Report: 'The Cleveland Show' Canceled by FOX

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April 17th, 2013


TVLine, via Cartoon Brew and The Animation Guild's blog, reports that FOX's animated series The Cleveland Show has been canceled. A FOX representative claims that the network has not made a decision about the show's future. Given the lengthy amount of time it takes to produce an animated episode, even if production has ceased some new episodes could air next season.

  • Frank

    They better NOT screw around with “American Dad”….that seems to be the ONLY MacFarlane show that still works (and is funny)….I am in agreement that “Family Guy” is losing steam and honestly, good riddance to “The Cleveland Show”…. but in all fairness, I do like “Bob’s Burgers”.

    ….”American Dad” should STAY put @9:30.

  • richard

    YESSSSS! 4 years to late but better late than never! now we need to get the other macfarlene drekk off

  • DM

    @Jim, it takes about 8 months to produce an episode of an animated sitcom. The only exception to that is South Park who produces them in 6 days.

  • Jim

    And why/how do animated series’ episodes have to have a long lead time, anyway?

  • Justin121

    Some say 6 to 8 months for one episode.

    So like 2 episodes a year!

    That’s ridiculous.

  • The End

    @Some say 6 to 8 months for one episode.

    They’re talking nonsense, it takes a few weeks, start to finish.

  • Marius

    If there’s an ending episode, it will be just like Futurama: aired on a random Saturday this fall with no lead-in or commercials to say it’s at “a special time”, and just like that, it’s gone.

  • groove365

    Won’t miss it, it just never really got consistently good, a few brilliant eps here and there but too many bad ones in between.

  • jkb

    I cant believe Bob’s Burgers even made it to air much less lasted more than 1 season. The Cleveland Show is just like the Cleveland Browns…they had the bursts of energy but in the end they always fizzle & are left on the sidelines watching the real winners of the day.

  • jkb

    its not like the old days where all were hand drawn. Everything ios done digitally now so it doesn’t take as long as they like you to think.
    i think the 1 exception is South Park they don’t use as much digital enhancement as others/most cos honestly they don’t need 2 with they’re style of animation

  • Me

    Take it or leave it.

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  • Emmanuel

    I’m fortunate that Cleveland will return to Quahog and to Family Guy right where it belong.

  • Marko

    Cleveland show is a great show. I pray they bring it back ASAP

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