Unaired Episodes of 'Don't Trust the B in Apartment 23' to Stream Online

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April 18th, 2013

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The eight unaired episodes of cancelled ABC comedy Don't Trust the B in Apartment 23 will be available online starting May 17 on Hulu, ABC.com and iTunes.The star of the series, Krysten Ritter, tweeted the news saying, "Exciting news for all you Don't Trust the B---- in @apt23 fans! On May 17th the remaining episodes will be available on Abc.com, itunes, and hulu! 8 episodes of genus B---- hilarity! Can't wait for you all to see them. I love you."

  • forg

    I wished ABC burned it off on air as well, on a Saturday on summer.

  • Neil

    Can’t wait to watch all the episodes in the right order!

  • gerry

    agreed. is abc going to be airing something that amazing on summer saturdays that they just couldn’t air it there? or at least put them online…. oh well, at least i can see them. RIP APT 23

  • Lindsay

    Hopefully they’ll at least be in the right order this time.

  • vincentdante

    Ratings matter– even on Saturdays.

  • Simon

    Any word on whether ABC will do the same thing with Zero Hour?

  • RJ

    And all five fans rejoiced!!

  • TheFloppingFails

    Liked the shown but I’m unsure of the move to the internet. Odds are by the time May 17th rolls around people will have forgotten including myself…

  • The Watcher

    First season was intermittently funny.
    Second season went right down the drain, quit watching, so did almost everyone else.

  • Dan

    @Forg – I wish that as well. Its easy to just burn two episodes off each saturday for 4 weeks.

  • CKO

    @The Watcher

    But a lot of the episodes from Season 2 were filmed as part of Season 1, so how does that work out?

  • Dan

    @CKO – Maybe because the episodes were aired out of order and Season 1 had a James Van Der Beek DWTS storyline while Season 2 had Chloe getting a new job. We start out with 4 second season episodes, which is OK but then in December we get 3 Season 1 leftovers and then in January we get a combination of Season 1 and Season 2.

    Hopefully if How to Live With Your Parents is renewed, that wont happen to that series and its a good thing it didn’t happen to Happy Endings.

  • jimmers

    Now this is cool news….miss this show.

  • HT

    Whoever is in charge of programming at ABC needs to go. Sundays have been a disaster with them showing new episodes against every award show. They’d rather show re-runs than fresh content?

  • Glue

    Thank God! Best comedy on TV. I can’t wait to see them. It’s a shame that the ratings sucked.

    R.I.P The best comedy.

  • Oliver

    Zero Hour is scheduled to air on Saturday in summer.

    I’m slightly surprised they’re dumping the episodes online rather than airing them.

  • r0ckmypants

    @Oliver – Has that been confirmed? I know a summer burn-off was speculated, but I didn’t think they had announced anything.

  • Glue

    By the way, that picture is from the episode where they have the Bender. If you’re wondering.

  • jessica

    The Watcher,
    Do you realise that ABC scrambled the broadcast sequence of the episodes like the chef at a cheap diner making breakfast for the thousandth time that day – just didn’t care what the result would be. Season 1 was messy but at least all the episodes were from season 1. When season 2 came along there were still a bunch of episodes from season 1 left over and they got mixed in to so as to obliterate all remaining sense of continuity. When ABC ceased broadcast there was still one episode from season 1 they hadn’t shown.

    Based on American and then Australian broadcasts this is what was done (the last two are not yet schedule in AU so they could be reversed):
    1 2 10 5 4 8 11 14 16 17 15 7 12 13 18 6 3 21 9 20 19 22 23 24 25 26

    One of the best ways to kill a show and blame it on the audience is to do this to it.

  • Rebecca

    Finally! And that’s what Chloe is yelling in that picture, too, lol. Now if only the rest of Ben & Kate can be posted online, too – I want to watch both of these shows and I don’t care how.

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