E!'s Save One Show Is Back! Candidates Include 'Beauty and the Beast', 'Nikita', 'Happy Endings' & More

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April 18th, 2013

Heart of Darkness

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E!'s Save One Show Is Back!




Save One Show 2013: Vote to Rescue Your Favorite Endangered Series!


It's that time, TV fans! Save One Show time! We've prepped you all week with insider info on all your favorite shows that are on the bubble, and now you need to put that info to good use!


In case you are unfamiliar with the Save One Show competition, here is the gist:


Every spring, right around this time, the network executives decide which shows will live or be axed for the upcoming TV season, and our Save One Show campaign gives you guys the opportunity to pick the series that most deserves to stick around. And then we fight like hell to make sure it does!

After we get our winner, we announce it on E! News and on E! Online, and then we take your message directly to that network. The powers that be will get your message loud and clear. And in the past decade, we've successfully help rescues shows like Felicity, Angel and One Tree Hill. When we get down to the final round, we even get the stars of the shows involved. Last year, Community was our winner, and it lived to see another season.


Below are 25 network shows on the bubble; only 10 will make it to the next round. Brutal, but necessary. This poll closes on Sunday, April 21 at 9 p.m. PT. Good luck!


Which show should be saved?

Beauty and the Beast, CW

Body of Proof, ABC

The Carrie Diaries, CW

Community, NBC


Deception, NBC

Golden Boy, CBS

Go On, NBC

Guys With Kids, NBC

Happy Endings, ABC

Hannibal, NBC

Hart of Dixie, CW

Last Man Standing, ABC

Malibu Country, ABC

The Neighbors, ABC

The New Normal, NBC

Nikita, CW

Parenthood, NBC

Red Widow, ABC

Rules of Engagement, CBS

Smash, NBC

Suburgatory, ABC

Touch, Fox

Vegas, CBS

Whitney, NBC


  • jessica

    And in the past decade, we’ve successfully help rescues shows like Felicity, Angel and One Tree Hill. When we get down to the final round, we even get the stars of the shows involved. Last year, Community was our winner, and it lived to see another season.

    Some of those on the list look like they are there to increase the chances of the winner being a show that actually will be renewed without any intervention by E!. Was Community really uncertain? I tried one episode of it and was so put off it became the only episode of a show i haven’t completed this century.

    As for the claim about Angel being successfully rescued, which season would that have been exactly? WhedonEsque has Angel on the list for 2004. If you go to the archive of the link to E! offered there and from that to the results article it says Angel was the winner of the 2004 contest. And we all know what The WB did that year…. If you don’t know i shall remind you. The WB cancelled Angel. The WB cancelled Angel even before the E! contest began. Joss Whedon had asked for an early renewal and Jordan Levin, the big boss at The WB, came back with what amounted to, ‘you want to know in February rather than May; fine, you’re cancelled’ and there was a production hiatus wherein the final six episodes were re-done to create a climactic anti-finale arch wherein a decent amount of the on-going stories are resolved but in which Angel doesn’t give up or claim ultimate victory. How exactly E! helped rescue a show that was already formally and brutally cancelled i do not know.

  • rainbowtwizzler

    For those of you that think Deception is coming back, John Larroquette declared it dead on his Twitter. In his own way. Which utilizes quotes.

  • anastasia

    SAVE THE Golden Boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sandi

    Beauty and the Beast definitely deserves a seconds season!!!!! Absolutely love this show…look forward to watching it every Thursday. My vote to renew please.

  • Andrea

    Happy Endings

  • kyere


  • SplashK

    The Carrie diaries, The new normal

  • Jennifer

    Beauty and the Beast

  • Cici R

    Golden boy
    Hart of Dixie
    Guys with kids
    Go on

  • edziak

    Beauty And The Beast!!!

  • Charmed


  • Wang Yunlan

    Beauty and the Beast???

  • evesix

    Beauty & The Beast, the rest can die for all I care.

  • Anna

    Definitely BatB second season please. If This show doesn’t get renewed cw will have 1 less viewer and that’s a fact

  • tommy

    Happy Endings

  • insertnamehere

    The Carrie Diaries, Go On, Community, and The Neighbors

  • Kyle

    Smash, Nikita, Beauty and the Beast!!!!!!

  • elisha

    BATB, Nikitta, HOD, , Community

  • Al


  • Ellen in NYC

    Parenthood is the only one on the list that I watch regularly. I’ll never understand the Nikita love. Did any Nikita devotees watch the original USA series? That was a good show.

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