Production Company Prospect Park Sues ABC for 'Sabotaging' New 'All My Children' and 'One Life to Live'

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April 18th, 2013

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It's a plot twist that seems ripped from the daytime soaps involved, Eleven days before the debut of the new on-line versions of All My Children and One Life to Live, production company Prospect Park, which licensed the shows from ABC, is suing the network. According to Deadline, Prospect Park claims that ABC has broken the licensing agreement and is attempting to sabotage the new shows. The two companies have been in dispute over three characters that crossed over from One Life to Live to General Hospital. The actors who play them are contracted to ABC, while their characters are licensed to Prospect Park. After temporarily writing off the actors, ABC opted to create new roles on General Hospital for them. More details as they become available.

  • obisgirl


  • Matt

    Wow is right. ‘Sabotaging’, I mean COME ON. First of all, GH has did absolutely nothing to All My Children. Second of all, GH IS creating new roles for the OLTL actors – so why does Prospect Park even care anymore?…

  • Chuck

    Sounds like sour grapes to me. PP knows that all of those actors wanted to stay on GH. If anything it is PP that has been playing dirty and childish.

    While i am glad they are remaining in GH it just won’t be the same with them playing different characters. Just can’t see RH playing anyone but Todd. He plays that character perfectly.

  • Lisa

    Bizarre. PP has not impressed me so far. First there were the failures to launch AMC and OLTL as originally planned and now there’s this attack on ABC, which seems unwarranted. Also I wonder: Do any of the three actors in question actually want to work for PP as opposed to working on GH? Let’s just say, for the sake of argument, that ABC/GH lets the actors go. PP has rights to their characters only, not the performers themselves. If they don’t want to go to PP, no one can make them do it. Anyway, I hope the revivals are good. Based on the online promo for AMC that I recently saw, I was not impressed.

  • James

    Guys and Gals reading the article on this at Deadline, PP has a case. It’s been rumored even that Disney a few months ago sided with PP on the OLTL matter as well. Why? It’s been ”rumored” that ABC doesn’t want GH anymore, but Disney wants GH sold to PP in 2014 to get a nice ”licensing fee” from PP.

    The OLTL characters were loaned to GH. Meaning because GH killed off 2, now 3 OLTL characters (Having it be implied a OLTL character is actually a character from GH), that is a breach of contract.

    Now ABC doesn’t want a OLTL tv ad to air on ABC. Why? Because Howarth is playing Todd Manning on OLTL online, but he is going to be playing a new character on ABC. COME ON! Howarth was suppose to be Todd on both soaps not long ago it was rumored or revealed. ABC is the one with sour grapes and hopefully loses this lawsuit.

  • Jason

    PP has a case; they licensed all characters from OLTL and AMC. GH wanted to “borrow” some characters while PP planned their production plans and PP agreed if they could consult on the story lines (which never happened) and characters were killed off and a character that PP had not let GH use was killed off.

    This is a clear breach of contract and I hope ABC loses the lawsuit! Hoping the launch is a success cause didnt like what I saw for AMC.

  • Bex

    What I don’t understand is why the Executive producer went thru all this trouble to keep these OLTL people while simultaneously letting original GH actors go? GH ratings are up and the three OLTL actors aren’t even there. Why not let them go, and take their salaries and rebuild GH with it’s veteran actors? Fans have already proven that they want to see the veterans. I just don’t understand Frank Valentini need for these people, and I really hope this doesn’t affect GH in the long run, because the last thing ABC wants is to lose more money because of it’s remaining soap.

  • Rob R

    Prospect Park is the right here. The own the license to “One Life to Live” and its characters. Of course, they can recast those roles, and they cannot force any of the three actors to work on OLTL, but I can see Prospect Park’s case here.

  • David

    I hope Prospect Park knows based on this I no longer support them. They are being cry babies. Why would ABC sabotage them. ABC is getting money from them. I think something is up maybe Prospect Park’s money or something is running low but they are only look dumb about this.

  • James

    @David: ABC flat out ignore their contract with PP. It’s in the Deadline article. It was even rumored months ago DISNEY told ABC to let PP have their way (honor the contract ie) Why ABC is having a hissy fit with it’s parent company I dunno.

  • David

    Prospect Park got their way. ABC is no longer holding onto the characters. They have the characters back. Prospect Park and the licensing does not hold rights to the actors/actresses. As for them being upset about Cole and Hope being killed its a soap PP can simply bring them back to life.

    But instead they want to be cry babies. The timing is pretty funny its just a desperate way for Prospect Park to get media attention.

    A year from now when they have no money left they will still be blaming ABC.

    ABC has no reason to sabotage Prospect Park since ABC makes money if they are a success. Screw Prospect Park you just lost one viewer and from what Im reading you have lost a lot of potential viewers over this desperate act

  • David

    The timing of this is what is so obvious. 10 days before we launch our shows let file a lawsuit against ABC. Imagine the media attention we will get by doing that. Plus we can make some money since we spent all the money we already had

    Prospect Park you are pathetic

  • Chrisann D

    I don’t think Prospect Park has a prayer in this “lawsuit” They own the characters not the actors. But I have no problem supporting AMC and OLTL online. I am looking forward to watching them.

  • David

    I agree Chrisann Prospect Park will not win this lawsuit at all. They got the characters back. Now the websites are redirecting. There will probbably be some settlement with ABC giving Prospect Park free advertising. Which was probably Prosepct’s plans in the first place.

    Remember Prospect Park only licensed the shows. THey hold that license for what one maybe two years. Doing this means ABC will probably not renew the license to them and take it back which could mean the end of these shows revivals. People better remember if this happens Prospect Park is the one who sealed the fate this time.

    They just want media attention that they would have not gotten

  • David

    I guess Prospect Park forgot to tell the courts to send ABC the legal papers or there is no lawsuit

    As first noted on our Twitter page, when pressed for comment on the news that Prospect Park had filed a lawsuit against the network over an apparent breach in their licensing agreement with Prospect Park, ABC tells Soap Opera Network, ”We haven’t seen the complaint or been served so we can’t comment.”

  • MBmomof3

    Disappointing direction. I still support OLTL, AMC & GH. Love my soaps!

  • David

    I just got down reading the alleged court papers filed. The complain is so funny.

    In it they say that ABC has been breaking this agreement with the OLTL characters for over a year. Well here is my question they say all this stuff has been going on for over a year but they wait until 10 days before they are set to launch the revivals. Yea timing is suspect.

    They also mention that they tried to say that they made it appear Tomas was Alcazar. That was never denied or confirmed so they have the facts wrong.

    They are also complaining about not having the actors and actresses back well they never had a couple of them under contact to the new show to begin with. SO they have no ground there. I don’t see this claim getting very far.

  • kitty

    PP might have a case, but really, if their problem with ABC is what ABC did with the characters, PP can just easily rewrite it. ABC hasn’t mentioned the names of these characters, so they could just say it never happened. I am sure the fans will forgive them, and forget it.

    As to @David: “. Why not let them go, and take their salaries and rebuild GH with it’s veteran actors? Fans have already proven that they want to see the veterans.” – a) we don’t know which of the veteran actors are even willing to stay, they might have engagements elsewhere b) we don’t know the comparative salaries c) GH cannot have the majority of their actors in the same 55+ demographics. Sure, fans loved to see them, I sure did, but I am 54 and I’ve watched GH for over 30 years, I remember them, many of the 18-34 audiences don’t. Also, it was a short time, and the nurses ball, and all, but ultimately GH needs different demographics. Neither of the 3 actors are in the same demographics as the vets. Each of these 3 actors have their fans too, and every extra fan helps.

  • David

    @kitty the main reason Kristen Alderson the former Starr and now soon to be as a new character she never signed with Prospect Park. She had planned on moving out west and did. She had no obligation to return to Prospect Park.

    As for the veterans at GH Genie Francis(Laura_, Kin Shriner(Scotty), Lynn Herring(Lucy), Ian Buchanan(Duke), Finola Hughes(Anna), Kristina Malandro(Felicia) are all staying with the show long term. Plenty of veterans there.

  • Greg

    Too bad that this is starting off on the wrong foot. Regarding the 3 actors, they are known by their OLTL charactors, neither GH or OLTL will benefit by recasting the actors or the charactors. ABC would be smart to support PP as they are earning money off the relaunch and if successful they can moe GH to PP in 2014. The success depends on cross overs and advertising on ABC. Fighing each other will not help this to work. Very dissapointing.

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