ABC Swaps 'Castle' Episodes in Wake of Boston Marathon Bombing

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April 18th, 2013


ABC is swapping the order of two  Castle episodes out of sensitivity to the Boston Marathon bombing. The network has decided to postpone "Still" the episode of Castle originally scheduled to air April 22 until April 29 because the premise involves Beckett (Stana Katic) stepping on a bomb which needs to be disarmed.  The episode originally scheduled to air April 29, "The Squab and the Quail", which is about Beckett guarding a billionaire, will now air April 22.

  • Jimbo

    What a joke…

  • JacobYates

    How is it a joke? They just don’t want to offend anybody.

  • Observer

    I’m happy they did this.

  • Trixie Lulamoon

    I strongly disaprove of this. “oh no it includes a bomb, im offended” Really? You think the show aired this on purpose? Even though its been schedueled for like a year? I hate when networks throw TV show episodes out of order because of something like this.

  • The Watcher

    I’m always baffled by the way a show can be considered “offensive” or “insensitive” one week, then the next week it’s OK.

  • Psychic

    How ridiculous. A bombing or a shooting happens and suddenly every cop show becomes offensive? Who would be offended by a fictional TV show? Except for maybe the families, but I doubt they’lll be watching much TV right now anyway.

  • LeighLee

    I’m disappointed because I was really looking forward to Still, but I understand. I can wait one more week. Although, it would have been nice if they just put on a rerun Monday and kept the episodes in order. I don’t know if there’s a summer show set to premiere the Monday after Castle ends, though. Doing that would mess up the schedule.

  • Liam

    Smart move by ABC.

  • jessie

    I can tell the difference between a real bomb going off and a bomb in a T.V. show. Thanks for insulting my intelligence ABC.

  • mindilee

    Interesting this sounds almost identical to the H50 episode where Danno has to stand still so a bomb doesn’t go off and Steve won’t leave his side.

  • Josh

    An appropriate move. I appreciate when networks find a way to be both sensitive and sensible.

  • Serial Rocker


    I’m gonna assume that none of your friends or family were involved in the bombings. At least I hope not.

    As such, maybe ABC’s decision was less about you and more about those that were affected?

    Crazy, huh?

  • E35

    @LeighLee i think i read somewhere that the week after the Castle finale, Castle’s timeslot will be taken by the DWTS finale, not sure though.

    As for this decision, it is out of respect and obviously for PR as well, after all ABC is a business, not judging them.

  • Anna Bones Clarkwood

    Does anyone know if these episodes reveal any overall season/series story arcs that will now be seen out of order that really matters?

    Castle, for the most part is a self contained story of the week type series. True, Beckett/Castle together/not together & Beckett’s hunt for her Mother’s Killer etc, would be nice to keep those in order.

    As for this sensitivity issue 2 weeks past the event vs 1 week vs hours. Hours I understand, for the Nation directly involved. 1 whole week vs 2, doesn’t seem that much of a difference, except if the storyline was almost like it felt like it was “ripped from the headlines”. Even then, put a warning b4 the show starts, & every commercial break, if you must. Otherwise, you are giving the perpetrators a win. Besides which, I would think those most sensitive are watching comedies, reality, or movies or not even in front of the tv. Crime dramas just aren’t the thing to watch when you are grieving from a crime.

  • Marius

    Dumb. Just like the Revolution preemption.

    @Serial Rocker: it’s still dumb, primarily, from all of the news analysis of bomb-making materials on news shows, which also stir up the same emotions. It’s all or nothing: if you care about the sensitivity of those affected, stop covering “how the bombs might have been made” as well as the scripted preemptions.

    Otherwise, it’s just forcing the fans of the show to watch more of the news coverage to tell if further preeemptions and cancellations are coming from how much this is still holding the national attention span.

  • Rebecca

    Good. But I really wouldn’t care unless there was a continuing storyline that would now be out of order. I’d still watch like I do each week.

  • Jacob

    Post 9/11 effect

  • TheFrenchGuy

    Thanks ABC ! The episode will probably air next season.

  • David Howell

    Having this sort of flexibility in scheduling is an advantage of procedurals which you don’t have with the serials ABC are so reliant on nowadays.

    I’m not in a position to judge these decisions from a sensitivity perspective, so I won’t.

  • Anna Bones Clarkwood

    @TheFrenchGuy, it says right in the post that it will air 1 week later, 29th instead of 22nd.

    Still, I find this funny that RVN’s preempted episode is now airing the same day & hour as this Castle preempted episode was going to air.

    So, NBC thinks 1 week later is ok but ABC says 2 weeks is ok.

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