ABC Swaps 'Castle' Episodes in Wake of Boston Marathon Bombing

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April 18th, 2013


ABC is swapping the order of two  Castle episodes out of sensitivity to the Boston Marathon bombing. The network has decided to postpone "Still" the episode of Castle originally scheduled to air April 22 until April 29 because the premise involves Beckett (Stana Katic) stepping on a bomb which needs to be disarmed.  The episode originally scheduled to air April 29, "The Squab and the Quail", which is about Beckett guarding a billionaire, will now air April 22.

  • K

    Good move by ABC but I don’t fully agree with abc post poning the episode.

  • SJ

    God, so ridiculous. When does the PC crap end?!

  • Alan

    I know the Boston thing is a tragedy but why always shows have to get pushed back in each tragedy that happens? Come on…

  • Joseph

    If “Castle” gets renewed for next season, this episode should be deferred until September.

  • LeighLee

    @Anna Bones Clarkwood I haven’t seen any spoilers that indicate anything continuous with these eps, but the fact that the lead actress made a point to note that the chronology will be off makes me wonder. Also, remember that the last few episodes of last season, starting with ep 19, were continuous with regard to Castle & Beckett’s relationship so the same could happen this year. With Still being the extra episode that they squeezed in and wasn’t originally planned, I’m thinking it may not affect the story between it and Squab & Quail, but maybe it could throw things off when placed between Squab & Quail and The Human Factor.

  • Chris

    So ABC wants to postpone the episode due to current events, but only for one single week. It seems to be just as much a PR stunt for the network as it is a desire to “do the right thing.”

  • Judy912

    I think out of respect for those family members affected by the bombings, ABC made the right decision by swaping the episodes by one week. I realize based on Stana Katic Twitter response that this will affect the background story somewhat but I am willing to deal with that if it will bring some relief to some viewers. I am happy that ABC will still broadcast the entire full 24 episodes this season rather than making us wait until next season to watch the ‘STILL’ episode.

  • merrranga

    so wait… that means Beckett DOES survive the bomb???
    Great! thanks for the spoiler ABC! GEEZ!

  • Mark

    Meanwhile you can view all the bombing footage you want on the news and internet. stupid.

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