E!'s Save One Show Is Back! Candidates Include 'Beauty and the Beast', 'Nikita', 'Happy Endings' & More

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April 18th, 2013

Heart of Darkness

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E!'s Save One Show Is Back!




Save One Show 2013: Vote to Rescue Your Favorite Endangered Series!


It's that time, TV fans! Save One Show time! We've prepped you all week with insider info on all your favorite shows that are on the bubble, and now you need to put that info to good use!


In case you are unfamiliar with the Save One Show competition, here is the gist:


Every spring, right around this time, the network executives decide which shows will live or be axed for the upcoming TV season, and our Save One Show campaign gives you guys the opportunity to pick the series that most deserves to stick around. And then we fight like hell to make sure it does!

After we get our winner, we announce it on E! News and on E! Online, and then we take your message directly to that network. The powers that be will get your message loud and clear. And in the past decade, we've successfully help rescues shows like Felicity, Angel and One Tree Hill. When we get down to the final round, we even get the stars of the shows involved. Last year, Community was our winner, and it lived to see another season.


Below are 25 network shows on the bubble; only 10 will make it to the next round. Brutal, but necessary. This poll closes on Sunday, April 21 at 9 p.m. PT. Good luck!


Which show should be saved?

Beauty and the Beast, CW

Body of Proof, ABC

The Carrie Diaries, CW

Community, NBC


Deception, NBC

Golden Boy, CBS

Go On, NBC

Guys With Kids, NBC

Happy Endings, ABC

Hannibal, NBC

Hart of Dixie, CW

Last Man Standing, ABC

Malibu Country, ABC

The Neighbors, ABC

The New Normal, NBC

Nikita, CW

Parenthood, NBC

Red Widow, ABC

Rules of Engagement, CBS

Smash, NBC

Suburgatory, ABC

Touch, Fox

Vegas, CBS

Whitney, NBC


  • Romeo

    Nikita .Golden Boy and Beauty And The Beast

  • S

    Im glad that Nashville is missing on that list but ….is Hannibal really “On The Bubble”?

  • Kissan


  • The Cool Max


  • Kissan

    Also Malibu Country, Happy Endings and Hart Of Dixie.

  • Robert

    Malibu Country and Smash should be saved!!!!

  • David

    Why is Suburgatory on there? And as if they think they’re gonna perseude NBC to renew Smash…

  • nick

    Had no idea Hannibal was on the bubble, but it definitely needs another season. Only two episodes in and it has great promise!

  • Renz

    Malibu Country!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Michael

    Some of these shows, like Nikita, are basically on this list every year lol.

  • Name

    I still wish emily owens md could be saved for the summer :). They are going to bring unforgettable back. For now, guys with kids, suburgatory and hart of dixie maybe the carrie diaries and beauty ans the beast for my kid sis.

  • Dóchas

    For the first time in years, it feels like, I don’t have a favorite show on this list! Yay me. So if I had to choose one that I think deserves it, it would be Nikita. The show is better quality than the ratings show, IMO. Though it is not a favorite of mine it does have action, romance, and drama. The characters don’t pull me in but they appeal to someone. This list doesn’t have a lot of shows that do deserve to be saved. TCD is horrible. Golden Boy seemed to have potential but it’s not pulling me in. It seems to just slowly tread water.

  • Ryan


  • Colin

    Nikita, Smash, Touch, and Hannibal!!!! Where’s the poll at I don’t see an option.

  • Ryan

    Which show should be saved?
    Beauty and the Beast, CW 12.15%
    Body of Proof, ABC 4.59%
    The Carrie Diaries, CW 6.27%
    Community, NBC 5.24%
    CSI: NY, CBS 3.30%
    Deception, NBC 4.72%
    Golden Boy, CBS 1.36%
    Go On, NBC 3.88%
    Guys With Kids, NBC 0.84%
    Happy Endings, ABC 6.98%
    Hannibal, NBC 3.75%
    Hart of Dixie, CW 9.37%
    Last Man Standing, ABC 2.26%
    Malibu Country, ABC 0.97%
    The Neighbors, ABC 1.42%
    The New Normal, NBC 5.04%
    Nikita, CW 4.33%
    Parenthood, NBC 7.89%
    Red Widow, ABC 0.84%
    Rules of Engagement, CBS 1.94%
    Smash, NBC 3.88%
    Suburgatory, ABC 2.91%
    Touch, Fox 1.94%
    Vegas, CBS 2.00%
    Whitney, NBC 2.13%

  • Phil


  • taylor

    comedies shouldn”t even be included yes fans would be upset but if they get cancelled they would kinda have clouseur comies usually have no story to tell on the other hand shows like body of proof ,batb, parenthood that end with cliff hangers need more seasons.

  • Brandy

    HoD,Carrie Diaries,Beauty & the Beast,Smash

  • Ram510

    I would pick Giys With Kids!!!!!

    Nikita, Parenthood, Last Man Standing I feel will be coming back so no need in picking them. Same with Community and Happy Endings, although they probably will live on through a cable net.

    And I love Rules of Engagement, but if this is its last then I’m ok with it.

  • Linda

    Smash and Hart of Dixie should be saved!

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