ABC's 'General Hospital' Soars to 18-Month Highs in Women 18-49 & Women 25-54

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April 18th, 2013

General Hospital Prints

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“General Hospital’s” 50th Anniversary Celebration Continues


Soars to 18-Month Highs in Women 18-49 and Women 25-54


Posts Biggest Year-to-Year Gains of Any Daytime Broadcast Program,

Boasting Double-Digit Percent Increases Across the Board


Monday’s Continuation of ‘Nurses’ Ball’ Storyline Produces Near

20-Month High in Women 25-54 and 4-Month High in Women 18-49



General Hospital


During the week of April 8, “General Hospital” continued its 50th anniversary celebration, soaring to 18-month highs in Women 18-49 (721,000/1.1 rating) and Women 25-54 (927,000/1.5 rating) – since week of 9/26/11 – placing a solid #2 for the week in the demos and climbing by double digits year to year across all target demos.


In fact, “General Hospital” generated the biggest year-to-year increases of any broadcast daytime program, surging by 29% in Total Viewers (2.87 million vs. 2.22 million), by 31% in Women 18-49 (721,000 vs. 550,000) and by 22% in Women 25-54 (927,000 vs. 760,000).


  • Monday’s telecast, returning to the ‘Nurses Ball’ storyline, stood as the series’ most-watched telecast in nearly 20 months in Women 25-54 (1.02 million) and in close to 4 months in Women 18-49 (789,000) – since 8/15/11 and 12/18/12, respectively.


Source: NTI, U.S. ratings, week of 4/8/13, Live + Same Day.

  • Scott_N_ATL

    I knew this would be HUGE! GO GH!

  • Saba Morton

    Define soar.So it beat Y&R? Actually I do not believe that for one minute and if its true, we got a problem Houston!I doubt it!You got 2 people who one couldnn’t write and one a whatever and their soap got dropped, but they come to GH and make it a spin-off of OLTL(soap that got cancelled) and everything is peachy,BULL!

  • Troy Turner

    The momentum for GH CANNOT be denied

  • diana

    Great news! I hope Carlivati & Valentini can keep the momentum going! Because I feel like I came down from the high of the Nurse’s Ball with a THUD. But maybe those who actually LIKE the Kate/Connie/Sonny/Brenda/Carly/Michael saga can keep the ratings up.

  • Chrissy…

    I want to work for general hospital.. i want to be a writer.. anyone who reads this… and can assist… let me know??? i have great ideas… and have loved this show.. for many years… i would love to write for sonny and brenda….

  • Lisa

    Funny now that Jasam who had critically panned story lines and took up the greatest amount of airtime,aren’t on the show the ratings have showed significant gains even in relation to other soaps. Coincidence? No, because they had the most air time and now they have none, which vets, newbies and other characters are now getting. Like the severing of a skin tag.

  • Sean


  • ann

    Good for GH. Last week was actually great and soapy. They need to keep Brenda and get rid of Kate/Connie though. Brenda and Carly were a riot last week. The whole show overall was great.

  • Sean

    @Ann AMEN! Brenda needs a contract!

  • ann

    I know Sean. I would actually watch the show full time again. Vanessa was terrific last week. I dislike Carly intensely but she and Brenda were very good and soapy last week. This week, however, I feel like the show just lost whatever goodness they last last week, lol.

    But yeah, I have enjoyed Vanessa a lot this return, although not crazy about the story.

    The Stavros stuff was great too.

  • Sean

    I watch regardless cuz i LOVE GH! Sam & Liz are awesome…Maxie too. i heard Brenda will be back in the summer as Vanessa Marcil has a limited schedule right now..

  • David

    This is fantastic news. Way to go GH. Now the haters will come and say those numbers still are not that impressive, give me a break. GH beat out Bold and The Beautiful int he 18-49 key demo and 25-54 demo. Awesome the numbers don’t lie, GH is doing great

    I am sure JayTN will be around to hate very shortly

  • Sean


  • Dawn

    I predicted to my friends that once JaSam were off our screens ratings would have a chance with new writers. 4 yrs of watching some of the worse GH(killing a little boy for an agenda) is in the past. Sam would be so much more interesting if she got to play who is a CON! Not a MOM. Thank you Ron and Frank!

  • James

    Great news!

  • tj

    I could get more excited if the soaps rating’s wouldn’t fluctuate so much from week to week. Next week could be total opposite.

  • MBmomof3

    Congrats. Well-deserved. Love it!

  • Glen

    Glad to see GH post such solid numbers, especially since last week’s episodes were so good. Loved the Nurses’ Ball and all of the Cassadine intrigue. Can’t wait to see what Frank and Ron have in store for May sweeps.

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