Will 'Hannibal' Devour the Competition Tonight? - Poll

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April 18th, 2013


Last week, Hannibal became the second new drama this season to improve its adults 18-49 ratings from week 1 to week 2, improving from a 1.6 for its premiere to a 1.7. (The other was another serial killer show, The Following.) Can the upward trajectory continue? Has the show about a murderer slaughtered NBC's death slot? Luckily for Hannibal, it's facing off against repeats on ABC and CBS. So how do you think it will do tonight? Make your predictions.

  • Chris

    I’m hoping it at least stays around a 1.6, because I like it and I want it to be an absolute lock for renewal.

    I don’t think shows really gain much in the way of an audience over time anymore, the entertainment landscape being what it is, so asking for any more than that seems kind of ridiculous. Just a nice, solid rating that keeps its head sufficiently above the rest of NBC’s schedule to get more episodes, that’s the best I can realistically hope for.

  • Penny


  • Californiadgd


  • brian

    1.8 against reruns. Curious to see what it does against Scandal and Elementary with original episodes, though. I guess that NBC should be glad that Mockingbird Lane didn’t work out, then.

  • senor chang

    Bad news: it slipped to a 2.6 in households last night. (Three week track: 3.1, 3.1, 2.6). We’ll see if that means it took a bad hit in 18-49 last night soon enough, but hopefully it didn’t lose too much of its audience. And there’s always Friday, I suppose.

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