Unaired Episodes of 'Don't Trust the B in Apartment 23' to Stream Online

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April 18th, 2013

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The eight unaired episodes of cancelled ABC comedy Don't Trust the B in Apartment 23 will be available online starting May 17 on Hulu, ABC.com and iTunes.The star of the series, Krysten Ritter, tweeted the news saying, "Exciting news for all you Don't Trust the B---- in @apt23 fans! On May 17th the remaining episodes will be available on Abc.com, itunes, and hulu! 8 episodes of genus B---- hilarity! Can't wait for you all to see them. I love you."

  • Sel

    God, I still can’t get over this precious little show ;( hate y’all americans for not watching ! R.I.P. B!

  • Dan

    @Oliver – Is Zero Hour confirmed to air in the summer? I know there were reports about 666 Park Avenue, but I havent heard anything about Zero Hour or Secret Millionaire.

  • SJ

    I honestly didn’t expect to ever see the episodes so this is good news.

  • Joseph

    Can the Cancellation Bear get Hulu to drop these unaired episodes??

  • jessica

    Can you say ‘British iTunes account’? Of course Ben And Kate is also already out there in more openly sourced means too.

    Zero Hour… i like it when i don’t recognise the whole cast from the 40 other shows they have done so i was hoping for more of this one.

  • Rebecca

    I can’t find BAK for free. Can I even get a British iTunes account if I’m in America? I don’t pay for any “i” programs (no Mac) anyway. I mainly just check hulu plus and project free tv. Still haven’t seen the end of Mr Sunshine either.

  • jessica

    This really isn’t the sort of place that allows for advocacy of things possibly under-the-table in the US. All 16 episodes of Ben And Kate are available on the British iTunes store. What you do with that information is up to you. There are those other means which do simply include google and the right key words. At 13 episodes broadcast FOX could try to get us all to stick our heads in the sand and believe that is all of it – 13 episode seasons are a little more normal than 16. So long as they think they might maybe broadcast them or use them as incentive to purchase the DVD or BD release it is unlikely they will appear on Hulu.

    Mr Sunshine has been available at your local Wal*Mart on DVD for a year and a half now so if you really wanted to see it there isn’t much excuse. It might even be available at a library near you. It isn’t the last 4 episodes though. Like too many others which came before or after it the episodes of Mr Sunshine were shuffled or scrambled or broadcast on ABC but i believe are presented in the correct sequence on the DVDs.

  • Iggy

    Good news.

    Whoever is in charge of [scheduling] programming at ABC needs to go.

    Bader and Kern already fled to NBC half a year ago. All that’s left is Paul Lee and a big bottle of Effexor.

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