NBC Moves 'Grimm' to Tuesdays at 10PM, 'Ready for Love' Pulled from Schedule

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April 19th, 2013


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UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif. — April 19, 2013 — NBC is moving its drama “Grimm” to Tuesdays (10-11 p.m. ET) beginning April 30, behind a previously scheduled two-hour episode of “The Voice.” “Grimm” will remain in that 10 p.m. Tuesday timeslot through May 21.

“Dateline” will replace “Grimm” at 9 p.m. Fridays, beginning April 26.

It has not yet been determined when or where remaining episodes of “Ready for Love” will be aired.

  • Dahne

    I am excited for Grimm to get another early week test run, especially given that I don’t have any shows I watch on Tuesdays right now. People who think Grimm will drop seem to be saying that people only watch Grimm on Fridays because nothing else is on, which I don’t think is true. I think Grimm is popular enough with its viewers that they will follow it to Tuesday and it will expose people who don’t watch TV on Fridays to the show. Moving Grimm from Fridays might not raise the ratings significantly but I don’t think they will drop significantly either. I’m more inclined to think it will rise a la Supernatural.

    @Ultima – Everyone is wrong sometimes. You were overbearing and condescending about RfL and it came back to bite you. It happens. Admit you were wrong and stop trying to turn this back on Lance. You are just making yourself look worse, which is a shame because many times you add much needed common sense to the discussion. Arguing when you were wrong instead of admitting it will make people lose respect for what you say in the future.

  • Dahne

    @Rebecca – Apparently one of Grimm’s producers posted on Facebook that this week’s Grimm will be shown next Friday instead.

  • JakeSnake

    I’d say this is about a 50/50 could be good could be bad decision. Considering how low NBC’s ratings overall are I’d say Grimm could still manage if it holds it’s audience, but of course with the higher expectations of ratings on a Tuesday if there is much drop the show is in danger.

  • Rebecca

    Thanks. Good, then they won’t fall behind.

  • kpinantioch

    Has Grimm been renewed?

  • mando

    NBC stops being an idiot. It’s a smart move.
    Sure NBC loves Grimm and Chicago Fire.
    Next fall, NBC should give CF better spots like tues 9:00

  • Dan S

    @omabin, I did in fact read your earlier post. I agree with all the points you made & even you agree that there is room for Grimm earlier in the week. I see 2-3 new comedies 1 being the new Michael J Fox comedy already picked up for 22 episodes. There is also room for 2 new dramas & Grimm. Of course if Grimm doesn’t measure up on Tues it’ll just go back to Fridays surrounded by news magazines & reruns. NBC won’t want to put a good bulk of their new shows out there since some shows will inevitably die by Thanksgiving.

  • Charles

    If NBC wanted to move Grimm, I wish it could’ve waited until a new season started instead of doing it with just a few episodes left.

  • @Danak

    The network did not move Smash to saturday for ratings they did it because they where getting rid of the remaining episodes. Net works “burn off” episodes of shows they know they are not renewing. Smash was done the day the decision was made to move it to saturday night. It was never as move to save the show just a move to get what they could out of it before the season end. That is why you see it called a saturday burn off. Sorry but it was done a while ago and had there been no more episodes already shot it most likely would have just been yanked from the schedule. As for Grimm I firmly believe it will actually do better in this time slot a lot of people have to watch it after it airs because friday night is such a busy night. Not a lot goers on except going home from work and watching tv on tuesdays.

  • Joseph

    With NBC moving “Grimm”, it will likely be the end of first-run scripted programs in prime time on Fridays over that network.

    Next Fall, expect reality, reruns, and newsmagazines to fill NBC’s Friday schedule.

    In fact, I expect ABC, The CW, and Fox to also go all-reruns-and-reality on Friday nights this Fall, with ABC also running their “20/20″ newsmagazine series. CBS will likely be the only network airing first-run scripted fare on Fridays in prime time next season.

  • John Warner

    Well ready for love should have NEVER BEEN PUT ON THE AIR IN THE FIRST PLACE!!! BUT GRIMM SHOULD BE LEFT ALONE RIGHT WHERE IT WAS!!!! These people are a$$holes!!!!

  • pete5125

    Also smash had music and other items being released to coincide with the episodes…so they have to air durring the spring…nbc doesnt have that many slots that are doing worst than whay it was delivering so they went with sat…

    Grimm is the easiest show to move it is simi popular if it bombs nbc can save face and put it back on fri..it did good enouth on mon earlier this season…hannible just needs to retain where it is nbc knows thur is a mess and doesnt plan to fix it for at least one more season…letting cbs own thur 3 seasons ago…because community gets a small but young and loyal audience was a mistake…holding onto low rated shows…most of nbcs moves to kill a once hot network that now lives or dies by the voice

  • dizzy

    Grimm is going to be renewed no matter what. I’m sure it will be back on Fridays in the fall. This is just a way to goose the overall ratings for the network + give the show a chance to grow a little bit for when it comes back this fall.

  • Patrick Gillease

    This is a mistake. GRIMM will flounder on Tuesdays. NBC should leave their few successes alone. Shift Bob Greenblatt somewhere else instead!

  • psyche

    Grimm will actually do better on Tuesdays watch and see. This was a smart by the network. I think it will be on a different night next season but Grimm is a show that gets dvred alot because many of us have things to do on Friday nights. Now more people can watch it when it airs. My money is on the ratings going up slowly. Tuesdays is a slow tv night it wont have as much competition as it would if it where on say Thursday. By the second Tuesday episode the ratings will inch up even if they fall the first Tuesday just because some people wont realize it is on a new night for a week or two. Anyone who thinks this will hurt Grimm is well Ill be nice and just say wrong. I think maybe some crazy Smash fans are taking out their aggression on Grimm but guys Smash going bye bye has been a done deal for a while now. Kat Mcfee has already been in talks for new pilots. When your star is job hunting your done.

  • OldEagle

    Ready for Love was simply pitiful. Good Riddance

  • Noname_Rex

    People beg NBC to move Grimm.

    NBC moves Grimm.

    People call NBC stupid for moving Grimm.

    People beg NBC to move Grimm back to Fridays.

  • Grimm fan

    I hate when they do this! I love Grimm on Friday night at 9:00!!! Its bad bad idea – 9p was okay but now 10p- thats pretty late!! Bad idea NBC !!!

  • Solelle

    10 pm is not that late. I am a housewife and I don’t even get finished with my daily to dos until like midnight. This move will help Grimm not hurt it.

  • TomZ

    Did anybody really think Ready for Love would Be any good? HA!

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