CBS Preempts 'Vegas' for 'CBS News Special Report: Boston Bombers' Tonight- Updated

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April 19th, 2013



The episode of  Vegas originally scheduled for tonight will air Saturday at 8PM.


The following replaces the previously announced primetime programming for Friday, April 19 and Saturday, April 20.


Friday, April 19



10:00-11:00 PM HAWAII FIVE-0 (R)


Saturday, April 20

8:00-9:00 PM VEGAS (Friday's originally scheduled episode)

9:00-10:00 PM THE MENTALIST (R)

10:00-11:00 PM 48 HOURS (Original)


via press release:




Scott Pelley will anchor a CBS News primetime special CBS NEWS SPECIAL REPORT: BOSTON BOMBERS tonight, April 19 (9:00-10:00 PM) on the CBS Television Network.


Pelley will also anchor an extended, hour-long broadcast of the CBS EVENING NEWS WITH SCOTT PELLEY (6:30-7:30 PM) tonight.


Susan Zirinsky is the executive producer of the CBS News primetime news special.


Patricia Shevlin is the executive producer of the CBS EVENING NEWS WITH SCOTT PELLEY.


  • Greg

    Why preempt Vegas if Undercover Boss and Blue Bloods are repeats tonight?

  • Magnum

    Of course, they couldn’t preempt the Hawaii Five-0 rerun at 10. They had to preempt the only original of the night. Ok.

  • Don

    Why preempt the only new show on tonight? Why not Undercover Boss or Hawaii Five-O which are reruns? Not airing a new episode of Vegas and leaving on 2 repeats instead is a dumb idea.

    Makes me wonder if CBS recently hired NBC executives to come up with a dumb idea like this.

  • TV Viewer


    Probably because Undercover Boss at 8 and Hawaii Five-0 at 10 are repeat episodes, so might as well preempt Vegas at 9 and have no original entertainment shows on tonight.

  • TV Viewer

    Having an original episode of Vegas sandwiched in between two repeat shows was not going to do Vegas any good anyway, so air the original episode of Vegas on another night when Undercover Boss and Blue Bloods also air original episodes.

  • Garry Todoruk

    So sad to here here about Vegas, seems to me that it was one of the only shows that could compare to Magic City and Boardwalk Empire. It would be great if CBS could take another look at this situation.

  • DenverDean

    Considering Vegas’ ratings on Friday, probably a good plan. Plus most CBS shows end a week before end of sweeps, so Vegas can just finish a week later. It’s no big deal.

  • CrimTV


    You mean ABC execs, they’re the ones that have an awful scheduling department

  • SueP

    So they’re going to take another hour and tell us how they really have nothing new to report? I don;t really watch news shows, but I guess I wouldn’t mind these if they actually had anything to tell us. Unfortunately they rarely do. But isn’t that what CNN and CNBC or FoxNews are for? Any updates are quickly reported on one of those actual news channels, so why interrupt national programming for non-news?

  • Jeff R.

    Didn’t the NBC special pull a 3.0 at 10:00? If the other networks don’t follow suit they’ll win the night with this. (I’m not sure it’s particularly possible to sell those kinds of numbers in any way, but they might go into averages that get them more money in general…)

  • xwiseguyx

    i”m sure they think the bomber special will do better than Vegas and they want to see how H50 does on Fridays… so the higher the lead-in, the better.

  • brutony

    I thought that pic was of Pelley with his news babes-those Anchors get ALL the ladies!

  • SJ

    Wow, this never ends, does it?

    I think it’s very telling that CBS decided to preempt Vegas, when they could have preempted the two repeats on the night instead. But we all already knew Vegas was toast.

    For those interested, the Vegas episode will now air tomorrow, per TVLine.

  • EatMorePez

    Both ABC and NBC are airing news magazines at 10:00 so if CBS airs their special at 9:00, they will have no direct competition. That’s why Vegas is being preempted, and not H50.

  • lll

    They can always put Vegas on after the special. Pull H50 off the schedule. It’s a rerun anyway.

  • DanaK

    It would be better to show the preempted episode next Friday, but maybe they don’t want to push the schedule back. The Saturday telecast will probably not do all that well.

  • Greg

    It wouldn’t be a good idea to pull Hawaii 5-0 because then the special would be competing against 20/20 and Rock Center, which will probably be discussing the Boston incident as well.

    Still, I don’t understand why they don’t pull Undercover Boss or move Vegas to 10pm.

  • TV Viewer

    Since CBS has just announced they will be airing tonight’s scheduled original episode of Vegas tomorrow night (Saturday at 8:00) instead of next week in between a (probably) original episode of Undercover Boss and Blue Bloods; I agree with SJ and Eat More Pez. Vegas is considered expendable by the network (no surprise there after it’s move to Friday and low ratings), and they don’t want to compete with a 10 news show from ABC and NBC.

  • Billiam

    Well, airing the ‘original” ep of Vegas on Saturday just confirms to me that it has already been decided that it will be cancelled.

    Most shows have declined in ratings this week due to the bombing anyway, so it would either do miserably tonight or be broken into a few times when/if they feel like reporting anything on the bombing…

    I wonder… Are there really that many people out there any more that actually tune into the local broadcast TV (you know, via old-fashioned VHF/UHF signal) instead of having at least basic cable that makes the networks think that they have to broadcast news events instrad of just doing it on their cable news channels?

    Even at my economic worse, I at least had basic cable in the past 12 years… I don’t even know how I would try to tune into a local broadcast signal anymore like I used to with “rabbit ears”…

  • John A

    So CBS arent even keeping Vegas cancelation a secret anymore with this airing Saturday.

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