NBC Moves 'Grimm' to Tuesdays at 10PM, 'Ready for Love' Pulled from Schedule

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April 19th, 2013


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UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif. — April 19, 2013 — NBC is moving its drama “Grimm” to Tuesdays (10-11 p.m. ET) beginning April 30, behind a previously scheduled two-hour episode of “The Voice.” “Grimm” will remain in that 10 p.m. Tuesday timeslot through May 21.

“Dateline” will replace “Grimm” at 9 p.m. Fridays, beginning April 26.

It has not yet been determined when or where remaining episodes of “Ready for Love” will be aired.

  • snurfles

    I’ll follow Grimm wherever it goes and I don’t think Tuesday night is a bad move. Absolutely LOVE this show!

  • MichaelChickless

    Yes because moving a first season show that’s aired just three episodes to a brand new day and timeslot is always a winning strategy.

    See, even more of a reason.

  • SarahL

    I did not see this coming and am not sure what I think. I love Grimm, but Tuesdays at 10 p.m. does not strike me as a winning time slot for it, then again maybe it can capture some viewers for when it returns to Fridays next season.

  • Anna Bones Clarkwood

    Relax it’s for the final 4 episodes of the season for Sweeps.

    NBC is most likely trying to raise their season avg with this move as most likely Grimm will do better with this move demo wise.

    A side benefit is that The Voice will provide some possible new viewers who will stick around and watch it, no matter where it goes next season.

    I imagine that Grimm will go back to Friday next season. But in any case, moving Parenthood to help stabilize Thursday or make Wed stronger might occur instead & that wouldn’t be a bad thing.

    BTW, this is what NBC 8-10 will probably be for the near future.

    8 Battle Round Voice
    9 RFL
    10 RFL

    8 Knockout Voice
    9 Knockout Voice
    10 Grimm

    8 Knockout Voice
    9 Knockout Voice
    10 Grimm

    8 Voice 12 (I think) contestants remain Results
    9 Voice 12 (I think) contestants remain Results
    10 Grimm

    8 Voice 11? contestants remain Results
    9 Voice 11? contestants remain Results
    10 Grimm

    8 Voice 10? contestants remain Results
    9 Voice 10? contestants remain Results
    10 (maybe Hannibal for the rest of it’s run, or maybe RFL returns?)

    Personally, RFL seems like a nice fit with Fashion Star on Fridays, so Grimm & RFL should just switch timeslots. RFL might do well on Fridays, @ least for the rest of it’s run.

  • k:Alex

    8:00 – Voice
    9:00 – Grimm
    10:00 – Hannibal

    That was the smartest move, one soled drama and one new get a Voice bum, and they match with each other.
    NBC have no idea what they are doing.

  • senor chang

    Didn’t see this coming, but this is actually quite a smart move. I imagine depending on how long the results show will be, they COULD theoretically sneak in some Hannibal eps there, too. Or maybe not. In any case, it’s an improvement.

  • joel

    Yay. A weekday slot where Grimm might be competitive.

  • HotLatino4GayMarriage

    YES!!! I’ll have to catch up so I can start watching LIVE on Tuesdays! GO GRIMM!

  • Jonny C…. formerly Jon

    I for one…am surprised and slightly happy for this. Hannibal should be at 9. I dont what it’ll replace on thursday but if they want hannibal noticed during Sweeps moving it to Tuesday is the best idea.

  • Jacob

    They should have put Hannibal on Tuesday and Grimm on Thursday and maybe burned of RfL on Friday or something.

  • cimmer

    Should have left it alone. I’m hoping if the ratings don’t change (and I don’t believe they will as they didn’t when NBC tried it on other nights previously) that that will be okay with NBC.

  • DenverDean

    CF would’ve been better – more mainstream behind TV, but I’m glad for Grimm – it definitely deserves better than Friday nights. (Although now there’s really nothing left.)

  • karin

    Hannibal dead ?

  • John

    Grimm won’t die. If it doesn’t do very well in the new timeslot, I’m pretty sure it will still be renewed, it’s done great in ratings all season! I bet if it doesn’t do well, it will still be renewed, but moved back to Fridays.

  • Mari

    I was hoping they would do this for Hannibal instead.

  • Rebecca

    I prefer having Grimm on Fridays, but whatever….I’ll DVR it and watch it the same week no matter what.

  • a p garcia

    I hope this move is not permanent for Grimm because I like its Friday slot.

  • Tina

    No arguments with pulling the stinkfest that is Ready for Love, but Grimm seems a weird choice. It’s doing ok on Fridays, you’d think they’d try to boost something else, unless even they think nothing can save their shows :>

  • Ultima

    This makes little sense to me because as far as I know there’s NOTHING taking advantage of The Voice’s lead in on summer

    Revolution on Mondays and America’s Got Talent on Tuesdays…

  • tvwatcher

    It doesn’t matter to me personally. I will follow Grimm wherever it goes – I’ve been doing that since the Pilot. It’ll be pretty amazing though if Grimm does quite a bit better for its last few episodes of Season 2. Happy for the Grimm gang! :)

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