NBC Moves 'Grimm' to Tuesdays at 10PM, 'Ready for Love' Pulled from Schedule

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April 19th, 2013


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UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif. — April 19, 2013 — NBC is moving its drama “Grimm” to Tuesdays (10-11 p.m. ET) beginning April 30, behind a previously scheduled two-hour episode of “The Voice.” “Grimm” will remain in that 10 p.m. Tuesday timeslot through May 21.

“Dateline” will replace “Grimm” at 9 p.m. Fridays, beginning April 26.

It has not yet been determined when or where remaining episodes of “Ready for Love” will be aired.

  • Costa

    I hope this doesn’t hurt Grimm’s chances of being renewed if this desicion turns out to be a mistake.

  • Wright

    Good now I can watch it live.

  • Patrick Ausgewahlt

    It can’t hurt Grimm’s ratings. Last time is aired on a non-Friday spot it was out of season on a Monday following that God awful Stars Earn Stripes.

  • tommie

    Hm, I really think they should’ve kept a Grimm repeat for a week or two on Fridays until the audience got used to the sudden move, but at the same time Grimm has shown to have a dedicated fan base so I guess it might be fine.

    It’ll be interesting to see if it can move past the 2.0 mark on Tuesdays.

  • rob60990

    I’m surprised they actually did this. What is NBC doing this next week?

  • Greg

    Does this means that The Voice will be two-hour long for the rest of the season?

  • Danak

    They shoved Smash to Saturdays for this and it failed and they’re pulling it now? Karma!

  • Jared

    Its about time NBC gave Grimm some love. I don’t personally watch it but I hope it does really well after The Voice.

  • omabin

    Yeah, I am with Greg. Does this mean the Voice will always be expanded? If not, what will they air in the 9pm hour?

  • Michael

    This could be good news or bad news for Grimm. The Voice is a massive HIT, one of the best lead-ins on prime-time television, so expectations are high for Grimm to perform even better!

  • chrisss

    @ omabin

    I’d imagine that The Voice will remain at 2 hours at least until Grimm finishes it’s season.

  • TVDude

    What is going 9-10pm, extended The Voice episodes?

  • Alex

    What is NBC doing this next week?

    Assuming you mean what is NBC doing this week – The Voice and Ready for Love as originally scheduled I would assume.

    The bigger issue here is – are NBC really going to do 4 hours over 2 days of The Voice for the rest of the season?

  • networkman

    Great Move! The Tuesday 10pm slot is up for grabs. Both CBS and ABC have shows that are struggling in that timeslot, even though Body of Proof has a decent amount of viewers. If Grimm is able to get low 2’s, NBC would be wise to keep it there in the Fall. Parenthood could be moved to an earlier time on another night.

    This move also benefits CBS on Friday @9pm. They should find a veteran show such as The Mentalist that can take advantage of Grimm moving and compete against Shark Tank for the hour.

  • Mon

    Interesting. So what if Grimm does well, will NBC leave it there permanently or still move it to Fridays this Fall? If Grimm fails, then it’s easy to move it back to Friday.

  • networkman

    Ready for Love really should be moved to Sunday night. We don’t need to see anymore repeats of The Voice. 4 hours per week is enough.

  • Jamie

    What will air Tuesday’s at 9 p.m.?

  • Michael

    Will Guliana Rancic have the honors to mention this on E News?

  • Greg

    This makes little sense to me because as far as I know there’s NOTHING taking advantage of The Voice’s lead in on summer (after Grimm wraps up). So my assumption is that NBC will move Hannibal (if it’s still rating decently) to Tuesdays at 10 beginning on May 28 and keep The Voice extended.

  • Observer

    SUCKS BIG TIME for Grimm fans. Next season will be the last if they don’t move it back to Fridays, where it is safe.

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