast, whereas How To Live has a small chance to prove itself, which by the way I’m predicting will earn a 1.9 rating.

  • JacobYates


    Hopefully that could buy Neighbors another season.

  • David

    Also consider to tonight that the only direct competition Parents has is American Idol.

  • Dan S

    I’m voting 1.8-1.9 simply because it’s sandwiched between reruns. They could’ve considered running another episode at 9pm as Suburgatory is doing at 8pm.

  • TomZ

    Modern Family R: 1.8 4 million
    How to live with your parents: 2.2 6.5 million

  • Carmen

    I think it will come in at about 2.0. It might get a slight edge upward due to CBS and ABC in repeats. That’s why I’m predicting a 2.0

    If it were against a full slate on new network shows and with the MF repeat lead in, I would say about 1.8

  • tv#1

    I really like this show so far. I hope it continues to do well. It would be nice to see ABC bring it back in the fall.

    I think a good comedy Wednesday night schedule for ABC in the Fall would be…

    8:00 Back in the Game
    8:30 The Middle
    9:00 Modern Family
    9:30 How to Live with your Parents (for the Rest of Your Life)

  • MiniMe

    I think it’s a strong show by itself but I also think Modern Family helps it a lot. So I consider a 2.0 – 2.1 is a good rating for How to Live with Your Parents.

  • RJ

    Criminal Minds, SVU, and Supernatural are all repeats, so if it can’t stay over a 2.0, it should be cancelled.

  • starship

    It will probably be a 1.8-1.9, 2.0 at best. They’ll probably renew it and give it the Don’t trust the Bitch treatment, where it gets moved to Tuesday and cancelled half way through the season…

  • geo carter

    such a hack formula show with caricatures of real people..thankfully, the promo commercials warned me.

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