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April 18th, 2013


Last week, Hannibal became the second new drama this season to improve its adults 18-49 ratings from week 1 to week 2, improving from a 1.6 for its premiere to a 1.7. (The other was another serial killer show, The Following.) Can the upward trajectory continue? Has the show about a murderer slaughtered NBC's death slot? Luckily for Hannibal, it's facing off against repeats on ABC and CBS. So how do you think it will do tonight? Make your predictions.

  • Greg

    1.7, with the possibility to adjust up in the finals to a 1.8.

    I really hope they move the show to Tuesdays at 9, at least after The Office ends, so the show could have some lead in.

  • TheFrenchGuy

    Tonight ratings:

    Wife Swap: 1.3
    Grey’s Anatomy (R): 1.3
    Scandal (R): 1.1

    The Big Bang Theory (R): 3.0
    Two and a Half Men (R): 2.4
    The Big Bang Theory (R): 3.3
    2 Broke Girls (R): 2.3

    Community: 1.2
    The Office (R): 1.0
    Parks & Recreation: 1.7
    Parks & Recreation: 1.5
    Hannibal: 1.7

    American Idol: 3.1
    Glee: 2.2

    The Vampire Diaries: 1.3
    Beauty and the Beast: 0.6

  • ultimateslayer

    I don’t think it has another rise in it. There is no The Office Lead In (though Parks will most likely still be a better Lead In than Go On) and there wasn’t another wednesday repeat to help build. So I’m gonna go with a 1.4. At some point the premiere ratings are going to fade, and in this case I think sooner than later.

  • Nerdbot

    I’m gonna be pessimistic and say it’ll be between 1.3-1.5. It’s just a hunch. I really hope to be proven wrong, because the show is pretty good (and far better than The Following, IMO).

  • Wright


  • TVDude

    The lineup this week is weaker, although I will admit Parks is a stronger leadin than Go On was, so it’s a tough call. My guess would be that it’ll be down, but not out. If it’s up, that’s awesome.

  • Mary

    I think it’ll stay at 1.7. However, I’m curious as to what the numbers will be when Elementary returns with new episodes next week.

  • MichaelChickless

    I’d love to see it go up to a 1.8, especially going up against repeats on ABC and CBS (I would think it shares some audience with Elementary).

  • romo

    NFL Network (3 hrs) & ESPN2 (2 hrs) have NFL schedule release shows @ 8:00pm tonite !!!

  • michael

    Looks like CBS is trying the 4-comedy Thursday block again. Good for them. Just pull the trigger next year and do it!

  • DKD

    I think the show has buzz, but last week it gained most in “Live + 3″. It’s hard for 10PM shows to gain in Live + SD because people just prefer to watch another day.

    I’m still voting 1.8.

  • jane

    There isnt any competition this week so it should do really well.

  • TV Viewer

    With repeats airing on ABC and CBS, Hannibal will probably do well in the ratings.

  • KarenM

    Interesting that CBS put PoI up against it this week. Should be interesting to see how it does. I hope it does well but if PoI and Hannibal were up againist each other every week I’d be pissed. Two great shows!


  • John A

    1.5. Still ok.

  • David

    I think it should pull a 1.8. Competition looks similar to last week but remember also last week had the Bulls/Knicks thriller where the Bulls won in OT to end the Knicks 13-game win streak.

    Considering those are two of the biggest markets in the country, and Hannibal skews more male than most network shows, along with no bball competition tonight, I think it has a good shot to pull in some of those viewers and go up in the ratings.

    Last week’s rating wasn’t a stong 1.7 (1.67), so to increase to anything higher than 1.8 (1.84) would be tough.

  • DenverDean

    Really exciting that a 1.8 is cause for celebration. Seriously, NBC should move CF to Tuesday 9/8, Hannibal to 10/9 and put Dateline on Wed and/or Thursday at 10/9 as alternative to competing dramas. Stupid to waste Tuesday’s TV on RFL. I just don’t get that. CF has great potential and it appears that Hannibal has same opportunity.

  • s0303

    1.6…nbc should rerun an hour of the voice at 8pm on tues. new voice at 9…and hannibal at 10…

  • were123

    For NBC at Thursdays 10PM a 1.4 is already a cause for celebration, man, I’d say even a 1.3.
    I think Hannibal will stay even or raise one more tenth, so 1.7-1.8 (voted 1.8)

  • Patrick Ausgewahlt

    I voted a 1.7. Even if it got a .9, it would still be even with the network average.

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