E!'s Save One Show Is Back! Candidates Include 'Beauty and the Beast', 'Nikita', 'Happy Endings' & More

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April 18th, 2013

Heart of Darkness

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E!'s Save One Show Is Back!




Save One Show 2013: Vote to Rescue Your Favorite Endangered Series!


It's that time, TV fans! Save One Show time! We've prepped you all week with insider info on all your favorite shows that are on the bubble, and now you need to put that info to good use!


In case you are unfamiliar with the Save One Show competition, here is the gist:


Every spring, right around this time, the network executives decide which shows will live or be axed for the upcoming TV season, and our Save One Show campaign gives you guys the opportunity to pick the series that most deserves to stick around. And then we fight like hell to make sure it does!

After we get our winner, we announce it on E! News and on E! Online, and then we take your message directly to that network. The powers that be will get your message loud and clear. And in the past decade, we've successfully help rescues shows like Felicity, Angel and One Tree Hill. When we get down to the final round, we even get the stars of the shows involved. Last year, Community was our winner, and it lived to see another season.


Below are 25 network shows on the bubble; only 10 will make it to the next round. Brutal, but necessary. This poll closes on Sunday, April 21 at 9 p.m. PT. Good luck!


Which show should be saved?

Beauty and the Beast, CW

Body of Proof, ABC

The Carrie Diaries, CW

Community, NBC


Deception, NBC

Golden Boy, CBS

Go On, NBC

Guys With Kids, NBC

Happy Endings, ABC

Hannibal, NBC

Hart of Dixie, CW

Last Man Standing, ABC

Malibu Country, ABC

The Neighbors, ABC

The New Normal, NBC

Nikita, CW

Parenthood, NBC

Red Widow, ABC

Rules of Engagement, CBS

Smash, NBC

Suburgatory, ABC

Touch, Fox

Vegas, CBS

Whitney, NBC


  • Jon

    The Carrie Diaries and Deception

  • Solelle

    Beauty and the Beast, CW 15.28%
    Body of Proof, ABC 7.03%
    The Carrie Diaries, CW 5.16%
    Community, NBC 4.70%
    CSI: NY, CBS 2.48%
    Deception, NBC 5.12%
    Golden Boy, CBS 0.89%
    Go On, NBC 3.27%
    Guys With Kids, NBC 0.65%
    Happy Endings, ABC 6.65%
    Hannibal, NBC 2.44%
    Hart of Dixie, CW 7.28%
    Last Man Standing, ABC 1.34%
    Malibu Country, ABC 1.02%
    The Neighbors, ABC 1.14%
    The New Normal, NBC 3.92%
    Nikita, CW 3.23%
    Parenthood, NBC 6.79%
    Red Widow, ABC 0.61%
    Rules of Engagement, CBS 1.38%
    Smash, NBC 12.78%
    Suburgatory, ABC 2.40%
    Touch, Fox 1.46%
    Vegas, CBS 1.40%
    Whitney, NBC 1.57%

  • count me out

    E! poll is a joke they are fake, they will only save a NBC show because its their parent network. just a waste of time

  • Tiffany


  • Anna Bones Clarkwood

    Beauty And The Beast, CW – Don’t Watch but might if it makes it to 88eps

    Body Of Proof, ABC – Don’t Watch but might if it makes it to 88eps

    The Carrie Diaries, CW – Don’t Watch & it’s ratings aren’t worthy.

    Community, NBC – Love it, but I’m not going to cry if it leaves.

    CSI: NY, CBS – We already got a very deserving series finale & no real room on the schedule.

    Deception, NBC – It was decently stable but low, however NBC is doing well on dramas so a new drama can probably do better.

    Golden Boy, CBS – low ratings, no room.

    Go On, NBC – low ratings, I prefer on all but veteran comedy cancellation.

    Guys With Kids, NBC – low ratings, I prefer on all but veteran comedy cancellation.

    Happy Endings, ABC – TPTB commenters seem to like it, so if it makes it to 88, I’ll try it otherwise, meh.

    Hannibal, NBC – 2.9-2.5-2.0…yeah, this has yet to stabilize, if it does @ 1.4 or higher keep for a s2 test, if not, bye bye.

    Hart Of Dixie, CW – This is going to be renewed.

    Last Man Standing, ABC – This is going to be renewed Tim Allen & acceptable ratings & 2 years until syndication.

    Malibu Country, ABC – I love Reba, but mixed reviews, I will only watch it if it makes it to 88.

    The Neighbors, ABC – I read it got a lot better after it’s pilot, I will only watch it if it makes it to 88.

    The New Normal, NBC – I watched this whole season week in & week out from day 1. I liked it a lot but the ratings aren’t worth it plus the finale was very satisfying.

    Nikita, CW – This is going to be renewed.

    Parenthood, NBC – If NBC doesn’t renew this, they are beyond stupid. It gets really good ratings, for NBC, it only has 20 episodes b4 reaching 88, it is a quality show, not only with Autism but the characters themselves.

    Red Widow, ABC – No way does ABC renew this.

    Rules of Engagement, CBS – CBS probably would have 3 comedies ready for the 1 open slot, than renew this. I like this, except when it gets to raunchy with David Spade, but I’m sure we are going to get a satisfying conclusion this May, it can leave.

    Smash, NBC – No way does NBC renew this.

    Suburgatory, ABC – I think it’s getting somewhat closeish to syndication & could serve well for spackle.

    Touch, Fox – No way does FOX renew this.

    Vegas, CBS – low ratings, no room.

    Whitney, NBC – I hear this is funny, but the ratings aren’t worthy compared to wiping the slate sans P&R.

    In the end, most of these aren’t really bubble shows or at the very least those truly on the bubble, do I care about their fate.

    I think Beastie fans will probably make their show the winner & that wouldn’t be a bad thing.
    I think BOP is the most worthy true bubble to be renewed, even though I have yet to watch it.
    Malibu Country has started to get better reviews & has decent enough ratings, if full 2hr TGIF happens.

    CSI:NY.New Normal/Smash are done & I am fine.
    Community/ROE, I’m ok either way.
    Parenthood/Nikita – aren’t going to be cancelled & I’m happy.
    LMS – won’t be canceled, I can’t wait to watch it straight through.

  • dan

    happy endings
    malibu country

  • Jana

    Parenthood is one of the best shows on tv, I would hate to see it cancelled.

  • Perry


  • WJ

    Smash, Go On and Malibu Country.

  • Obserwatorka

    Save Nikita!!

  • Chara

    Beauty and the beast is a great show,with a very appealing and talented lead in jay Ryan Bthb gets my vote big time!!!!

  • Chara

    Beauty and the beast most definitely !!!! Jay Ryan and the show are fantastic!

  • Ling

    THE CARRIE DIARIES!!!! (and Hart of Dixie)

  • RockBoy602

    Also Go on and The Neighbors!

  • Mark


  • Hillbilly

    Retroactively save Alphas. :)

  • Dave

    Save Nikita and Parenthood!!!!!

    Although neither need saving since Nikita is strutting her way to syndication(and Carrie is strutting her way to cancellation :D ) and Parenthood is one of NBC’s higher rated dramas. :D

  • Elias

    Nikita & The Carrie Diaries

  • Laura G

    The Carrie Diaries please!!!!!

  • Wild


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