NBC Moves 'Grimm' to Tuesdays at 10PM, 'Ready for Love' Pulled from Schedule

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April 19th, 2013


via press release:


UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif. — April 19, 2013 — NBC is moving its drama “Grimm” to Tuesdays (10-11 p.m. ET) beginning April 30, behind a previously scheduled two-hour episode of “The Voice.” “Grimm” will remain in that 10 p.m. Tuesday timeslot through May 21.

“Dateline” will replace “Grimm” at 9 p.m. Fridays, beginning April 26.

It has not yet been determined when or where remaining episodes of “Ready for Love” will be aired.

  • DryedMangoez


    An intriguing possibility could be a Tuesday line-up next season of The Voice-Grimm-Sixth Gun. I could see Parenthood (with its own loyal fans) on Thursday.

  • rob60990

    With Grimm’s pre-emption tonight, NBC could just air a 2 hour season finale on the 21st.

  • Kissan

    Here’s my NBC schedule for Fall 2013:


    8:00-The Voice

    10:00-Chicago Fire Spin Off(new)


    8:00-The Voice

    9:00-Michael J. Fox. Comedy(new)

    9:30-(new comedy)

    10:00-Parenthood(Sept. to Feb.) Hannibal(Feb. to May)


    8:00-Revolution(even though its probably gonna get canceled)

    9:00-Chicago Fire

    10:00-The Sixth Gun(new)



    8:30-Go On

    9:00-Parks & Recreation


    10:00-L & O:SVU





    Any thoughts?

  • Savannah

    @Jean, what the hell is your problem? It’s a great show & I’m sure it will thrive in the new slot

  • DC

    Why mess with success!! Grimm was doing fine on Fridays, I waited all week to kick my feet up and watch it on Friday nights! It’s going to lose viewers at 10pm on a Tuesday (really!)

  • OERM

    I can see Grimm winning on Tuesday with 2.2 – 2.3 the first week.

  • Alan

    This move could affect Grimm. There’s much competence on Tuesdays and they won’t have the Friday factor.

  • Mickey 1.0


    Grimm is doing so GOOD on Fridays. No one is going to watch it during the weekday – its one of those shows that do well on fridays.

    Grimm was doing well DESPITE the fact it was on Fridays, not because of the fact it was on Fridays. And plenty of people watched it when it was on Mondays last fall, more than then watched it on Fridays. Plus, it’ll get a big boost from the Voice.

    It’s already renewed anyways. If for some reason the move doesn’t work out (though I can’t imagine why it wouldn’t, it’s a choice spot) they can just move it back to Fridays for next season.

  • Mickey 1.0


    This move could affect Grimm. There’s much competence on Tuesdays and they won’t have the Friday factor.

    Tuesday at 10 pm is on the contrary a spot with very little competition. It’ll be up against Body of Proof and Golden Boy which are doing very badly in the ratings. And it’ll be after The Voice, which gives every show after it a big leg up. It’s a great spot.

    And why do many Grimm fans act like their show needs the “Friday factor” like it’s some kind of crutch? A show on a weekday doesn’t need the Friday factor because it doesn’t have the disadvantage of being on Fridays. There’s no need for lower expectations because they’re not hobbled by Friday’s much smaller pool of viewers. The Friday factor isn’t a crutch, it’s a hobble. Without that hobble, it’s free to have higher ratings. Look at Supernatural for example. When it was moved from Fridays to Wednesdays, its ratings increased by 20%. And it’s in a much more competitive spot with a lower lead-in than The Voice.

  • Dan

    Has anybody heard of a dvr? Seriously people its not the end of the world. Lol

  • jake

    They Should stay with one-hour episodes of The Voice and put Grimm on 9pm and Hannibal on 10pm, that would give a very appealing lineup and also very rewarding…

  • Aok

    Looks like Grimm is getting a tryout for the fall.

  • Sandra R

    Recording on Tuesday, I’m still going to watch it Friday.

  • David


    Hate it.

    Why would you say NBC is going to cancel Revolution yet you slap the low rated Whitney on NBC’s least stable night with no questions asked?

  • omabin

    I love Grimm and I too have toyed with the idea of it being on the Monday-Thursday schedule during fall next year. However, that entails several problems for NBC, because it doesn’t have as much free hours as it looks like.

    Bear with me:
    – There are 12 hours on the Monday-Thursday schedule to fill
    – The Voice takes 3 hours (9 hours left)
    – Chicago Fire, SVU, Revolution and Parenthood are certain to return and they will take another 4 hours (5 hours left)
    – NBC had 4 hours of comedy last fall. Even assuming that they reduce them to half (as they should) that still means 2 hours. Anything lower than this is not realistic. (3 hours left)
    – I am 100% sure that NBC will try to launch at least 2 new dramas in a weekday, especially if they premiere only 2 new comedies. These are another 2 hours. (1 hour left)

    So, that 1 hour left could in theory go to Grimm, but, it assumes that NBC will only launch 4 new shows in the fall (2 new dramas, 2 new comedies), which strikes to me as being odd. It is also unclear what would take over Fridays. I am also ignoring the possibility of a fall season of the biggest looser (remember, there is no need for it to be used as filler in between the voice cyles, since they have the olympics). I think a better strategy would be to take advantage of these weeks to expose Grimm, put it back on Fridays next week and build a drama block around it with shows like Dracula or Hannibal (if it survives).

  • Dan S

    As I mentioned awhile back NBC could use Fridays for news & so called reality shows like the current Fashion Star & Celebrity Apprentice. Scripted programming like Grimm could likely grow & thrive earlier in the week. With so many holes to fill I don’t see any problem & they could timeshare Grimm with shows like Hannibal & Crossbones.

  • omabin

    @Dan S,

    Read my previous post. I think this idea that we all have (myself included) that NBC has that many holes in its schedule is an illusion when we consider the usual number of new shows that it will premiere in the fall.

  • Jean

    @Savannah Are you talking to me or the other Jean(now I see another Jean commented)
    I’m the one who said that Grimm was doing good enough on friday(why change it to tuesday?) while Hannibal could do better after The Voice as lead-in(in my opinion), I never said that Grimm is a bad show(Never).

  • Sherri

    I agree, Grimm on before Hannibal, I don’t see much of the Voice audience watching Grimm, hope it doesn’t fail in the new time!

  • Rebecca

    Maybe there will be an announcement soon about when last night’s pre-empted Grimm will air? And Happy Endings? They could move everything down a week and make the season finales a week later, or maybe they could fill in somewhere next week. When Grimm is on Tuesdays I bet I still won’t get to watch until Fridays, because we’ll DVR it and then not have time the other nights to watch UNTIL Friday, lol. Not unless shows we watch on Wed and Thurs are reruns, and my comedies won’t be because they’ll finally all be new each week from now until their season finales.

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