FNC is the Most-Watched Cable News Channel for Boston Bombing Coverage Among Total Viewers

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April 19th, 2013


As the Boston Bombing news developed throughout the week, FOX News Channel was the most-watched cable news network among Total Viewers.

FNC's Monday through Thursday average topped both CNN and MSNBC in total viewers and demo for both total day and prime time. Additional details below.



FNC: 1,647,000 total viewers (421,000 in the demo)

CNN: 1,048,000 total viewers (403,000 in the demo)

MSNBC: 515,000 total viewers (162,000 in the demo)




FNC: 2,783,000 total viewers (682,000 in the demo)

CNN: 1,619,000 total viewers (674,000 in the demo)

MSNBC: 975,000 total viewers (333,000 in the demo)

  • Doc Michaels

    CNN can’t even win breaking news events anymore. Not that you’d expect them to after their embarrassing performance with Anderson Cooper, Jake Tapper, Chris Cuomo and Erin Burnett floundering on air the other day.

  • MichaelChickless

    FNC: We’re your bombing headquarters.

  • Tully

    Sara Bible; A beautiful tea party Hack.

  • Stephen

    I’m in total agreement with you Doc and I’ll add Wolf Blitzer to your list.

  • Mark3

    Foxnews always the best. Msnbc is a horrible disgrace. All liberals. Not one republican on it.they will nevee beat.fox. theres hope for man kind after all

  • Jim

    Wow, it’s pretty clear CNN is no longer, ‘the most trusted name in news…’

    It’s not that FNC is so great, rather it is that the rest are just horrible. I mean MSNBC just jumped the shark with all their anchors repeating the farcical Left-wing propoganda that the Boston bombing was the cause of ‘Tea Party white males waving a Gadsen Flag, and NRA card carrying members’. All this week on MSNBC I thought I was watching the Left-wing Hate-hustler Southern Poverty Law Center Channel.

    NOTE to MSNBC; drop the Left-wing ideologues and start reporting the news honestly.

  • Ellen S

    Fox News gave incorrect sensationalized faux news so many times in the last few days. But they passed on airing statements by the President. Almost passed out when the news guy told “The Five” that Obama is an excellent consoler in chief. Surprised when the usually snarky “Five” did not respond.

  • Mary

    Wait a minute Ellen. What faux news did fnc report?

  • richard

    Msnbc is last because everyone knows the would blame the TEA Party and not a muslim

  • Mark2

    CNN has a higher key demo average from 5-11 PM than Fox News

  • Stan T.

    Ellen S
    Posted April 19, 2013 at 8:20 PM
    Fox News gave incorrect sensationalized faux news so many times in the last few days. But they passed on airing statements by the President.

    make up your mind…you accuse Fox News of giving incorrect news, then you complain they dont air the Obama’s speeches…you either want them to give incorrect news or you dont…every time Obama opens his mouth, he says something incorrect…see, I didn’t accuse him of lying…just not telling the truth..

  • Jay Raskin

    CNN and Headline news easily beat Fox News in 25-54 year olds. Fox lead in total viewers comes from their dominance in elderly viewers.
    I have two brothers and a sister in their 70’s who watch Faux News. I think they have the first stages of Alzheimer’s disease. I am unsure if having Alzheimer’s disease causes them to watch or watching Fox news causes the Alzheimer’s disease. Probably there is a dialectical relationship where the more one watches the more the disease develops and the more the disease develops the more one watches.
    My mother too started watching it in her 80’s as she started developing the disease. The more she watched, the less she knew about the real world. She died two years not recognizing any of her children or knowing who she was. Scientists really have to study the relationship between mental illness and watching Fox News.

  • jessica

    @ Jay – your scientific deductions are absolutely hysterical. You should get your own show on MSNBC. Priceless. Sounds like you’re following in your mother’s footsteps already. BTW, are you sitting in your own filth yet while writing your blithering opinion? Just a note to help you out with that: they have a product called Attends for that. Just sayin….

  • Sia

    MSNBC is a joke it’s all liberal opinions nothing else ! What a disgrace ! CNN is a liberal news site pretending to tell the truth. Fox News is actually pretty good.

  • AppleStinx

    Jay Raskin wrote: “…Scientists really have to study the relationship between mental illness and watching Fox News.”

    Scary, isn’t it, that you’ll end your days watching Faux News like the rest of your family? It’s inevitable. Just relax and let yourself go.

  • JetPro

    Illegals have killed far more citizens…

    Illegals have used far more of our resources…

  • Iggy

    All newsertainment sucks.

  • Sarah

    Go Fox Go! :D

  • ADAM S.

    Did you all see the NBC news coverage of the bomber’s capture on Friday? 8.93 MILLIONS viewers!!! Kinda makes Fox “News” with it’s 1.6 million viewers seem like a tiny little spec doesn’t it!!! I mean if the Walking dead averages 10+ million viewers a week and it’s a cable show too, WOW Fox “New’s as a channel is NOTHING!!!!

  • bg

    FNC sucks. All it is is a bunch of people who have nothing else to do then to bash obama most of the time.
    Common…hannity? He is such a waste to listen to. Only person who I can even respect on that channel is Oreilly. He actually will be fair most of the time.

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