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April 18th, 2013


Last week, Hannibal became the second new drama this season to improve its adults 18-49 ratings from week 1 to week 2, improving from a 1.6 for its premiere to a 1.7. (The other was another serial killer show, The Following.) Can the upward trajectory continue? Has the show about a murderer slaughtered NBC's death slot? Luckily for Hannibal, it's facing off against repeats on ABC and CBS. So how do you think it will do tonight? Make your predictions.

  • Fred

    I think fans of this genre aren’t interested in what ABC and CBS have to offer tonight. So I think Hannibal will remain around a 1.7. Perhaps a 1.8, but not more.

  • gerry

    um, yeah. its only competition is repeats. i say 1.8

  • KarenM

    I think PoI’s going to beat it but I hope it can beat Scandal.

  • DW

    i loved the first ep. but the second ep. , i dont know if it was the writing or acting but the will Graham part is staring to grate on my nerves. i get it hes troubled but find another criminal investigator. so a 1.6 for me. i need to go back and watch the 2nd ep. maybe it rubbed me wrong.

  • City Kitty

    Hannibal is a winner for NBC.

  • BigBrotherFan


    Next week against ELEMENTRY AND SCANDAL is the real test and I say it bombs at a 1.1-1.2 and then NBC moves it following the voice and RFL gets the Saturday treatment followed by LAW AND ORDER repeats @10pm, again.

  • Red Jane

    There isn’t real competition until Person of Interest is back … So likely 1.7 or if lucky 1.8…

  • Red Jane

    Nice pun in the headline by the way… Mikkelsen’s mannerisms make the ‘foodie’ scenes a delight… Yummy….

  • sarah nz

    As others have said, voting for a 1.7 to 1.8
    Interesting to see what PoI gets as I can’t remember it ever repeating at 10pm.

  • The End

    On the bright side, Person of Interest only has 3 episodes left, Elementary has 5. Competition or not, the show won’t be battered for long.

  • Dan S

    I’m going all out & saying over 1.8 because it has NO competition. It also has a stronger lead in with a 1 hr P&R that’ll deliver much better numbers than Go On did in its 1st 2 outings. Of course next week will be the real story when it has fresh competition but hopefully people who check it out will stick around.

  • maplab98

    1.8 :)

  • maplab98

    Tonight ratings:
    Wife Swap: 1.2
    Grey’s Anatomy (R): 1.2
    Scandal (R): 0.8

    The Big Bang Theory (R): 2.7
    Two and a Half Men (R): 2.1
    The Big Bang Theory (R): 2.5
    2 Broke Girls (R): 2.0

    Community: 1.4
    The Office (R): 0.9
    Parks & Recreation: 1.8
    Parks & Recreation: 1.5
    Hannibal: 1.8

    American Idol: 3.0
    Glee: 2.3

    The Vampire Diaries: 1.4
    Beauty and the Beast: 0.6

  • stevenD

    I think it’ll remain even or at least go up to a 1.8 because Parks is a better lead in, people could still catch up on DVR or on demand if it only had 2 episodes, buzz, and one thing that I might just be BSing but Archer ended last week, so even less competition

  • Carmen

    As long as it doesn’t tank tonight (say to a 1.4 or so), it is relatively meaningless how Hannibal performs.

    If it goes as high as a 2.0, then the NBC cheerleaders will be encouraging NBC to give it a 3 year renewal.

    The real test is going to be when it faces new episodes of Elementary and Scandal for several weeks so valid comparisons can be made. Until then, all the claims that its a hit are premature to say the least.

  • HV

    Community 1.3
    The Office R 1.0
    Parks and Recreation 1.5
    Parks and Recreation 1.5
    Hannibal 1.6

  • Ricardo

    With a better lead-in and great word of mouth, here’s hoping for a 1.8.

  • Richard Steven Hack

    I voted for a 1.6. It might continue to go up but that’s always against the odds. The main thing is that it doesn’t drift down into cancellation territory.

  • JD

    Ready for Love is useless. They might as well air Hannibal back-to-back on Tuesdays, or show repeats on it. Anything to boost the recognition for a show that’s actually great, and not another tired reality show.

  • nick dallas

    hannibal is one of the best shows out there. w.no competition if it is a good episode it will draw ppl in, 1.8+

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