Production Company Prospect Park Sues ABC for 'Sabotaging' New 'All My Children' and 'One Life to Live'

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April 18th, 2013

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It's a plot twist that seems ripped from the daytime soaps involved, Eleven days before the debut of the new on-line versions of All My Children and One Life to Live, production company Prospect Park, which licensed the shows from ABC, is suing the network. According to Deadline, Prospect Park claims that ABC has broken the licensing agreement and is attempting to sabotage the new shows. The two companies have been in dispute over three characters that crossed over from One Life to Live to General Hospital. The actors who play them are contracted to ABC, while their characters are licensed to Prospect Park. After temporarily writing off the actors, ABC opted to create new roles on General Hospital for them. More details as they become available.

  • Jason

    David it has nothing to do with the actors on the shows but the characters on the shows and characters having longterm stories or being killed off and we do not know if PP was trying to discuss their issues/problems with ABC and what has happened behind the scenes not outlined in the lawsuit papers.

    There are reports that Disney wants PP to be a success but ABC executives do not want it to because they cancelled the shows

  • Roco

    @David, you are truly naive man, didn’t you read the entire report, any sensible person whi truly read that report would place blame where it belongs, at ABC. They are a bunch of greedy executives who wanted this venture to fail, of course they wanted to get paid regardless if it is a success or failure. Don’t put your faith in ABC because clearly don’t care for their fans. PP is not the victim because of what happen last year, but I am siding with them on this one, just wait til they cancel GH..

  • Roco

    @Jason, I’m with PP on this one..

  • Roco

    GH will be cancelled in 2014, just wait and see

  • James

    @David. PP has a 15 year deal with ABC/Disney for the soaps. With sliding increases in how much they pay ABC over that time for the soaps. Buy yes, you may be right, the soaps could flop and only do a few years before going away.

  • christopher

    I agree with prospect park. I hope they bankrupt abc for all the rotten things they’ve done. the only thing I would miss on the network is once upon a time & even that isn’t much of “must see tv” for me anymore.

  • David

    @Roco I did read the report. The issue is they have a problem with how the characters have been used for the last year but wait until 10 days before the launch of the new shows to do this.

    Tea Delgado who is one of the characters they mentioned hasn’t been on GH in months yet just now they are upset about her baby being killed. Yea OK.

    GH’s ratings are great the network is behind it and it isnt going anywhere. Funny before it was GH will be cancelled by the 50th now people say by 2014 then when 2014 comes I am sure they will start saying 2015

    When it gets thrown out of court remember I told you it would

  • Eddie

    I will tell you this!!! ABC has literally ruined and wrecked their daytime lineup. They had a great Soap in All My Children! They continue to destroy their daytime tv shows and I’m sure morale has to be lower as well. I will not give the network satisfaction of watching General Hospital either!! I have been watching Days of Our Lives at the 1 pm hour now and it is a good storyline with lots of good actors! ABC should go ahead and get out of the soap opera business because the damage they caused is not repairable.

  • Jill

    @ Eddie…..I totally agree with you:) I live in Florida and we have some large tv markets here, mot people I know don’t watch ABC or General Hospital. Everytime I go into a patients room (I’m a nurse at a hospital), they are either watching Young and Restless or Days of Our Lives. General hospital will suffer the same fate as All My Children and One Life To Live when all is said and done. ABC really made a mess!

  • lll

    This lawsuit is a hot mess.

  • HT


  • Paul

    @David. it is worth pointing out that soap operas with strong ratings have been cancelled before. If ABC wants to get rid of Gh, they will. It doesn’t matter what the ratings are.

  • David

    @Paul people have been talking about GH getting cancelled since ABC cancelled AMC and OLTL. Almost 2 years later since the announcement of AMC’s cancellation GH is still alive. And ratings are up huge..

    @Jill maybe no one at the hospital watches but look at the ratings. GH is squashing Days. And Y&R has been losing viewers.

    Why would people punish GH becuase of ABC’s actions? Yea that makes sense.

    Well when your online episodes of AMC and OLTL are cancelled because PP fails you will be the ones without a soap.

  • Chrisann D

    I agree with David. I support all the soaps but will watch OLTL and AMC on Prospect Park. What I won’t do is punish GH for what ABC did to OLTL and AMC…not GHs fault. But I have to admit I really don’t support any other show on ABC. I know thats being hypocritical but…. well still sore about OLTL being canceled.

  • Crystal

    ABC is the one with sour grapes and hopefully loses this lawsuit.

    PP also has sour grapes. They are clearly only suing because they “lost” the actors to GH. If they truly cared about breach of contract and RC killing off OLTL characters, they would not have been willing to share the characters in exchange for the actors also doing OLTL.

    It’s unlikely that ABC will lose this lawsuit if it goes to court (PP’s claims over ABC conduct in regard to the actors will definitely be dismissed because ABC legally had the right to give them a long term contract and offer them another role in order to keep them since PP has no claim to the actors) because PP has to prove damages and most of their claims are likely impossible to prove. Unless the actors back up the claims that ABC mislead them and ABC admits that one of them expressed that they want OLTL/ABC to fail. The URL situation and ABC not wanting to air the promos are the only ones PP has case about but the chances of them winning 25 million because of it is slim.

  • CeeKay

    @David, we get it. You’re an ABC zombie. Well, those of us with brains in our heads understand that Prospect Park is doing what they have to do because ABC is filled with arrogant azzes who think they can just do whatever they want. We will support our soaps (AMC and OLTL), and no, they’re not going anywhere, much as ABC wishes they would so they could save themselves the embarrassment of everyone knowing how wrong they were in cancelling them in the first place.

  • Shon

    I think that the actors do a better job on General Hospital. Who wants to watch soap operas online anyway

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